No ordinary serial killer, I Dr Baker was given to g claiming his canine victims E breed by breed. He began 9

with the ruthless

poisoning of pit bull

I ‘TO BE SURE and I’m too short Iorthis bigiella,’ bemoans Deirdre (Judi Stewart). beset by yet another misfortune in J.M. Synge’s rarely periormed last play. Deirdre DIThe Sorrows. Produced by Strathclyde Theatre Group. the show can be seen at Glasgow Art Centre Irom Wed 5 June. See Theatre Listings. page 52.

terriers, but found himself increasingly drawn to French poodles, and finally developed an insatiable appetite for pugs. Now safely cured of his psychosis, Dr Baker has been encouraged to peruse these pages in search of more fruitful ways ofpassing his time.

2The List31 May-13June 1991

I K-

I ‘SEE. WHEN I push my chest out like this and sing in a deep voice. people usuallythink I'm Val Kilmer.‘ Lisa Dominique. evidently sutiering Irom delusions induced by overdosing on the Doors movie, appears at the Venues in Edinburgh (Sat 1) and Glasgow (Sun 2). See Rock Listings, page 39.

I IN A VAIH attemptto

emulate DorWullie, the Senseless Things are intent on knocking PC Murdoch's hat oII. Since they're English. and don't have a decent set oldungarees between them. we suggest theytry something less ambitious. like stealing apples Irom Mrs Cow's back garden. The challenge is on when they visit Scotland on Mon 10 and Tue 11. See Rock Listings, page 39.

I NEW DEFINITIONS ot Flower Power will be oiiered by Felix. a regularat London’s Comedy Store, whose idiosyncratic relationship with the Ilora and iauna will be exposed at Edinburgh's Counting House on Fri 7 and Sat 8. See Cabaret Listings, page

I SCOTTISH TELEVISION smiles better. No doubt about it. Wheel Di Fortune's game~show hosts Nicky and Carol boast the gleamingest grins this side oIa Maclean's advert. No wonder they held onto that iranchise. What we intellectuals want to know is when there'll be a decent ut . . .

#:3313822. A new series g Christians were right all

' along?'Jerusalem-based

b in on Tue 4.See l o . Tzfevfsion pmviempage g Arab/Jewish couple Farouk

69 l and Etti appear in Channel ' 4's new series A Love Divided. examining the Romeo and Juliet syndrome : around the world. See Television Preview. page

I ‘I JUST HAD THIS awful thought: what it the

I ‘lFYDU FlHKthatwuz good, you should try itin no cloves on!‘ Bob Hoskins teaches Cher a Iew things I ' about hard-loving I . Englishmen in Mermaids. an ott-the-wall comedy ! co-starring Winona Ryder.

I See Film Index. page19.

I ARGYLE STREET, Saturday.11.30pm.ln j heavy rain, Vanessa Paradis loses laith in Joe Le Taxi. She can be seen atthe GFTin her debut lilm Hoce Blanche on Thurs 13. lithat

' cab ever shows up . . . See ; Film Index. page 19.