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Morecambe would do it. . .'

Andrew Jarvis and Michael Pennington ot the English

Shakespeare Company exchange comedy techniques in Coriolanus and The Winter’s Tale. on tourto Glasgow and Edinburgh this lortnight. See Theatre Preview, page 49.

I “YOU'RE NOT a tramp at all. You're a superbly talented tragl-comlc actor. llere- have some dosh.‘ Wish-tultllment tantasy ln Charles Chaplin's City Lights. to be screened with

llve orchestral

accompaniment by the Royal Scottish National

? Orchestra in Edinburgh and

Glasgow. See Music

L Preview, page 30.



9 Ireland talks. They came up with 3 Gazza, although it is thought that Ian

The Shortlist writer has been staggering around in a stupor murmuring ‘Steve Kirk ya beauty’ ever since Motherwell won the cup and his longshot bet came in. Hot strong coffee, and snipping his cruciate ligaments, gets him back to work . . .

ART‘S A SERIOUS business. Just ask Barry Fielder from Glasgow‘s Centre For Developmental Arts (what that?) His short press Statement (not release. mark you) reached us this week, and makes for riveting reading. His work, he says, ‘increasingly seeks to depart from pictorial systems that signify or imply an existential or psychological totality. or furthermore. any complexion of metaphysical closure, via reference, instead, to the modalities ofdynamism, contrariety. and complexity. . .‘ Phew. We sniffa rat here. Our trained investigators are sifting the evidence as we speak.

DOWNTOWN RADIO in Belfast took the enlightened step of polling the people of Belfast as to who should be the ideal person to mediate the current Northern

Paisley might find the phrase ‘cruciate ligaments’ suspiciously Papish. A briefstraw poll in the office suggested the names Rab C. ; Nesbitt. Winona Ryder. Andy 3 Partridge and Stu Who? (Why not. he’s done everything else).

director. and even a venue. The

EXPECT NEXT YEA R'S Oscar ceremonies to be drawn out a little longer than normal. We believe we might have discovered a new category for awards. In the credits for the soon-come Silence Of The Lambs you might just spot the name of Raymond A. Mendez, who performs the vital function of ‘Moth Wrangler and Stylist‘. It conjures up images of Mr Mendez in a trailer trying to coax a sensitive and artistic moth out for just one more take ‘You look great honey. the wings are just fine. Jonathan‘s offering three old tweed jackets up front. Go out there and knock ’em dead. Do it for Raymond. . . honey7'1t‘s not an easy job. Just ask Leanore G. Drogin, Assistant Moth Wrangler and Stylist. ‘I‘m just waiting forthe big break,’ she says. ‘maybe next time I’ll be top Moth Wrangler. It‘s a

a dream ofmine . . .‘ I

name ofit Jesus Christ) Seemingly

however. as Hamada has taken out

SWOONS APLENTY were reported at a recent performance of Clyde Unity Theatre’s performance ofRag Woman, Rich Woman, an adaptation ofa gritty Glasgow blockbuster. It seems the scene where a knitting-needle DIY abortion is re-enacted on stage proved too horrendous for some members ofthe audience. The Glasgow Herald reviewer even passed out (Now there‘s a line for the posters ‘I fainted’ The Glasgow Herald). Foreseeing such eventualities. we at The List (hard or what?) train our reviewers in war zones before exposing them to tough Glasgow drama. Our man sat through it all phlegmatically.

LAST ISSUE WE RASHLY suggested that Zenya Hamada should come back. all was forgiven. Hamada. the millionaire Japanese impresario whose bank statements always make happier reading than his reviews. is back. with the latest in his ‘Genius‘ series. Jesus Christ (no. that wasn’t an expletive. that‘s the

things are a little behind schedule, newspaper ads asking for actors, a latter has to be open-air. and be able

to seat 1000 people. Who’s he kidding?


calls demanding more Barry Fielder. We are but here to serve: ‘By the

same token. inasmuch as the work evinces or reflects a Nietzschean or ‘natural‘ (nature-real?) anti-metaphysic. it eschews the geometrical rigidity and regularity of : certain types ofhard-edge abstraction. favouring. rather. a speculative asymmetry and fluidity that perhaps finds its biomorphic and indeterminate equivalent. . .' OK. that‘s enough. You‘ve been rumbled Bazza. Will the real Barry Fielder stand up and confess? Our hunch is j that it was Stu Who'.’ all along.

Shortlist. we‘ve been inundated with i l

The List3l May-13June 19913