A TELEPHONE: 041~429 3838 .


I Successful record finder Do you want a favourite record but have been unable to find it. Write to me with the details and it will be yours. Very fair prices. Box No 149/M/1.

I To sell: Alesis HR-16 16~bit drum machine, £2500no. Wanted: DOC Rhythm and Microverb (or similar— will exchange). Tel: ()31 6544414.

l 14 High Street


for Edinburgh-based band.

Weekly arrangement ideal. Can pay deposit. Please contact

031 557 2882.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE

£40 for 50 issues" £22 for 25 issues' £12 tor 12 issues" " Delete as applicable

I Young guys wanted for harmonising and 50s a cappella group. I have looks. good voice and money to invest. What you got? Write with details. Preferably Glasgow based: fame awaits. Box No 146/R/1.



Get your copy of The List by post and plan your nightlife over breakfast. Copies are sent outto subscribers by first class post every second Thursday and should reach you early on Friday. Cost including postage is: £40 for 50 issues, £22 for 25 issues or £12 for 12 issues.

se— —————————————— —— To: THE LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS

Please send me The List magazine. I enclose a cheque/postal order, payable to The List Ltd, for

Name ............................................................... .. Address ............................................................ ..

I Bass player and drummer required for Edinburgh-based noisy pop band. Influences include Smiths, Velvets, Undertones, Beatles. Contact Jim on 031 2281750 or Nelson on 031 225 2064.

I Female voice rich and powerful, loves mostly European folk and medieval

I Writer needs to share quiet studio/office with 1/2 othersin central(ish) Edinburgh. Must be inexpensive and have telephone. Non-smokers please. Most things considered! Tel: 031 557 5909.



I Two bedsits available in mixed Newington flat, shared large kitchen. bathroom and shower room. £38 and £45 pw, no bills. Also available, very large rooms on Lothian Road. Phone 031 452 9156 (9 till 5).

I Gregarlous, flnger-llclrin' good

music, is looking for flatmate required for small .

instrumentalists with similar room in large New Town flat. Spanlsh

inclinations. Phone 041357 £130 pcm plus bills. Phone , , , , 1507. 0315566373. In Gallcra & Andalusia ACCOMMODATION HOLLAND . 2 or 3 weeks . Planningavisittoliolland? Wlth accommOdatlon

Rooms to let (B&B) in a

I L a mom available in friendly household near from an? spazirgus attractive Shawlands Alkmaar' LOW priccstcomaai 8- & c. I‘IaIINInSOI'I flat. All mod cons. Suit Debb'c on 0103172'620852' ‘3 05 32/62 58 62 professional non-smoker. _ 54, savile Rd. Leeds Phone 041 6321108. LS7 3ER

I Gay guy/s offered

accommodation in the West End

orgyasgow. NearBBC. I Pianojazz blues by earBasic


University “illhcad URGENTLY skills developed in melody, Underground. For further SEEKS-OTHERS Pom harmwyfccorN/lpgmrtncm and ' . mgtwggx improvisa ion. ains ream. ggflls‘ phom Boh ("1041339 TRAINED [N trad. standards. rock ‘n‘ roll.

' PUBLIC RELATIONS, blues. Introductory one-hour ADMIN & BROADCASTING session £12. then 6 for £60. (Juljfl'lfg'flififgflbw mm” & lggmm Phone 041 357 4850. Dcnnistoun) for non-smoker. W I mea' mandoun and '0“

guitar lessons from experienced

TRAVEL. MUSIC- musician with three LPs

1 Spacious attractive flat. good i SPORTS, AKI‘S, VEG. FOOD

local shops. 10mins city centre.

W/m. c/h. assorted creature (JEAN DRIVING LICENCE yrgtclféidezijfiéo l comforts. £37.50 pw inclusive. w a 5 U. M . . C t i Phone FRASER RUSSELL ; ALL AREAS CONSIDERED

conversation by qualified teacher (native speaker). I can also make phone calls for you or write letters in German.

Tel: ()41 3390848.

I Spanish language all levels. Beginner classes starting at regular intervals. Colegio Espafiol. Tel: ()31 557 3928.

BOX N O: l48/ANN/1

ROOM IN LUXURY FLAT i with pool etc. £250 per month. Would probably suit professional. broadminded or gay person. Phone 041 333 0292 (evenings only) for details and viewing.

I Bands without lead vocals- don‘t despair! My vocal cords are looking for some exercise. I am open to soul or rock. Telephone Rudiger on ()31 332 3799 (home) or 031 650 2088 (9am—5pm).


Place a regular orderwith your nearest newsagent. The List is available from all good newsagents in Central Scotland and a new issue should be in city shops every second Thursday.


Please reserve for me until further notice a copy of each new issue of The List magazine.

[a g {44’s 2

Name ........................................... .. $ 4"" 4

Address ........................................ ..

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L i

“The List31 May—13June 1991