Free. I Edinburgh University Summer Concert St

. amt on infirm“), street. 557 2976. Cecilia‘s Hall. Cowgate. Tickets: 668 2019 Evening, Frcc. Downstairs songs with (Queen S Hall BOX OifiCC). 7.45pm. £4.50 guitar etc. upstairs bar with piano. (‘3)- OFChCSlml mUSIC by Hamel and

Bach played on period instuments by The sat" College Orchestra. directed by Catherine

I Scotia Foil Scotia Bar, 112 Stockwell Street, 552 8681. 8.30pm. Free. Live

groups. Saturdays

I Pier Lights and Guests Trade rs.

, Mackintosh. Glassford Street. 8.30pm. Free. Folk and ; I Saudi Shore Bar, The Shore, Letth. m . I Edinburgh Light Orchestra Queen‘s llall, rock. 9pm. Free. Celtic mum on gurtar, . . Clerk Street.6682019. 7.45pm. £5(£4).

I Victoria 38! Stockwell ; mandolin and fiddle. - . ,

. . . ' Conan; an "3th by data. than "city, An evening of popular claSSlcs. favourite Street/Bridgegate. Evening. Free. , I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 225 CI | "J3" " d c I" . 0 cram cxccr t , d b, . , I t instrumental sessiOn. I Free. Iiighlandcrs~ haunt I by I II. p p S dn . dSlCd ly. lots Of

I Scotia Folk Scotia Bar. 112 Stockwell "ice “‘“CS- James 303’" COHdUClS. Miles

Accordion/guitarinthe bar. B I i H t I .. . Street’SSZMLSOme. Frcciivc .Live Music Ensign Ewart'mwnmarkct’ ' Maséer cads and soprano ls Elizabeth music. topoinghStreet.9pm.Free. C con“ , 7 976. Sundays ; InoyalotllllnhrmaryStreet 55 2 Giasgow SUNDAY 2

: 9pm till late. Free. informal music with

I 3933'” Riverside. FOX Street. offClydc 1 58'“ Whalcm- ; I Serenata West Kirk. East Kilbridc. Glasgow Street. 248 3144. 2—4pm. Free. Regular : L Tickets: 03552 48669. 7.45pm. £4 (£2). afternoon Orsongs and music. . Sundays Bicentenary concert by Suing ensemble ; I Sunday Promenade Organ Concert Art

' . , _ _ ; Gallery and Museum. Kelvingrove. Free I Parir Bat Argle Street. near Kelvm I I The Bed Burn Pelican, Cowgate. . formed from members of the BBCSSO. at door. 230W“. Informal recital as part of

Park. 339 1715. 9pm. Free. Session in 9—11pm. Free. Some friends. Programme includes popular classics by fortnightly scricg HighlandCrS' pub. ex-Swamptrash. in a hoedown. Mozart. Pachelbel, Elgar and Grieg. I Bach at me Bur-{ell The 8mm” M ‘, I Sandy Bell's Forrest Hill Bar. Forrest I Edinburgh Quartet/PelerSeivewrigilt . . , , . H - . R , . .. ' ' . H Collectlon. Poilok Park. Tickets. 227 5511 t oad. Afternoon from 1pm. Free. Session Hutchesons Hall. Ingram Street. Tickets. (Ticket Centre Candlcriggg) 3_4pm £4 I Wondy Weathng Johnny scohics‘ ! at the back of the famous folk pub. 227 5511 (Ticket Centre. Candleriggs). (£2). The Tclcrimnn Enscm‘bl‘c mmm'with London Road, Glasgow Cross. 552 3204 I Fiaere Nilssen L‘ Odeon. George lV 8pm. £5 (£3.50). To conclude its current their popular hour of music by Bach 8pm. Frcc_ Fine jazzy singer. Bridge. 9pm. Minnesotan lass with guitar. season, Strathclydc University Music ' I high 3933"," Sharkcy's Bar, beside I Absent Friends Fairmile Inn. Society brings together these popular M 0 N 3 Citizensr Theatre. Gorbais, 429 3944_ Fairmilehead. 8.30pm. Free. musicians for the Brahms‘ Piano Quintet. 8.30pm. Fret-n1c Mccucs and othcnop Acoustic/electric trio. vocals from lain Programme also includes string quartets Glasgow lrish musicians from Comhaltas. MaCNa'r- by Purcell and B“an (N0 2~ OP 36). I ce|ehmy Oman Concert An can”). and I Muckie Ado L‘Attache. basement of E ° h Museum K .h: , . T- k . .. G, n , Rutland Hotel. West End of Princes d ' “burg shop 7 lupin 1:52:20)litilihSciittiiiISt I Diggety Venn Johnny Scobies. London g"c°.":'f3?§mflz'3°am- Frcc- 5'"8a'°“8 l lunchtime Prom Protect! Series Royal Paul‘s Cathedral. London. is this Road. Glasgow Cross. 552 3204. 8pm. cows 0 'cs' . . SCOll'Sh AC3deY~ The MOUNdr 225 3922- evening‘s special guest organist. Free. I Full 8mm"? 38"? Rync 5 Barr 1.05—1.55pm. £3.50. Outstanding young I Pam” m F0“ Paisley Ans Ccmrc‘ Haymarket. iunctlon of Dairy Road. 9pm. string quartet The Duke‘ give the second 4 New street. 387 1010. Free. Live soloisis‘ Frcc- Alternalc Weeksr songs and “1005- in this summer series of three concerts by G I as ow occasional groups. I EDSlgn Ewart, LawnmarkCt. up-and-c0ming musicians_ perform 9 I Glasgow Songwriters Blackfriars. Bell 2%“ mg“ Sing" (:pm; Frcc' , i the Shostakovich Quartet N0 8 and I SMIC Concert and Social Event Studio 1. Street. 552 5924. 9.30pm. Free. C anneman 8 “S c Bfmncrma? SB.‘"‘ Brath‘A "lan 0P 51 N02- BBC. Queen Margaret Drive. 7.30pm. Singer/songwriters take the floor. owgat'c‘ 9pm Frcc’ F'ddlc mm” “Mb I Edinburgh llanele 30mm" come" Si Contributions at door. The Scottish Music w d sophlc and ROb'n' Cecilia's Cowgate. TleCiSZ 668 Information Centre presents music e . oak‘ Infirmary (Queen’s BOX and 2()th-ccntury Scottish Composers I Scotia Folk Club Scotia Bar. Stockwell Sine" 557 2976' 9pm u" latc° Frcc' (£3)- Six M013" "lOlln 50'13188 from 1778 for two guitars. soprano and harpsichord. Street. 8.30pm. Free. Live singers/groups. Singer and mClOdCOD player. performed by Catherine Mackintosh. Wine in the interval. Iiiednecll Mothers Johnny Scobies, violin. and Geoffrey Govicr, who playsa ITrio WandererConcert llali.Glasgow London Road. Glasgow Cross. 552 3204. fortepiano from the Russell Collection Of University. Tickets: 357 3632 ( Delegation 8pm. Free. I “lichen nevus L At‘aChC' ba§cmcnt 0f Early Keyboard lnStfumCmS~ Culturelle Francaise). 8pm. £4 (£2.50). I Halt Bar Woodlands Road. 9pm. Free. Ruuand Homl' we“ End Of Prmccs I P'lZBVllflMfs' COMB“ Nelson “all. Exceptional voung French ensemble. who Fiddles, flutes, accordions. banjos etc. SerCl- 9Pm- F'cc- . McDonald Road Library. off Leith Walk. play Haydn‘s Trio in Eflat. Ravel‘s Trio in Th d I Anus GrassrnarkCt' EVFnlng‘ . FICC at door. Performances A minor and in pninor FYCC. Traditional SCOttlSh mUSIC some of the winners at this year‘s Sainbsacns. I samba“ BBC Radio Scotland. 0" Squeeze boxes and fiddlcs- Edinburgh Competition Festival. - h 7.30—8.30pm. Presented by Jan Fairley. PICSPMCd by Edinburgh CilYl-lbl’arics I "'9 World Music programme. Mus'cDCPMWW Panotwmdrsmnssr IThe Scottish Proms Usherllalllothian I Glasgow Songwriters Traders. Glassford I l:laele ""333" Queen Street 03’5"" Barr Chamber mus” and Vo'cc' Road. 228 1 155. 7.30pm. Extra date:

Street. m.Free.Sin er/son writer‘s HBNOVCfand Quccn Street.9pm.Free. _ Tuesday18.Clas,0w.£2_£15 £3;an 9p g g Transatlantic songwriter/guitarist. 1 . 1 E ( ,

night. seated area)/series discounts available.

I Eat the Seats L‘Attache. basement of G [as ow Film and . .- . - a . . . popular mtlSlc nlght brlngs E DIN B U R G H Ruudnd Homl' we“ End' 9pm' Frcc' 9 theme music from Superman. ET. The

. Rockin' blue rass, I RSAMD Junior Dept Concert Stevenson . a. . . . . I Famous Othger Band Bannerman‘s Bar. Hall. RSAMD. 100 chfrew Street. 332 gzgzl‘iiun I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 225 cowgalc- 9Pm- Frcc- i057é3pmagdm555'znbficc by "Cka' Goodwin conducts. ' - - - unl r wm an an rassensem e. Frcc' Accordion and gum“ m I HSAMD Junior Dept Concert Stevenson D N 5 I North Sea Gas Platform One. I Mislits St James Oyster Bar. Calton “an‘ RSAMD’ 10“ chfw“: Street‘ 332 ' Caledonian Hotel, Rutland Street. Free. Road. 557 2925. 9.30pm. Free. Great 5057- 730p” £4 (ml The ('hamb” Ed I "burgh Popular Scots entertainers. female duo. OrChcstra‘ under, the baton onamcs I Lunch and Listen Church of St Andrew I Mhalri O'Reiliy Ensign Ewart. I Black Orpheus Shore Bar. The Shore. Durram‘ plays .Vwaldm'm by Edward and St George. George Street. Tickets: at Lawnmarket. top of High Street. 9pm. Leith. 9pm. Free. Eclectic duo on guitar Harpcr‘ the Simeforsmau “(Ches'm by door. 12.30— 1 pm. Alberto Massimo. and accordion. R'Chard ROdnCy Balm?“ Puma C(”,'ce"0 formerly ofThe Vatican. Rome. gives I Miro Leith Oyster Bar. The Shore. m A K?” by Mozart Emu} AndrCW‘N'CO' today’s short recital on the Wells Kennedy N IS 8 U E Leith. 9.30pm. Free. Irish and Celtic as 50“”5‘ and “andc' 5 Comm) ("055" Organ. Light lunch available in the music. 0P3N011' Undercroft. I Zydeco L'Attache. basement of Rutland i I The Scottish Proms Usher Hall. Lothian Hotel. West End. 9pm. Free. Rockin‘ Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. Extra date: cajun. IThe Scottish Proms Usher Hall. Lothian Wednesdaflh‘oiasgow {2-515(53any

Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. Extra date: seated area); series discounts available. A

Friday 14. Glasgow. 512-“.5 (553 any scaled tribute to Mozart with Howard Shelley I Just the Very Donkeys L'Attache. area); series dlscounts avallable. Flrst doubling as conductor and soloist for the

basement of Rutland Hotel. West End of night with the Royal Scottish Orchestra Piano Cancer") [(2719, [gflar R50

Princes Street. 9pm. Electric Blues. kicks off with James Loughran and Elgar. players John Grant, flute, and Eluncd I Soothlnooth Hendersons. Hanover Grieg. Rachmaninov and Pierce. harp, star in the Concertofor Flute Street. 4th and 18th. 8.30pm. Free. Fiddle Rimsky-Korsakov. Moura Lympany is and Harp and there's also [fine/(Icing music. soloist in the Rhapsody on a Theme of Nae/irrnusik and the Symphony N029. I S S E I Accordion Night Glencairn Hotel. Royal Paganini. I Edinburgh Quartet Red Drawing Room. ClTCUS. Fl’CC. . Vialln/Plano Radial OXCHiOOl’d (:85th Hopctoun House. South Quccnsfcrry. I Little Green Monkeys Bannerman‘s Bar. School. Pathhead. Midlothian. Tickets: Tickets; 668 2019 (Queen‘s “an Box Cowgate.9pm. Free. Vocals. guitar and 0875 320241. 7.45pm. £15 (inc finger Office), 8pm. £10(incl canapés and wine). G IV E fiddle. contemporary duo. buffet and wine). Madeline Mitchell and The E0 celebrates the anniversaricsof

I NUMDBY One Music Cellar N01, PCtCl’ Evans play works by Maxwell Mozart , who died 200 years ago, and Chambers Street, 220 4298. Free. Davies, Leighton. Nigel Osborne. Dvorak , who was born 150 years ago‘ with

0 U T 0 N T H U R S 13 J U N E Basement wine bar has flamenco guitarist Debussy and Brahms in aid of the School Mozart‘s K387 and Dvorak‘s Op 105 string Freddie Triay with friends and dancers. Appeal. quartets.

46The List 31 May- 13June 199]