group exploring the Gaelic influence in

7.30—9.30pm weekly on Tuesdays until 25th June. Free. A chance to blether in Scots about ‘aa aspects 0 Scots life ii

I 1 i i This section covers events notincluded . LEST WE FORGET ; Inundate authorities with appeals by i the Lothians. learning the basics ofthc ! elsewhere in the magazine. which are iisred : lax, electronic mail, telex or express 3 language and looking at the present-day by category, then by date. All events will be a . mail in emergency cases ol imminent ' issues it faces. 3 listed, subject to space, provided thatdetails - torture or death. Amnesty also : Tuesda i reach our ollices at leastoseven days beiore 7 produces reports on human rights y 2:51:32: subml'SSIpps' shzuld be h ' violations and sends delegations to I Ye lieedna Haud YerWheesht Adult ll Learning PTOJCCt: DOW’HflCld l’liiCC. ; bysuewnson. : governments. Edinburgh. Contact. ALP 337 544-. , Like most people, those involved in


? Amnesty have mixed leelings about

I t ; reaching thirty. The tact that, three p)liti‘stac mine". 1 ENVIRONMENT WEEK I ; decades on,the need lor itswork w :1 d L 22 I? The annualgreenfestcontinuesuntil l remains SO pressing-atthe end at e


i 1990 it was lnvolved in over 3000 cases I Start Your Own Co-op Co-operative

- is little cause it)! celebration. 0n the Development Agency, 137 Buccleuch i other hand, the anniversary provides Street. Edinburgh. 662 4514. Speakers ; an opportunity to reflecr on pasr will talk about the challenges and

Sunday 19. with talks. walks. exhibitions. workshops and practical conservation. 1n : Edinburgh events are being co-ordinated by the District Council in their Festivalof

the Environment. with the focal point the I achievemems_ around1300 cases opportunities in working collectively. and E ' t'lM' c*'nP'nc‘.'Steet "'d" h 't .“t ' ' k‘.‘ 0::(ljf5nnsltlfiino:c inargsatiim “(Amt-Alisa" i Birthday greetings to Amnesty i were resolved last year, and 0t the were on on 0 st. up awor crs Sandford. 225 2424 ext 5705. For more International the world’s largest 42300 “New has adopted Since . details on other events in central Scotland human rights organisation is 30 years ovetrh386000 are n'ow closed. in Friday 24 contact Green Action in Glasgow.332 old this month, Amnesty was launched a t on, e uman rig is movement I Environmem Ens and L ' 1345. All events free unless otherwise on 25 May1961 when the Observer ran as a whole is larger and stronger than Finance cm Cilamtigcyrs‘ “igohcgtrAcugfiflw Spcaflw: The Env'mnmental Film Fes‘ival all artic'e. "rile Forgotten Prisoners’ by ever bell-"er the" enons bowlered by Edinburgh: Info and tickets: Centre for at “:9 Edinbfillg; F"1";h‘?‘ffi°;:5" . lawyer Peter Benenson, calling on the an increasing body at international Continuing Education. 11 Buccleuch (1212:?" ' u" ' s“ ' mscct'on public to work lorthe release ol people human rights agreements. Place. Edinburgh. 650 4400. 7.30pm.

. throughout the world imprisoned tor The anniversary will be marked in Fm“ A" Edinburgh University ‘TOWn Friday 17 their political or religious beliels. Scotland by a planting at I Go‘f’v'n '03“: bit' Prylcfim Malcolm

- - CSSOI‘ mm C .en TC 01' uman I River Kelvin Clean-Up Contact: Greer Tadayt Amnesw has grown to over , "noel me "ms in Edinburgh’ and Ecology. Hart. 041 649 2462. Organised by the 1,100,000 members and subscribers in Amnesty are asking people to wear the Scottish TreeTrust. 150 countries. The organisation’s aims flowers orthe specie! copimemorative Wednesday 29 I Guided Walk-Bellord -rhe reiease oi prisoners detained tor badges on the day. 0 ra se money . . IThe Uns oken Relationshi Between

Bridge—Stockbridge Meet Belford Bridge. their (tellers, religion or ethnic origins (each case costs around £450, and i Psychomi’apis, and cum Opuccn.s “a” £2173“; 2;)?“ t I who have not used or advocated running Amnesty's International I Clerk Street Edinburgh 668 3019. A Gard; Edin‘imrgh ""“S m violence, lair and early trials tor Secretariat in London costs £90 per . Wellspring Locum. by psychommpist the 5,85,; Guide to Him"... 1 lam. political prisoners, the abolition oi minute) Amnesty are running a special ; and trainer Dave Mcarns. Launch Ora new book on , torture and the death penalty— remain double-page all in lllal “We Observer, ; 0 pEN EXTRA environment-friendlier living in the the same, as do its policies 0t political which people are asked to display at . capital. impartiality and non-violence. home or work with a collection box. The r Friday 17 Cows and Horses Sometimes Jump Overthe there are thirty local Al groups in more people do, the greater the Fence lnto Craigmillar Noon. Animated . walks m women " Sims and sounds

sconandt "am the omneys to the chances that Amnesw won" have to Hermitage of Braid Visitor Centre (enter

tape/Slide Show made by Craigmllla’ Borders, with live in Edinburgh and tour 3 mark too many more llltlllllaYS- (309 by Braid Road). Edinburgh. 447 7145.

whcft'ggu'ggé in Glasgow. Local groups adopt § Wilson) 9.30-11.3()am. £1 (50p). Free creche tomgrm‘g will also be dc5onstratingythcir prisoners ot conscience and campaign The lorget-me-not planting takes place available. new series ofguided walks for tponarhythm“ a percussion sculpture l tortheir release, primarily through i at 1pm on Sunday 26 May in Princes women. this time looking at the bird the of made out ofwaste materials at the i letter-writing. as well as taking part in ' Street Gardens (West End). Edinburgh. the “Crm'idec- 5°C (“50 Wed 29-

: Craigmillar Arts Centre. Contact Green country campaigns (the current locus is To contact local groups phone Helena Wednesdays Scheme on 5561243. Morocco) and issue campaigns, such Poldevaart (Edinburgh) 337 8726 or

0'93"“ mm W.“ 3"" 8t""1Pm- Atalk as one on women earlier this year. On Derek Fogg (Glasgow) 427 1126 (both :39? Pl??? TERM? “Fm'llglg ,_ by Charm“ M"Ch°" "0‘" 0mm” an international level, letter-writing is evenings only), or phone Amnesty on dp'” U “P‘W'y' “5‘”

Organic Farms, - Place. Edinburgh. 220 3981 (phone for Food Hygiene in the Home 1.45pm. A talk supplemented by "‘9 "mm mm" 071 278 500° '0' inlo'mam" 0" Vol" appointment). Qualified herbalist Dee

by Graham Walker. District Council network Where Valumeers "in “care” grout" Atkinson. who recently took over the Environmental Health Officer. shop, is running a free clinic every

18 Wednesday afternoon for those on low

Environment Centre. Edinburgh Contact; Marisa Main,557 incomes. Patients pay only for any I creamup mandala Glendale Estate, Cows and Horses Sometimes Jump Overthe 7171 ext 454. 11am—1pm. £4 adult/£2 medicines. Glasgow. 10am. Contact: Angela

Fence ""0 Crallimtllar l l~158m 500 Fri 17- child/£10 family. Booking essential. Make Richardson, 558 5697. ; Sunday saturday 25/Sunday

and fly your own kite.

I Lothlan Women's Environment Day i _ , i I The Bike eus Leaves Waverley Bridge, Southside Community Centre, 117 . 9”" 0" 83‘” “‘Ch W'ldlilc RCSCWC' i 19 Edinburgh. 8am. Contact: Harry Nicholson Street, Edinburgh. Contact: Ed'nburgh (enter by De’ngngstczg $53361 I Meditation, Music and Movement Henniker. 229 6274. £6 single/£8 day

t 455 2596/6657 7762. 9.4Sam—4pm. Free. A W050 Contact. 10”" “C ‘0"t Steppingstone, 11 Royal Terrace, return. This weekend the bus and trailer

3713. IOam—Spm. Bird observation hide and guided walks.

Migrant Birds in liolyrood Park Meet Duddingston Gate car park. Contact: l

conference organised by Edinburgh Women‘s Environmental Network, with talks and workshops on a variety ofgrecn themes. Disabled access. All women

Glasgow. Information and booking: Luise travel to Wooler in Northumberland on Holtbernd. 357 3968. 10am—5pm. £15. An Saturday. followed by Lindisfarnc on introduction to two traditional meditation Sunday.

practice Wednesday 29

welcome. John Crichton. ()31 220 3713. 2pm. i ' I Marquee Programme Princes Street 8t R m MOndav I Walks tor Women- HiverAlmond i Gardens, Edinburgh. 3 t d 18 I Gaelic, the Gaels and U8 Adult Learning Walkway 12.30—2.30pm. £1 (50p). Contact Edinburob’e EllVlmllmellt- EVOWOM’S 8 ur Project. 184 Dalry Road. Edinburgh. the Countryside Ranger Service, 447 7145 Responsibility lOam. Slide show by I Famny womnop- than my"; Royal Contact: ALP 337 5442. 7.30—9.30pm for full details. A chance to explore the LGraham White. director ofthc Botanic Gardcns‘ invcricnh Row. weekly on Mondays until 24th June. A scenery West of Edinburgh.

76 The List 17— 30 May 1991