| I CITIZENS' THEATRE Gorbals Street. 429

l i "awest SCC SCpiiI'ZilC SCCTTOD at front of I contains over titles). ' f 0022. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—6pm ' magalinc- , I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 331 1234. i (10am—9pm on performance days). Bar. I GLASGOW UNIVERSITY UBRARY » Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. (7.30pm [Access: [2‘ L. Facilities; WC ws‘ E‘G. Exhibition Hall. University Avenue. l on pert cvgs). Bar. Buffet. [Access: P. R. Help: AA] The Scottish Theatre Archive'sJimmv Logan 5 PPA. R. Facilities: we. ws. E. G. R. 8. Man and Superman Until Sat 1 jun. Exhibition Until Sat 1 Jun. Mon—Thurs . Help; AA]_ 7.30pm. £5 (£l/Free). Sec Mayfcst section 9am‘g-30Pm- Fri 9am—5pm 51“ London Contemporary Dance Tue 28 . m at from ()fmagazi,m 9am—l2.30pm. Music hall memorabilia. May—Sat 1 Jun. 7.30pm. £4—£12. Wed mat ICUMBERNAULD THEATRE Cumbcnmuld. fromJack Buchanan‘s kilt tollarry 1_3()pm_ sec Danccnstmgs. Theatre is listed by city. then alphabetically 0236 733887. Box Office Mompri Laudcr's mother‘s kettle. collected by , I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchjcha” by venue. Touring shows are listed 1()am_6pm; 5m 1()am_3pm; (,_3pm pert". Scottish Variety stalwart Jimmy Logan. Street, 332 0522. Cafe open 1 lam—2.30pm alphabetically by title at the end ofthe cvgs Bar/(‘qu [Access: pp}:L ST Also included are seaside postcards and Tue—Fri and during evening section. Shows will be listed, provided that Facilities; WC. ws. 0‘ 8. Help; A‘ AA)_ early wax recordings of Scottishsingers. performanccs_ [Access-3 PPA‘ L details mac" 0‘" omces 3' leas‘ '8" days No Mean Company Every Wed. 7.30pm. I KING'S THEATRE Bath SlTCCt- BOX Facilities: WC. W8. E. G. R. B. Help: before publication. Theatre Listings weekly meeting for (‘umbcmauld Office. Mon—Sat noon—6pm. 4 bars. AA]. compiled by Mark Fisher. Thwuc‘s mu- 1 85 amateur drama group Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Mayfest Sec separate section at from of s m The Evil Doers Until Sat 18 May. 7.45pm. ( ‘zmdlcriges. sec Ticket Link details magazine. D'SABLED “C‘s. . . . _ Thurs£3 (£1.50). Fri—Sat £4.50(£2.25). above. [Access: P. L. Facilities: WC. R. ' ITRANSMISSION GALLERY 28 King Street. Access: P 2 Parking l‘tiClllllL‘S. l’l’A Sec Touring (‘5. Help; A‘ AA]. 552 4813. Parkmtl ‘0 be PW‘Armngwr _ The Gomgn Age Thurs legal 35 MM. Maytest See separate section at front of ' Trilogy Mon 27 May. 8pm. £3 (£1 .50). The Acccss‘ : Ramp“, ACCCSS‘ ‘8 r _ sup“ 7.45pm. Thurs £3 (£1.50). Fri and Sat mainline. Workers City month ofcvcnts at the t“ ",Cgfmf‘w' , . g . . _ £4.50 (£2.25). British premiere ofan epic Rab c- "93”" MO“ 37 May—Sat 811m. Transmission continues after the cndof Fqc'm'es' : Adapt.“ rmlub)‘ __ Australian drama by Louise Nowra about 7-3lle- WM and 5‘” “iiii53l’m- I Mavfest with this one-man play by Bobby thclchu". Spacu‘ AS : Adjiiccn.‘ 59d” ' neo-Nazism in the Tasmanian bush l i l ~5li'ix-5ll- Thc 0'3520“ guru 0mm Sands performed by Tam Dean Burn who E = [liducmm LW’P Sl'5‘9m~ (’ 2‘ (’u'dc ' performed by The Wicked Ladies. 5“. gutter returns home from ltaly five l was last seen in Scotland in the Traverse D0115 Allowed“ R : Rcsmuimn . preview. I months after the World (‘uptodiscover : Theatre‘s production of Hardie and Baird Accessible, B : Bar Accessible. r = A Night out-“mm. 30 MW. 745an £35” his family has disowned him. Stage fun ' byJames Kelman. Adapted T elephone. . ' _ (f I _75)_ Thea"c Ncpmjsm “Wm... Andy with ("iregor Fisher. Iilaine C. Smith. , Video Screening Tue 28 May. 7.30pm. Tam He"’t A T “SF-Wm“ "““"“‘“C' "A l-ynch's night-in-the-life ofa ' Toni Roper and w. t Dean Burn presents the last filmed AdV'SC \ “nu” m Advancc' down-and-out play which was first I MITCHELL THEATRE (iranville Street. interview with Ewan MaeColl on his life. performed by (‘iydc Unity Than“. a 221 3198. Box Office Mon—Sat noon—8pm. work and agit-pmp theatre. TICKET UNK , I i, , I H couple ofyears ago. Bar. Cafe. [Access: PPA. ST. Facilities: ITRON THEATRE 63 Trongate. 552 4267. Tickets for major venues in Glasgow are . EAST KILBRIDE VILLAGETHEATRE _ WC ws. 0‘ R‘ B. “Clp. A‘ AA]. : BOX Office Tuc_sat N00n_8pm; Sun available “("11th “did ( Gill‘s“ . Machn Drivc‘ 03553 48669 Maytest See separate section at front of . 1230—] 1pm, (‘loscd Mondays. [Access: ( “"d'°'.‘¥g~" M‘m‘s‘” 1.";3”‘"“”"“1 One Act Drama Festival Until sat lSMav. magazine. R. ST. Facilities: ws. E. (i. R. B. Help: “'301‘3‘m PM?” ‘” “m” ’P'“ l1" Ph‘m“ 0” 7.30pm. £3.50 (£2). L-‘K Rep hosts an ' I OLD ATRENAEUM THEATRE 179 i A A) (H1 "2 55] 1‘ Sum}?! “1’9"”?31‘” . . H amateur theatre contest, Buchanan Street. 332 2333. Box Office ' The Real Wurld Until Sun 2 Jun. 7.30pm .5 ""”']">lim' Ali-"1 “m link bi“ 0m“ Sharks Mon 27 May. 8pm. See Touring. open 10am—6pm and 8pm on performance (not Tue 28 May). 7.30pm. £5 (£3). See 3 can SC” mike“ for Other Knum’ Betty and Boahy's Macbeth Wed 29 May. days. [Access: limited]. Mayfest section at front of magazine.

Patronising comedy by John May‘test See separate section at front of i I Christopher-Wood about a couple who . magazine. 9

Most theatre in Glasgow until Sat 25 Mavis stage their own v crsion ofShakespearc‘s I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE NOW SUCCI. A I ADAM HOUSE THEATRE Chambers

part otMaytest. See special section atthe 5 tragedy in their livingroom. Pcrformedby . Paisley. 887 1010. BOX OffiCCUPC" - gt . .1 775 1744

front of the magazine lorlulldetails. . Rideotit theatre company. Tue—Sun noon—8.30pm. Bar (open ( ‘A‘E‘eis Tu'c 21_Sat 25 Ma , 7 30 m

IBLACKFRIARS 45 Albion Street. IGLASGOWARTS CENTRE iZWashintrton ' noon—llpniTue--Sat: 12.30—2.30plli and ' g _ ,. j y' p ° .. - : ~ - _ ~ . t , . _ ., , £4(£2.50). Frothv societv comedy by Noel

MerchantClty. 552 5924. . Street. 221 4526. [Access: PPA.R. b.3(l-11Pn151m- MCcllhfichd).(tiit-‘ ; (v ,, d . for “db Eainbur h

The Comic Club See (’abarct. ; Facilities: WC. R. (1. Help: A. AA) (upon n()()n-.11pm)_ [ACCCSSI ppA‘S-p l 0““ P‘-r m“ y 8

~. .- t v ~ - , . GraduateTheatre Group. Facilities. \V( .WS. E. G. R. 8. Help. A. . BEDLAM THE‘TRE Forms! Road‘zzs

. AAl. .... .. .. . —. . - - 3 Agnes otGod Until Fri 17 May.7.30pm. 98‘331lAw” 5" “01"” WS‘O‘B' E c o I e P h I I I p G a u I I e r ' £2.50(£l .50). John Pielmeicr'splaylooks i “I”? AAolns E _ F .d' 10 S. at the life ofa young nun and isperformed ; (.331:pr wry n dy' pm" LL London gig/surging,“ Tue 11 M“. [saile . l I CHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningside SummerSchool: , r ‘3 . . '3') . . \' outh theatre is Joined on stage by 30 ROdd~~~81155-T'Cl‘“5 “‘d‘ldbl“ {mm Le Jeu June 17~July 5 (am) I members“Denmark's(“adsaxc'youth i Queen‘sllalland UsherllallBoxOffices. Le Jeu ll July 6-7 (all day) _ Theatre fora musicalspectacularwritten l Table Manners Wed 22—53t25‘May' l Neutral Mask June 17-28 (pm) . specially forthe occasion. 7:30P?-BLAW‘63'Ckb0lmt155udmicryh : Bouflons July 142 (pm) The Lemmings Are Coming Thurs 23May. ffm”) Ef’IT‘Ld'Y'S inflorde YE ‘“ "’8 . _ 8pm. £4 (£2). RCL’I’licatre in a Home,“ Ihc‘mc'

i Direction July 8-August 2 (am) (.ittcr-s\\.cctmusicalmmcdmbout IKING STHEATREZLeven Street.229 Clown July 15~August 2 (pm) unemployed Glaswegianson the make in 1301‘ BOX Office M(’n—5m.ll)§'m_8pm Devising a Show July 27-28 (all day) london. 3'9.“ [AFCWCipgAi' [jl' E‘C‘AM“ WC‘ Mam 80,100.: September 30 1991 - May 15 1992 Arrtpleeilll-‘rizniay.7.3tlpnii5li3). pas-Ar)? "I; ‘L P-A J , .

5“. Dan“. “Stings. inderella and (neat-Ballet C lussits bntil ReservationS/Information: Made From Girders Sun 26 May.8pm.£4 5.31.1851“)ib'iH’m' SCCDMCC _ . (£2). Sec Touring aild review. I'St'f‘gs'

I Paul Mlllcan, P.O. Box 1815, IPAVILION THEATRE 121 Renfield street. Simian: Lgyatley‘ttgrai

‘7 _r. .on— n .. ni..a- ' .

i London N5 1 BG. Tel. 071 359 0982 $3,;,1,’fjf;.,ff"g.f2ff1;:§§;1'?52‘.“,...,C.,m £4.5(H‘750. 8t... w..traraanecepaer

W3. 0 “c, IAA . H Shaffcr's highly-rated farce aboutthc t Fax MayfestSee Separalte section at frontof . “rang? “ammo” bC[_wccn MOW.“ . l magazine. opposite women. a winner ofthe Evening

A Slice of Saturday Night Mon 27 May—Sat 1 ; Stand?“ (“)mCdF 0t 1h: Y0?" AWN- Jtin. Mon-Thurs 7.30pm. Fri 8.45pm. Sat ; newnmg Peasants Tue “8 May—Sf" Hull I (3. and 8.45p'n.£().5(y‘£12.50‘ Ch”). 7.30pm. 58! mat i4.50—£7.5tl. SCC j

(ilitter takes the Pavilion by storm in a60s I‘mnng-

; ms rnitvrnsrrii‘iitr‘n‘i

o 3 1 - 2 2 6 2 6 3 3 I mUSlCfll about love and romancc - T I a steamy rock ‘n' roll club. Footstompin‘ ! Cmrcr “(’Wdcni L'V'ngsmnrmm fun. See feature. H . - E G R A s s u A R K E I E D I N B U a G H ' IPIERCEINSTITU‘I’E Gown Music Man Mon 20—Sat 25 May. 7.30pm. Sm 1 1 [may - Sun 2 June 7.30pm AmgmoutTuc 21_Fri24 May. Sec £3. Livingston Players getouttheir76 The 'I-ra\.erse 'l-heatre Company presents 'Cumbcmauld Thwmuhmc. trombones forthismuswalabouta

. . V. ) . . . ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC , salesman who tricks a town into buying I he orld l remiere 0t AND DRAMA1mRCMWWSUCC“332505? sufflc1ent instruments to form aband.

[Access:PPA.L..Facilities:W(‘.WS.AS. iIPLAYHOUSETHEATREGrccnsidcPlace. BONDAGERS I Chess Until Sat 25 May. 7.30pm. Wed and

Maytest See separate section at front of l

. . magazine. ; Sat mats 2.30pm. £6.50—£16.50. The Tim by Sue (I lover I 3130an MASK AND puppy CENTRE 8 I Rice-ABBA musical comes to town Winner of l990 LW’I‘ Plays on Stage Award . Balcarrcs Avenue. Kelvinclale. 3396185. ' starring Rcbccca Storm and a host of The centre is open Tuc~ Sat 10am—5pm dancing Pawn-S’- SCC rCViCW. a; gorgeous, lililllc, [>11ch production. . .tlie six acchses. . . spit out the magiu'ficcut SCtits ; and Sun 3—5pm_ A 3f)-mjnutc talk and [()ur I Grindlay language w itli a LtithlkltUli that lllts Ute siiilplel line to the stature of poetry". The Guardian ; rmmd the comm €05“ £1 (75p). I 3"ch

i Workshops and information are available . "0089 UT Slfaw and My Other salt Wed 22

u“ "(h wimumm Md mmmu' n” s“"”‘""' l bv appointment (the centre‘s library May. 7pm. A half-hour radio play and a

L _ .m. . _ ._ _ __ ._ .__-._,__.___. . . _. _ ._ ._.__ . _-,._.__-_..__________

“The List 17—30May 1991