£8.50 (£6). Soloist Michael Roll joins the is expertly played by Scottish baritone Proceeds 80 towards St Andrew’s Row' “eke”: 668 2019 and 225 1900' orchestra and guest conductor Takuo Gordon Sandison. Childrens‘ Societ)l and the National 8pm £750 (£5) 19'!" Scotti Omani“ OfSt Yuasa for Beethoven‘s Piano C oncerto No I Glasgow Phoenix Choir Royal Concert Schizophrenic I’renthihlP (SCOtlahdlt Paul's cathedral,10"“)the O'ChCSt’a and 4. The programme is'completed by Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street, 332 3123. I Schola Cantorum Hopetoun House, conductor Otmat M383 tor POUlehe'S Britten’s Four Sea lnterludes and Bizet's ' 7.30pm. 53-5-7 (52-50-55 ~50)- The ChOif 509th QueehSTel’l'Y- Tleket5= 3361391- diam“? co’fce'mfo' o'g‘mi sm'lgs and Symphony in C, makes its Royal Concert Hall debut after a 7.30Pm- £8. The Edinburgh-based ChOil’. TWP“! - This tells between Performances ' recent and highly acclaimed tour of the under conductor Eric lbler, draws from its of Stravmsky’s Monumenmmpro

S U N 1 9 l USA, and brings back home a unique wide repertoire to present avaried GesualdO di V0103“ and Beethoven's

G I as ow l selection of Scottish folk songs and programme of classical songs and solo EfOiCd Symphony - The whee." Will he 9 l classical choral music. items, including several by Mozart in recorded for future transrmsswn on Radio

I Mayiest. See separate listings. I l VlflUOSl ill Home City Hall. celebration of his bicentenary. Proceed to 3' I 0'93" cone!" Art Gallery and Museum. 3 Candlehggst 227 5511- 7-30Pm- £5410- South Queensferry Rotary Club charities. E S D 2 8 Kelvingrove. 2.30pm. Free. A promenade l The famous European string ensemble, I Mostly Mozart st Mary's Parish Church, concert. '; specialistsin Italian baroque music. playa Haddington. Tickets: 062082 3738. 8pm. Edinburgh I Classical sensation; Glasgow Royal 3 selection of works including Vivaldi’s £5. 50 (52-534), The pamassus Ensemble, , Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street, 332 l Four Seasons. fresh from a residency at the Barbiean Iiiaikeith Symphony Orchestra Greyfnars 3123. 7.30pm. £6—£15. The City of i Edinbur h Centre in London, make their musical m’kvcand‘cmake' 30‘“ 7-3OPm-i3 Glasgow Philharmonic Orchestra and the ; 9 contribution to the Lamp of Lothian (£1 '50) on doc“ For "5 first Edinburgh New Glasgow Singers Perform an evening 5 I Anemoon Tea Concert Queen‘s Hall , summer season with a programme of perfomancc‘ the “Chest” performs of classical favourites, including Ravel's ; Clerk Street, 668 2019, 3pm, £3.50, works by Mozart, Debussy and Haydn. work? by Dvorak, Taheer anti Bale’os TChalkOVSkY’S 1312 OVe’lWe and 'r Cantamen, the Latin word for charm and TehkaVSky' The. pregrammc ls seleethNS from Verdi. PUCClhl and diversion, is also the name of a group of S U N suPplementh by “ems from George

wagheh Other highlights lhelUde 10h“ three oun la ers from London. In this chot’s SChOOI sewn? OTChesua' caShmore and Adrian Mam" Slhglhg the aftern)oon rgcicgitayl they play piano trios by . "no new“ Queen 5 Hal" Clerk

duet from The Pear/the’i '1 Shostakovich and Brahms. , I Mayiest. See separate listings. Sine,“ 2919'7:45Pm'£2'£10-Y9“"8 I Good Shepherd Chorus Henry wood I Anomoon Woman“. Comm A" English pianist Julian Evans has received Hall, Claremont Street. Tickets; 943 0256, U R S Gallery and Museum, Kelvingmvc. 2pm. much acclaim for hisrecent recording of 8pm. Free, with retiring collection for G I ow Free. The Galloway Consort perform a POlllehe SAuhade With the New London Charity. MendeiSSOhn‘s Oclel in Eflatand g programme of Renaissance musiC. OfeheStra' “This evening he perfoms Elgar's Light Olefe make UP the I Maylest. See separate listings. I The Galloway ConsortBurrell Collection, 56”" 501° P'an" “forks by SChch'F' Programme Rehert Bums COhdUCtS- I Merohants' Music Merchants‘ Hall, 7 Pollok Country Park, 649 7151. 2pm. Beethoven' Chopm and RaChmamnov'

Edinburgh West George Street,2275511. 12.45pm. Free. An afternoon concertof ~.’ £2.50 (£2). The Morley String Quartet

Renaissance music, played on authentic

I Edinburgh Academy Summer Concert play, Mozart‘s Quartet K428 and instruments. G lasaow

Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street, 6682019. Shostakovich‘s Quartet No 7. I Los Angeies Philharmonic Royal Concert I M n s '0 mm

7.30pm. £1 .50 (£1). The full force ofthe I Promenade Concert Art Gallery and Hall, 2 Sauchiehall Street, 332 3123. I 6 'g; - E? "'3": Che -b

Academy’s talent is on offer as junior and Museum, Kelvingrove. 7pm. Free. The 7.30pm. £5-£25. For the second G 0 gm "fl. : '92272'5‘1118’5’

senior orchestras and concert bands, the ' series of evening concerts continues with performance of this visit, the orchestra are 7 gorge 3??) ‘c ets°bl ff '

string orchestra, the chamber choir and a g the Adriana Piano Trio. joined by soloist Richard Goode for 0pm; 5 1 §ensemB c 9: 9",?5C a

selection of soloists perform music from ' I 800 John Wright Sports Centre, East Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No 4. The Comm s ,""'g QnamE'l °?c elm‘,‘ 5 d‘ 0

Bach to Gershwin. Kilbride, 03552 37731. Tickets also: 03552 programme is completed by Bruckner’s hanger; m G ""110" gar: E ‘3“ 3'} M 0 N D AY 20 71281 and 03552 48669. 7pm. £4 (£2). Symphony No 4. it“: a egarfglgelme'gz Stiller" S

Renowned Scottish percussionist Evelyn I Classical Spectacular Scottish q: 6" heat a" t e a‘ 8'”

Glennie joins the SCO and conductor Exhibition and Conference Centre,

Richard McNicol for a programme of Finnieston. Tickets: 227 5511. 7.30pm. n um

I Mayiest. See separate listings. popular classical music. Highlight is £15.50—£18.50. A packed evening of I Afternoon Tea concert Queen‘s Hall.

I 880 880 Town Hall, Paisley,8401058. Mussorgsky‘s Pictures at an Exhibition, lights, music and spectacular effects from Clerk Street. 668 2919. 3pm. Ian

7.30pm. £6 (£4). Celloist Julian Lloyd illustrated by ‘pictures‘ performed by local the RSNO and Chorus, the Bands of the Smith Plays a-sclcctlon of solo gurtar

Webber joins the orchestra and conductor ' Takuo Yuasa for Saint-Sacns‘ Cello Concerto N01. Other items include works by Britten and Bizet, with some seasonal music by Delius.



| Bizet and Puccmi, leading to an exploswe venue for a programme Consisting of TU E s D AY 21 i FRIDAY 24 climax with Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Bach‘s popular Double Violin Concerw.

primary school children. King’s Own Scottish Borderers and HM Pieces- . .

I Regina Theatre Royal, Hope Street, 332 Royal Marines and various soloists. The I seemeh Eheemhie Signet Library. 9000. 7.15pm. £3—£30. See Sat 18. NB no programme consists of many classical and Parliament Square. Tickets: 6682019. Edinburgh performance. opera favourites by the likes of Rossini, 7-30Pm- “0 This unique settth '5 the

. Corelli‘s Concerto Grosso, Elgar’s G Serenadefor Strings, and Puccini‘s 3 I Maytag, see “panic “stings. . A ".mflchom “mum” St Ccciliais Crtsanternt. Proceeds in aid of the Haddo I Maytest. See separate listings. ' I Spirit ol Freedom Glasgow Cathedral. Ha”. Niddry Street. Tickets; 663 2019 and House Ha" Arts TWStt I Lunchtime Concert Hutcheson‘s Hall, 2 | Tickets: 227 5511. 7.30pm. Extra date: Sat 650 2423. 7,45pm, £4, 50 (£3), peter U R S D John Street. Tickets at door. 1.15pm. | 25, Edinburgh. £6 (£3.50). Cappella Williams, Leon Comes and john Kitchen £1.25. Music for piano, played by Peter F Nova. one Ol Britain's leading a cappella play solo pieces by three of the greatest I Mayiogt, See separate listings, Seivewright, includes Bach’s Prelude and : vocal ensembles, presents a programme of . composers {or the harpsichord _ Bach, I Momma". Mum: Merchants. “811,7 Fugue in A , Nielsen‘s Theme and contemporary choral music to celebrate 3 Handel and scarlani _ on antique west George S"ch Tickets; 227 5511' Variations 0p 40 and Scriabin‘s Sonata No the spirit of freedom that has been blowing l instruments from the Russell Collection, 12.45pm £2.50 (£2). Violinist peter 1. across Europe in recent years. The concert I I A" Eygning of on." Queen's Hal" Clerk Mountain and pianist Angela Dale team I 3'9"“ Theatre R0Y31~H0Pe Street v 332 Opens “"1 the world Pier“icrc 0f 1” I Street, 668 2019. 7.45pm. £4.50 (£3.50). up to play sonatas by Foulis, Martinu and 9000' 7-15Pmt EXtra date: 23 Mail- tempt”? 9911133 SPeClall)’ C0mml5$l0hed I Jubilo present the Edinburgh Players in a Schubert. 53-5530- See Saturday 18- NB - no Work by 50h" Maxwell Geddes that concert of popular opera choruses I Promenade Concert Art Gallery and Edinburgh performances. reflects both the fall ofthe Berlin Wall and including excerpts from La Traviafa‘ Museum. KcMngrovc. 7pm. Frag the escalation ofwar in the Gulf. i Gloriana and Orpheus in the Underworld. Adriana Piano Trio presents the last ofits R ' I "c 330 Greyttlars Kliki Candlemaker concerts in the evening promenade series. I Royal Gala ConcertUshcr Hall, Lothian Road,2281155.7.30pm.£8—£45. Glasgow Performin before its atron, the Princess of wales, gm, Scotti; Chamber I Maytest. See separate listings. THE Orchestra, joined on this special occasion I The Barber 0' savma Theatre Roi/alt by Cleo Laine, John Dankworth, Sir “OPc Streets 332 9000- 2-15Pm-i3-i30 . Alexander Gibson and Sarah Walker. All (fie-£20) Last Glasgow Performance 500 "0mm “0”” " of the evening‘s proceeds go to Cancer F“ 17- 'n u” R“ D"""' Rm Relief‘s Macmillan Fund. : L173 zhglielehe P1!"llhgfmonicggyalzgoncert MOZART (1756-1791) 8; DVORAK (1841-1904) t a , auc ie a treet, . s't323.2331'999’323'73'($53., , 7.30pm..£5—£25. Under conductor Kurt wed June 5 Mozart K387 Dvorak 0P- 105 £5.50 (£4.50). Janusz performs a selection Sanderling, the world famous orchestra Wed June 26 Mozart K589 Dvorak Op. 106 of solo piano works by Chopin. PerformS two Works. Haydn's Symphony Wed July 10 Mozart K421 Dvorak op. 51 - : N039 and Shostakov1ch‘s Symphony No WEDNESDAY 22 8. “mfiémifrml . e Glasgow Edinburgh including CanapuandWi‘M I Maytest. See separate listings. ; I Spirit ol Freedom Greyfriars Kirk, M mm“ “a” s” W I Faistall Theatre Royal, Hope Street, Candlemaker Row. Tickets: 668 2019. ' Ml. mu 031.663 2019 Ticket Canoe autumn, Quum 332 9000. 7.15pm. £3—£30. Last Glasgow ' 7.30pm. £6 (£3.50). See Fri 24, Glasgow. . Usher Hall 031-223 1155 (Waverley Bridsc) 119 Craigleith Rind, Edinburgh performance of Scottish Opera's new i I Edinburgh Concert Band Queen‘s Hall, i 031 225 8616 031 332 8691 roduction of Verdi‘s comic master iece. ' Clerk Street. 668 2019. 7.3 m. £4 - . m Based on Shakespeare's The Merry‘iVives (£2.50). The band is joinedogy the Hadley 7" ! " 0"" “M W'” m " CW:__::'_ of Windsor. it was the composer's last Court Singers for a programme of light I subs/(med by the ScottishArts COunc 1| :_ opera. The larger than life title character classical and popular musical items. All ' '—

The List 17-30 May 1991 61