I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk.0324 23805. £1 .71) (Child/CAP“ . 10). 1. The Silence of the Lambs ( 18) Fri. Sat.

Mon—Thurs 2pm. 5pm. 8pm; Sun 4.50pm.


2. Problem Child (PG) 1.30pm (Sat only). 2.30pm (not Sat. Sun). 3.30pm (Sat only). 5.10pm (Sun only). (5.30pm (not Sun). 8.30pm.

3. Misery(18) 2.20pm (not Sat. Sun). 5.10pm (not Sat. Sun). 5.50pm (Satonly). 8.15pm.

White Fang (PG) Sat 1.40pm. 3.50pm; Sun 5.20pm.

I MACRORERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling University. 078661081 . £2.55 (£1 .75). December Bride (PG) Sun 16 only 7.30pm. J11 0011 (15) Wed 197.30pm.

I REGAL North Bridge Street. Bathgate. 0506634 152. £2 (Child/OAP/Student/UB-ll)£l.30 Mon—Thurs only).

Robin Hood (PG) 5.30pm. Misery(18)8.15pm.


I CANNON Titchfield Street. Kilmarnoek. 0563 37288. Adults £1 .70. children OAl’ £1.10

1. The Silence oi the Lambs ( 18) Fri. Sat.

Mon—Thurs 2.35pm. 5.30pm. 8.20pm: Sun :

5.15pm. 8pm.

2. Graveyard Shift ( 18) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.40pm. 6pm. 8.50pm; Sun 5.40pm. 8.20pm.

3. Filoiax ( 12) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.30pm. 5.50pm. 8.30pm; Sun 5.30pm. 8.10pm.

I KELBURNE Glasgow Road. Paisley. 889 3612. ID] both screens. £2.20 (Child/OAP/Student/L’B-ll)£l .20).

1. The Silence ol the Lambs ( 18) Mon—Fri 5.15pm. 7.40pm; Sat 1.45pm.4.45pm. 7.15pm. 10pm; Sun 8pm.

2. Unconfirmed phone cinema for details.

I ODEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. ()292 264 049. Licensed bar open every evening (inc Sun). £3.25 (Child/OAP’Student/UB40£2.25). No concessions for perforntances after 8pm). Bookable luxury seats £3.75 (all screens). Saturday Lates £3.25; morning shows £1.75.

The Silence of the Lambs ( 18) 1pm. 3.30pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.

The Hard Way ( 15) 1.15pm (not Sat. Sun). 3.40pm.6.15pm.8.45pm.

Cyrano de Bergerac (1;) 1.10pm. 5.3opm, 8.20pm.

MermaidS( 15) 1.10pm (not Sat. Stiit). 3.45pm.6.10pm.8.40pm.

Jetsons: The Movie (1)) Sat only 10.30am. Home Alone (PG) Sat only 10.30am.

White Fang (PU) 10.30am (Sat only). 1pm (Sat. Sun only).

King Ralph (PG) 10.30am (Sat only ). lpnt (Sat. Sun only).

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I ODEON 'l‘ownbead Street. Hamilton. 0698 283 802. [1)](einemas 2 & 3only).

£3.3(l(('hild OAR.student/Union). All 3

seats first performances £2: no concessions on fiital shows.

The Silence of the Lambs( 18) 12.10pm. 2.50pm. 5.30pm. 8.15pm.

State of Grace ( 18) 1.15pm (ttot Sat. Sun). 5pm. 8pm.

While Fang ( PG) Sat. Sun only 12.05pm. Mermaids ( 15) noon. 2.45pm. 5.25pm. 8.20pm.

I LA SCALA l iamilton Street. Saltcoats. 0294 62051 [D] by prior arrangement. £2.10(Child/Student1.11340£1.05;OAP 75p).

1. The Silence olthe Lambs ( l8)7.45pm. 10.30pm (Sat only).

2. The Doors ( 18) 7.20pm. 10.25pm (Sat only).

I UCl ('lyde Regional Centre. (‘lydebank 041951 2022. Non-alcoholic refreshments

! l I

always available. [D] all screens. Shows commencing before 6pm £2; after 6pm £3 (Child £2).

The Silence of the Lambs ( 1 8) 1.30pm. 4pm. 6.40pm. 9.20pm.

A Kiss Before Dying ( 18) 2pm . 4.25pm. 7.15pm.9.40pm.

Mermaids(15) 1.50pm.4.15pm.7.05pm. 9.50pm.

Misery ( 18) 2.20pm. 4.45pm. 7.35pm. 10pm.

Problem Child (PG) 12.20pm (Sat. Sun only). 2. 10pm. 4.35pm. 7.35pm (Sat. Sun 7.25pm).

The Doors ( 18) 9.30pm.

Marked For Death (18) 5.25pm.8. 10pm. 10.25pm.

LAStory(15) 5.15pm. 8pm. 10.20pm. Sleeping With the Enemy ( 15) 2.40pm (Sat. Sun only). 5.05pm. 7.50pm. 10.15pm. Graveyard Shill ( 18) 7.45pm (notTue). 10.10pm.

White Fang (PG) noon (Sat. Sun only). 2.30pm (Fri—Sun only). 4.55pm.

The Little Mermaid (U) Sat. Sun only 1.40pm. 3.30pm.

Young Frankenstein (PG ) Tue only 7.30pm. Memphis Belle ( 12) 12.30pm (Sat only). 2.50pm (Sat. Sun only).

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I UCI Olympia Mall. East Kilbride.03552 49699. Non-alcoholic refreshments always available. ID] all screens. Shows commencing before 4pm £1.95; ‘Twi-Lite' offer. all shows 4—6pm £1 .50;after 6pm £2.95 ((‘hild£1.95).

The Silence ot the Lambs ( 18) 1.20pm. 4.05pm. 6.45pm. 9.30pm.

A Kiss Belore Dying (18)2.4()pm.4.50pm. 7.05pm. 9.40pm.

Mermaids(15) 2pm. 4.25pm.6.55pm. 9.20pm. Hamlet(L,')1.30pm.4.15pm.7.15pm. 10pm.

Problem Child (PG) 1.35pm. 3.30pm. 5.30pm. 7.25pm.

Sleeping With the Enemy ( 15) 2.55pm. 5.20pm.7.45pm. 10.05pm.

Misery ( 18) 2.45pm. 5.05pm. 7.35pm. 10.10pm.

LAStory ( 15) 3.20pm (not Sat. Sun). 5.40pm (not Sat. Sun). 7.55pm. 10. 15pm. Marked For Death (18) 2.50pm (not Fri—Sun). 5.25pm (not Fri—Sun). 8.05pm. 10.25pm.

While Fang (PG) Fri—Sun only 12.20pm (Sat only). 2.50pm. 5.25pm.

The Little Mermaid (U) Sat 1.55pm. 3.55pm. 5.55pm; Sun 3pm. 5.30pm.

Ski Patrol (PG) Sat only 1 1 .30am.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street. lrvine. 029-1 79900. £2.40 (Child £1.60; OAP— Mon—Thurs only £1.50). Family ticket(2 Adults. 2 Children) £5.50.

The Silence ol the Lambs ( 18) Fri. Sat 2.50pm (Sat only). 7pm. 9.30pm.

Home Alone (PG) Sat only 1pm.


I ODEON Rurns Statue Square. Ayr. Sat 15:

The Hard Way(15) 11.10pm. Mermaids(15) 11.15pm.

The Silence of the Lambs ( l8) 1 1pm. The Exorcist(18) 11.15pm.

I UCI Clyde Regional Centre. Clydebank. 041951 1945. (Over l8sonly).

Fri 14/Sat 15:

A Kiss Before Dying ( 18) 11.35pm.

The Silence of the Lambs ( 18) 1 1 .50pm. Mermaids ( 15) midnight.

Misery(18) 12.10am.

I UCI Olympia Mall. East Kilbride.03552 49699. (Over 18s only).

Fri 14/Sat 15:

Graveyard Shilt(18) 12.10am. FistFighter(l8) 12.15am.

The Silence or the Lambs (18) 12.05am. A Kiss Belore Dying ( 18) 1 1.45pm. Mermaids(15) 11.35pm.


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