A selection at television highlights. listed by day. in chronological order. Television ' . Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.


I Second Thoughts (Scottish) 8-8.3(lpm. Bill and Faith encounter a few more setbacks in the dodgy divorcee sitcom.

I Short Stories: The Virgin Ol Gortaneadin (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. The inhabitants of l the village of lnchigeelaexperience extraordinary daily visions of the Virgin I Mary at a small grotto in the rural j community of Gortaneadin in Eire. Two I pints of whatever they‘re drinking ' please . . . j I A Perfect Hero (Scottish) 9—10pm. Nigel ' Havers stars as the faceless Dyer. l I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.3(lpm. Carla is trying to ingratiate herselfwith Cliff. and seems to have rather more than regular postal deliveries on her mind. I The Real McCoy (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Curtis and Ishmael head the black comics in the sketch and music show. this week offering a rousing Country and West Indian medley. I The Second Russian Revolution: Enter Gorbachev (BBC2) 9.3(l—1ll.2()pm. A new series questioning whether communism has come to an end in the Soviet Union. The first programme charts Gorbachev"s accession to power. See panel. I The Sharp End (BBC1)9.3()—10.20pm. The final episode of the Yorkshire ' harridan drama series sees Celia trying to put her and her loved ones' lives in order. I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10— 10.30pm. Roseanne decides to give Darlene‘s home economics class a lesson in family ' housekeeping. I 10:10: The Weatherhouse (BBC2) 10.20—10.30pm. A torrid tale of love and weather forecasting. featuring a couple inhabiting a weatherhouse where one of them always has to be on watch. IAbsolutely (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1 .(l5pm. ' Morwcnna Banks. Jack Docherty. Moray Hunter. Gordon Kennedy. Peter Baikie and John Sparkes in an anarchic comedy sketch show. Tonight the government discuss policy with Geoff the Parky. I Friday At The Dome (Channel 4) 11.05pm—12.2(lam. Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner talk about Electronic's debut album. and Don Was collaborates with loopy Beach Boy Brian Wilson. I The Ticket or Leave Man (Channel 4) 12.50—2.()5am. A 1937 melodrama for you to boo and hiss along to. The wonderfully-named Tod Slaughter isa Victorian villain who frames his rival in romance for forgery and proceeds to blackmail him when he finally gets out of jail. Ooh. the rotter!


I Sound Stult: You're the Top -The Cole Porter Story (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Bob Hope. Cyd Charisse and Douglas Fairbanks Junior are among the stars offering comments on the man who invented American popular culture.

I Dancemakers: Soldat and Swansong (BBC2) 8—9. 10pm. a double bill oftwo ballets performed by the Rambert Dance Company and the English National Ballet. I thirtysomething (Channel 4) 9—9.55pm. The stress of her cancer therapy takes its toll on Nancy. Elliot. meanwhile. is green with envy at Michael who has been nominated for an advertising award.

I Casualty (BBCI ) 9.3(1—1l).2()pm. The gritty hospital drama series enjoys a blood-soaked repeat run. this week dealing with an injured fireman. and (‘harlie‘s growing drink dependency.

I The Comic Strip Presents: Oxford (BBC2) 9.10—9.5(lpm. Another daft spoof from the regular gang. featuring Jennifer Saunders as a beautiful American who wants to get into Oxford University and is prepared to go to any lengths to get her way.

I The Wolvis Family: A Course or Therapyln Six Sessions (BBC2) 9.35—l(l.(l5pm. Dr Wilcockson resorts to primal screaming. meditation and chanting therapy. Regular viewers ofthis are probably beyond acure by now.

I Satyaiit Ray Season: Charulata/T he Lonely Wile (Channel 4) 1()pm—12. 15am. ' An award-winning drama set in Bengal in the 1880s. Mabhadi Mukherjee playsthe bored wife ofa publisher. Her life is transformed by her close friendship with her eccentric cousin.

I Moving Pictures (BBC2) 10.20—1 lpm. A special report on The Silence ()f The Lambs. opening in Scotland this week. Stars Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster and director Jonathan Demme are interviewed about the making ofthe film. and the effect it has had on American audiences.

I Paramount City (BBCI) Ill—10.40pm. Curtis and lshmael introduce the usual comedy and music. with Sheena Easton providing the latter (and maybe a bit ofthe former).

I A Bridge Too Far(BBC1)

1().4(lpm—l .3()am. More They Flew To Bruges style adventures with our plucky lads giving the Bosche what-forover Holland. A star-studded cast includes Dirk Bogarde. James Caan. Michael Caine. Sean Connery. Edward Fox. Laurence Olivier. Little And Large and Dick Emery as the plucky little Belgian. Henri.


I Dallas (BBCl ) 3—3.45pm. Bobby . returns to Southfork a changed man. j determined to find the kidnappers ' responsible for April‘s murder. ' I The Pursuit Of Power (Channel 4) 4.25—4.55pm. Adam Raphael introduces another personal/political interview. this time with Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown. I Kahaddi (Channel 4) 6—6.3(lpm. More of ; the frankly odd lndian sport. with national 5 champions Armed Services takingon I West Bengal.

I Fragile Earth: Camargue (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Half of the Camargue. in southern France. has disappeared since 1945. and very little is being done to save a vital ecological haven.

I The Black Velvet Govvn (Scottish) 7.50—10. 10pm. A feature-length adaptation of Cazza Cookson’s best-seller. set in rural Northumberland. The impoverished Millican children are educated by a kind benefactor. Mark my words. it‘ll end in tears.

I Hard News (Channel 4) 8.—8.3()pm. David Jessel presents another in the newspaper watchdog series.

I Relative Values: The Sweet Smell ot Success (BBC2) 8. 15—9.50pm. An investigation into the arcane world of art dealing. focusing on the contrasting operations of three dealers.

I Tonight At 8.30: Shadowplay (BBCI) 8.35—9.05pm. The final adaptation in the Noel Coward series is a kaleidoscopic piece following a love affair in different time-periods and in reality and fantasy. I Mastermind (BBCI) 10—10.35pm. it‘s the grand final of the ‘l‘ve started so I’ll finish‘ quiz. with contestants answering questions on topics as diverse as Frank Lloyd Wright and Erwin Rommel.

I Film 0n Four: Tree or Hands (Channel4) 10.05-11.50pm. A psychological thriller set in contemporary London stars Lauren Bacall as a neurotic mother arrivingto comfort her daughter (Helen Shaver) after the death of her son. Unfortunately she thinks the best thing to do is toabduct a replacement of the same age and colouring. Blackmail. murder and tragedy ensue. It‘s a complex mish-mash of thriller. psychological trauma and melodrama that never quite gels.

I Red Hot And Blue (Channel 4) 11.5(lpm—l . 15am. More Cole Porter songs. this time forming the framework for a series of videos designed to raise money for AIDS research. Artists featured include U2. Annie Lennox and Neneh Cherry.


I Hope It Rains (Scottish) 8—8.30pm. A new comedy series from Esmonde and Larbey. creators of The Good Life and liver Decreasing Circles. This one is set in a seaside resort where the owner ofthe waxworks museum gets a visit from his god-daughter.

I Horizon: or Big Bangs, Stick Men And Galactic Roles (BBC2) 8. 10-9pm. Not a David lcke profile. but a look at the world ofcosmologists. and how they put together their theories into a huge heavenly jigsaw.

I Birds or A Feather (BBCl ) 8.30—9pm. Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson star in a repeated run of the sparky Cockney sitcom. with romance looming for Sharon. although Tracy is disapproving.

I A Love Divided (Channel 4) 9—10pm. A new series devoted to love in divided communities.

I ENG (Channel 4) Ill—11pm. More pacy action from the Canadian television news station on the track of some hot stories. this week squabbling about the hiring of an ex-junkie hotshot reporter.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

10.50pm—l 1.10pm. Sheena McDonald introduces the show that canvasses the views of 100 Scottish women on a variety of subjects. This week it's the arts.

IBurglar(Channei4) 12.10—1.45am. A Russian movie offering valuable insights into Soviet youth culture. A lonely teenager Senka tries desperately to hold family life together. despite the fact that his dodgy bother looks likely to turn to crime to finance his dreams of rock stardom.

I Crack In The World (Scottish)

12. 10—] .50am. More sci-fi. this time about a wacko scientist ordering the detonation of a nuclear bomb below the earth‘s surface to ‘harness the limitless clean heat of the inner Earth.‘ It‘s a long shot. but hey. it might just work!



I Listening Eye (Channel 4) 5.30—6pm. Presenters Clark Denmark and Rachell Bastikar continue the series for the deaf and hearing-impaired. this week looking at how the deaf are portrayed in TV and film.

I Eilton (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. Shereen Nanjiani. Craig Swan and Don Lindsay present the show that tackles religious. social and moral issues. today looking at Billy Graham‘s Mission ‘91.

I Teenage Health Frealt (Channel 4) 8.30-9pm. Peter Payne discovers the diary of school siren Amanda Jeffs. but the contents aren‘t as salacious as he‘d hoped. I The Wheel at Fortune (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. The quiz show returns. hosted by Nicky Campbell. See panel.

I Twin Peaks (BBC2) 9-9.50pm. Fiendish Windom Earle takes Major Briggs prisoner and administers a truth drug. Will the man stop at nothing? Probably not.

I Chancer (Scottish) 9— 10pm. Final episode of the drama series. with Dex trying to save his ailing ‘Build British. Buy British' campaign.

I Rear Window: Iron In The Soul (Channel 4) 9—9.45pm. A showcase ofthe work of the prolific multi-cultural playwright Les Smith (no. me neither).

I All Good Things (BBC1)9.30—1().20pm. The fourth episode of the comedy drama. Shirley (Brenda Blethyn) has filled the house with losers and misfits and Phil (Warren Clarke) decides something has to be done about it.

I Antenna Special - The Maguires: Forensic Science On Trial (BBC2) 9.50—1().30pm. The Maguires were imprisoned for terrorist offences by forensic evidence that has now been discredited. Antenna investigates the trustworthiness of complex scientific evidence.

I Beyond Ealing: Billy Liarl (Channel 4) 10—11.50pm. Keith Waterhouse’s wonderful evocation of life in a northern town. as seen through the eyesof undertaker‘s clerk and dreamer Billy (Tom Courtenay). A parable for the times (1963) and all that. with Julie Christie breezing into town. and bringing a glimpse ofthe swinging 60s with her.

I Byline: Don’t Go Near The Water(BBC1) 10.20—1 1pm. Kirsty MacColl takes time off from promoting her new album to investigate the frightening state ofour drinking water. tracing it back to source. and seeing how it becomes polluted. and what measures can be taken to alleviate polution levels.


I Channel 4 Racing (Channel 4) 2—5pm. From Epsom. including live coverage of the Derby. Lester Piggott will be back. looking for his tenth Derby win. but Mystiko will be the one they all have to beat.

I Birthrights(BBC2) 7.40—8.1(lpm. ‘What does it mean to be British'?‘ asks this series of documentaries exploring culture . identity and citizenship from a black perspective. This edition looks at the attitudes to racial minorities in Continental countries.

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