IThe Beer Hunter (Channel 4)9.3()—l()pm. Michael Jackson once again heroically tries several beers on our behalf. In the last programme of the series he heads for the Great British Beer Festival.

IThe Paper Man (BBC2)9.25—10.20pm. Our newspaper tycoon hero Cromwell (John Bach) is now based in London. but his ambitions are turning sour. and his personal life is beginning to suffer.

Ilosie (Channel 4) 1030—1 lpm. Josie Lawrence completes her mélange of humour. song. parody and impersonation. this week inttroducing the TV evangelists. The Stampers.

I Manhattan Cable (Channel 4)

11—1 1.45pm. Another trawl through the scum and detritus of New York‘s public access cable TV network.


I Business Matters: Mr Morita’s Mission (BBCZ) 7.30—8pm. A new seriesopens with a profile ofone of the century‘s most successful businessmen Akio Marita. chairman and co-founder of Sony.

I Floyd Dn Oz: (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Floyd teams up with a group ofAboriginal dancers and prepares the popular dish of chillied mud crabs. before Iamcnlingthe lack of a decent Aboriginal restaurant.

I Rising Damp (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Repeat showing for a sitcom classic from 1974. This is the original pilot forthe seedy boarding-house comedy starring the late Leonard Rossiter. the late Richard Beckinsale and the still-alive Frances De La Tour. See panel.

I On The Line (BBCZ) 8.30—9pm. The investigative sports series looks at the implications of the imminent return to the sporting fold of South Africa. On The Line gets the perspective from the townships.

I GBH (Channel 4) 9—10.40pm. First episode of Channel 4‘s flagship drama series. written by Alan Bleasdale. It features Michael Palin and Robert Lindsay as a moderate schoolteacher and a ruthless council leader coming into deadly conflict. See feature.

I Divorce: Doing It Decently ( BBCZ) 9.35—10.15pm. Or how to end your marriage in a positive way. The programme features four couples who are trying to separate with care for each other. and without revenge.

I Scottish Books (Scottish)

. 11.15—1 1 .45pm. Jenny Brown introduces

the book review programme. covering Pat Barker‘s Regeneration. David Craig‘s King Cameron and Stuart Cosgrove’s Hampden Babylon.


I Short Stories: The London Crusaders

(Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. A short documentary on London‘s flying ambulance service. that has rescued over 1000 Londoners. but faces a reduction in funding.

I The Real McCoy (BBC2)9—9.3opm.

More sketches. skits and songs from the young black performers. includingthe

I Asian Agony Aunt.

{afie- List 31m“: 13 iii—lie 196i "_'

I A Perfect Hem (Scottish) 9— 10pm. Hugh’s surgeon investigates how the injured pilot came to fall into the sea. Did he jump. or was it an accident?

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Sam returns to baseball pitching in an exhibition match.

I The Second Russian RevolutionzThe

Battle For Glasnost (BBCZ) 9.30—10.20pm. ; The second film in the documentary series

traces the threat that the Chernobyl

disaster presented to the nascent glasnost.

I The Cowra Breakout ( BBCI)

9.30—1 1.20pm. First in a five-part drama series set in 1944 when over 1000Japanese POWs broke out of a camp near the small New South Wales town ofCowra. The conflict is seen through the eyes oftwo young soldiers. the Australian Stan

Davidson and the Japanese Junji Hayashi. .

played by Alan David Lee and Junichi Ishida.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) Ill—10.30pm. Roseanne forgets Valentine’s Day. while Darlene is having romance traumas ofher

IAbsolutely (Channel 4) 10.30—11.05pm. Frank Hovis returns to the island ofAnus where the food isn‘t greasy enough. Who writes this stuff?

I Friday At The Dome (Channel 4) llpm—12. 15am. Robert Palmer plays tracks from his Don’t Explain album. while lnspiral Carpets whip out their organ for a few boppy little tunes.

,'. a

? I The Greed 01 William Hart (Channel 4) 12.50—2. 10am. Based on the Burke and

I [are story. Tod Slaughter is back. the

obvious choice to play a grave-robber going about his nefarious business in

19th-century Edinburgh.


I Sound Stun: Cissy Houston —Sweet Inspiration (Channel 4) 7—8pm. A profile

of Whitney's mother. and a singer ofsome

status in her own right. bridging the gap between gospel and rhythm and blues. This film looks at her lifestyle. recording with David Bowie or Luther Vandross

to direct her Baptist choir on a Sunday morning.

I lhirtysomething (Channel 4)9—l(lpm. More caring and sharing experiences from the young professionals.

I Enemy or The People (Channel 4)

through the week. but always findingtime

l()pm—12am. Continuing the Satyajit Ray .

season. this is a compelling reworking of Ibscn's play. relocated to Bengal where a

water of a Hindu shrine. and uncovers religious prejudice and commercial corruption.

I The Wolvis Family ( BBCZ)

A 9.35—10.()5pm. The final episode ofthe

family counselling comedy series. We‘llbe sad to see it go. won‘t we?

I Paramount City (BBCl) 10.25—1 1 .05pm. Double-act Curtis and Ishmael introduce more comedy and live music.

doctor discovers dangerous bacteria in the


I Video Diaries: The Man Behind the Shotgun (BBCZ) 10.10—1 1.30pm. A unique document of life in an experimental secure prison in Kent. filmed by Jack. currently serving 12 years for armed robbery. He uses the diary to consider his past and speculate on the future. as well as providing a frank insight into criminal culture.


I A Day Out With Dana (Scottish)

6.40—7. 10pm. The Irish singer heads offoh another jaunt with a vaguely religious tinge. Not as fat as Harry Secombe.

I Catherine Cookson's The Fitteen Streets (Scottish) 7.50-9.50pm. Another Geordie blockbusting tale filmed for the small screen by Tyne-Tees TV.

I The Ballroom Di Romance (Scottish) 8.30—9.30pm. A repealed BBC play. adapted by William Trevor fron his short story about rural dance halls in Ireland in the 50s. Look out for Oscar-winning Brenda Fricker.

I Something Wild (BBC2)9.50-l 1.25pm. Director of the moment Jonathan Demme made this in 1986 and it was probably his best movie before Silence ()f The Lambs. Jeff Daniels plays a squeaky-clean businessman who finds himselflured into a life of bondage sex and petty crime by mad. bad and dangerous to know Melanie Griffith. A great soundtrack. and look out for wacko director John Waters in a cameo role.

I GBH(Channcl4)10-11.40pm.A repeat for the first episode shown on Thursday.

I Spitting Image (Scottish) 10.05—10.35pm. Wonderful puppets and weak scripts from the crude satire team.


I Hope It Rains (Scottish) 8—8.30pm. Tom Bell stars in the seaside sitcom. asHarry. still coming to terms with his unwelcome lodger.

I Horizon: Food For Thought(BBC2)

8. l0—9pm. An investigation ofthe effects and dangers of hallucinogenic drugs.

Twain.“ '. x * K“

I A Love Divided (Channcl4)9—10pm. SeCond in the documentary series focuses on the forbidden love between Fanie and Julia in Johannesburg.

I ENG (Channel 4) l()pm-l lpm. Electronic News Gathering from the thrill-a-minute Canadian newsroom drama serial. Scotland Today was never like this.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

10.45-l 1.15pm. Sheena McDonald introduces another topical discussion with 100 guests providing the opinions.


I Listening Eye (Channel 4) 5.30—6pm. The award-winning magazine programme for the deaf. presented by Rachel] Bastikar and Clark Denmark.

I Eikon (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. More religious. social and moral issues tackled in an innovative fashion.

I Wheel Of Fortune (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. Nicky Campbell introduces more fortune-hungry contestants.

I Chalktace (BBCZ) 8.30—9pm. Further goings-on at David Lloyd George Comprehensive in the school drama series created by John Godber.

I Without Walls (Channel 4)9L10pm. Post-modern Paul Morley investigates our fascination with babies. while newspaper film critics Derek Malcolm and Alexander Walker launch a new film show Now Showing.

I Twin Peaks (BBCZ) 9—9.50pm. Giggle along to the doughnuts and serial killer srtcom.

I Selling Hitler (Scottish) 9—10pm. A promising new series telling the true story of the Hitler Diaries hoax. Jonathan Pryce plays the ambitious journalist Gerd Heidemann. tricked by plausible rogue Conny Fischer (Alexei Sayle) into buying the bogus diaries.

IAII Good Things (BBCl)9.30—10.20pm. Warren Clarke stars in this comedy/drama series playing husband to Brenda Blcthyn, who continues to try to be a Good Samaritan. without ever getting it quite right.

I Beyond Eating: Entertaining Mr Sloane (Channel 4) 10—11.45pm. Orton‘s black farce about a nymphomaniac sister and gay brother vying for the attentions ofa young Adonis. doesn‘t really translate well to film, although there are some spirited performances. notably from Beryl Reid.


I Fire! (Scottish) 9—9.30pm. Carol Harrison. the first female firefighterto join Red Watch. faces a crisis at the Kingsland Fire Station in Hackney.

I The Paper Man (BBC2)9.25—10. 15pm. Tribulations for media tycoon Philip Cromwell (John Bach). now based in Britain. and looking to extend his empire further afield.

I A Question Di Conscience (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. The story of the murder ofsix Jesuit priests in San Salvador in 1989.

I The New Statesman (Channel 4)

1030-1 lpm. Beginning at rerun ofthe recent scatological series starring Rik Mayall as Alan B'Stard MP. the hard-line Tory.

A. at? "y?

I Manhattan Cable (Channel 4) 1 1-1 1.45pm. A sordid trail ofpublic access TV in New York that has still to uncover anything as awesomely awful as Les Dennis or Bobby Davro.

I Rising Damp (Channel 4) 8.30-9pm. Leonard Rossiter and company in more boarding-house-related frolics.

I LA Lav: (Scottish) 9—10pm. Brackman and Rollins represent a client with Tourette‘s Syndrome. but Sifuentes (boo, hiss) is acting for a doctor who sacked an employee suffering from Elephant Man‘s disease .( That's enough diseases)

I GBH (Channel 4) 9—10.35pm. The conflict between Michael Murray and Jim Nelson hots up in the second episode of Alan Bleasdale‘s drama.

I Divorce (BBC2) 9.35—10. 15pm. More statistics and stories of marital splits. in the innovative documentary series.

I Harry Connick Jnr (Channel 4)

1035—] 1.35pm. The man who would be Frank swings out in concert.

I“ ivy->- -:-'-.‘:;':’.I 4