I MENSA CANDIDATE Wendy James. seen here relaxing with a couple at lellow intellectuals, ls rumoured to have turned down an honorary degree In Phllosophyirom Cambridge University just so she could strut her stutl in Edinburgh this lortnight. Remember, lads, she’d much rathertalk Schopenhauerthan sex. See Rock Listings, page 40.

HIT usr

It was a sad day at The List. Yet another HitList writer was about to depart, once again seduced away from the friendly flicker ofthe word-processor by the allure of warmer climes and the sensual charms of foreign women. Undeterred. entertainers flocked from far and wide to ensure that Scotland’s culture-hungry masses would not be deprived of their fortnightly fix offun.

I ‘SEE- LOOK AT THAT Nevertouches a drop. That's why he's still alive. innit?‘ Alexei Sayle. Jonathan Pryce and some othergeezer in Selling Hitler. an lTV comedy drama about the take Hitler diaries bought by The Sunday Times in 1983. See Television Review and Listings pages 76—78.

I WHY MUST l BEa teenager In love? This beaming couple. Nicola (15) and Chris (16) tellyou all about it in Scottish Television's Puppy Love. to be screened on Mon 24. The cuddlytoy, unluckily. was notavailablelor comment. See Television Preview page 75.

l _


} limey actors comin' over here takin’ our work gonna get woyse than this, you hearme?’ Mean Sean Penn

issues a dire warning to

2 British thesps in State or Grace. a New York cop

. thriller co-starring Ed Harris and - erm our own Gary

\ Oldman. See Film Index,

x W . page 22 and Competitions, I .No. No. No. he

T. 1 page 90' delinitely said toturn right

\ I at the Bermuda Triangle

.. .' Abandoning the peaks

. lorthe high seas, Muriel

j E Grayleads Laura Mason

astray in Art Is Dead—Long

Live Television. See

Television Preview. page 74.

_ ' I ‘AFTER YOU HAVE make ze whoopee. ees vair

: importan' to light up Ie Gitane and ask 'eritle monde moved tor 'er. Eel she don' reply. Ah'm airaid you 'ave totry zeol‘ Cointreau tactic.’ Lessons in lite in Marcel (Jean Oe Florette) Pagnol's autobiographical La Gloire Oe Mon Pere. See Film

: preview, page 20.

I THE JOYS OF TREPANNING. as discovered by members ot Gerry Cottle‘s circus. which visits Edinburgh this tortnight. Beware oi dodgy new brands ol toothpaste on sale atterthe show. See Theatre preview, page 55.

I ‘ANO THIS ONE'S lorThe List's critic.‘ Robbie Coltrane and writer/director Peter Richardson plan vengeance alter disappointing response to the new Comic Strip lilm,

i The Pope Must Die. See I : I Film Index. page 22.

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