Theatre is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Touring shows are listed alphabetically by title at the end or the section. Shows will be listed. provided that details reach our offices at least ten days betore publication. Theatre Listings



Access: P = Parking Facilities. PPA = Parking to be Pre-Arranged. 1. = Level Access. R = Ramped Access. ST = Steps to negotiate. ' Facilities: WC = Adapted Toilet(s). WS 2 Wheelchair Spaces. AS = AdjacentSeats.

E = 1 Dogs

Accessible. B = Bar Accessible. T = Adapted Telephone.


Advise Venue in Advance.


Tickets for major venues in Glasgow are available from the Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. Mon-Sat 10.30am until 6.30pm in person or until 9pm by phone on 041227 551 1. Sunday openingis noon—5pm. Any Ticket Link box office can sell tickets for other venues.


I ARCHES THEATRE Midland Street. 221


The Return ol Burke and Here Until Sun 16 Jun. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). The Arches survives beyond 1990 and Mayfest which is good news. The current show. the debut of

lled by Mark Fisher.

nduction Loop System. C: = Cruide Allowed. R = Restaurant

A = Assistance Available. AA =

KYBO Theatre Company. is Raymond Burke's musical reworking of Edinburgh’s most popular grave-robbing story.

Sexual Perversity in Chicago Tue 25 Jun—Sun 7 Jul. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Return i run for Andy Arnold‘s Mayfest production of David Mamet’s expose of sexual mores. Fast and funny.

I BLACKFRIARS ~15 Albion Street. Merchant City. 552 5924.

The Comic Club See Cabaret.

I CITIZENS' THEATRE (iorbals Street. 429 0022. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am 6pm (10am—9pm on performance days). Bar. [Access: P. 1-. Facilities: WC. \\'S. l{.(i. R. 11c1p:AA]

Rag Woman. Rich Woman tintit Sat 15 Jun. £5 (£1 ’Free). The third year ofthe Strathclyde Summer Season. which ensures that the Citz stays open for an

extra few months of the year. kicksoit

4 with Clyde L'nity Theatre‘s current production. See Touring. Sharks Tue lSJun—Sat (rJul. £5(£1 Free). E Wildcat‘s triumphant return to form reaches the Citizens as part of its esteiisiy e tour. See Touring.

I CLYDEDANK TECHNICAL COLLEGE Kilbowie Road. Clydebank. 952 7771. The Crucible Mon l7—Thurs 201m. 7.30pm. £1 .50(75p). Arthur Miller‘s witch-hunt classic is performed by students on the National Certificate Drama Course.

I CRAWFURD THEATREJordanhill College. 76 Southbrae Drive. 950

3437 3-138. [Access: P. R. Facilities: WC. W5. E. (i. R. B. Help; A. AA]

Studio dance display Tue 25 Jun. Linda Smith Thurs 27 Jun. See Dance listings.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Cumbernauld. 0236 732887. Box Office Mon-Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—3pm; 0-8pm perf. evgs Bar Cafe. [Access: PPA. S'l‘. Facilities: WC. W8. (i. B. Help: A. AA] No Mean Company Livery Wed. 7.30pm. Weekly meeting for Cumbernauld Theatre'sover 18s amateur drainagroup. i

Kids listings.

i Springbtirn. See'lotiring.

I EAST KILBRIDE VILLAGE THEATRE Maxwell Drive. 03552 Moot). Habeus Corpus lit 14- Sat lilun. 7 30pm. £3.50(£2). lils' Rep lheatre(‘lubiounds

JustKidding l’ri Sat 15 Jun. The endof ] two yy eeks‘ children’s entertainment. See

. AMidsummerNight‘s Dream'thurszo Sat 22.1un. 7.45pm. £3 (£1.50). (‘umbeinauld ' Youth Theatre's production of Shakespeare's classic comedy ot fairy folk. Rag Woman. Rich Woman l‘hurs 27.1un. 7.45pm. £3(£1.50). Clyde l'iiity”l‘heatre's uneompromising ey ocatioii of life in 1920s

off its current season w ith a comic thi iller

by Alan Bennett.

(1. Help: A. AA]

See Dance listings.


good ol‘ musical.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 45%. [Access: l’l’A. R. 1 facilities: “C. R. (i. Help: A. AA]

DoctorFaustus wed 19 Sat22lun. 7.30pm. £3 ( £2). 'l'regallion Theatre Company with a poeticinterpretationol ; Marlowe'sclassicfableconcet‘iiingthe greed of Renaissance men.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box Office. Mon- Sat noon-vopni. 4 bars. Phone bookings. Ticket Centre. Candleriggs. see '1 icket Link details above. [Access: 1’. l.. l'acilities: \H L R.

Cinderella Hi 14» Sat 15 Jun, Sat mat 3pm.

I MITCHELL THEATRE ( il anville Street. 2213198. Box Office Mott—Sal iioon- Rpm. Bar. Cafe. [Access: PPA. S'l‘. Facilities: \VC. \\'S.(i. R. B. Help: A. AA]

Carousel L'iitil Sat 15 Jun. 7.30pm. llillhead l ligli School in the popular

Sweet Charity Wed 19 Sat 22 Jun. 7.30pm. 'l‘histinie it‘s the Capricorn l’layers w ith a

NorthangerAbbey 't‘liurs 27.1un. 7.30pm. l’ocket Theatre ( ‘ompany continue their ney er-ending tourof Britain with an adaptation olfllane Austen's tale of

__ _-__1_._1STINGS TttEATRE

intrigue among nice middle-class folk. 'l'liis adaptation is by Keiran Gillespie.

I MDTHERWELL THEATRE Civic Centre. Mother well. (WIS 675 1 5.

The Nutcracker/Pips and Panda meet Goldilocks and the Three Bears 1’ri l-lJun. See Kids Listings.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Wed

19-- Sat 22 .ltiii. 7.30pm. £3(£2.50). Motherw ell District Children'sTheatre

w ith probably the most popular kids' story ey‘ct told.

I OLD ATHENAEUM THEATRE 179 Buchanan Street. 332 2333. Box Office open 10am opm and 8pm on performance days. ]Access; limited]

Bouncers Mon 17 Sat 22 .luii. 7.30pm. £5 (£3 Mon 'l‘hurs only ). Hull 'l‘ruck'l'heatre Company yy ith John (iodber's story of everyday psychotic folk. (iodber himself was to direct but has pulled out at the last minute. Recommended (if you‘re oneof the tew not to hay e seen it).

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley . SS7 1010. Box ()fficeopen

'l‘ue-- Sun noon S30pin. Bar (open

noon -1 1pm 'l'tie Sat; l2.3(L-2.30pin and (v30 11pm Sun. Means served). Cafe (open noon- 11pm). |Access: PPA.S'1‘. l-‘acilities: WC. \VS. 1i. (i. R. B. Help: A. AA]

Langside College Sat 15~Sun 1(tJuii.Spiii. The students of the college in a production written by. directed by and starring themselves

Big Splash on the Blue Planet Sat 22Jun. 2pm and 7pm. £1 and £2 (50p and £1). Bagatelle presents a sci-fi comedy extravaganza for all the family.

I PAVILION THEATRE 121 Renfield Street. 332 18%. Box Office Mon-Sat

10am- 8pm. Bar. [Access: S'l‘. Facilities: \\'S.(i. Help: AA]

The Chippendates to and 20 Jun. spin. £12.80. See those muscles ripple. catch one of those discarded under-garments bttt don't expect any thing too rude. See leature.

Gorge yourself for three weeks at the Edinburgh Internationl Festival.

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la la la lliiinaii Steps- hutch. much more than .1 dance troupe. bring their last paced. electric. risk—taking c‘lttil'etigt'.tpit_\ to i‘tIlllI‘ltl'gIl uith (TESL DESTROY (INFANde l-l-l- .\tig \yhich premiered in Bills to fantastic success.

PETER SHALIH'SS returns to Britain \\ ith the Ballet of the Deiitsche ()per Berlin.

Here you‘ll see him hes sent this company

spiiiiiiiig to the llt'st ranls. Bl’_].'\R l"S RI.\'(.~ .-\R()l'.\'l) ll ll". Rl.\'(i 13.29Allti . 1‘) 21 \ii::;


l’liis .\liniiiiieiisch.ui/ l_.

l’hilippe (it'ltl\ \\lli1 a mu

production 2S \iig 1 Sept ; leatr l Isspt'esll lroin l’oland \\llIl their athlete dancers; 2o. 2- .\ti}.1 SatiiiiIiiori \\ith dance from lsoi'ea;

lo. I-.\llje1 and the \ational Billet oi ( tti‘.t \\|lI1 tlu great .\lici.i .\loiiso perloriii Don Qtiisote .11th .1 triple lull ol l es S\ lpliides. llie Iit’l'11.ll‘ci.l .\Il‘.t llido

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.i litiller picture from our free call (HI—225 £756. (1 31-226 4001'.



Everyone comes and anything goes.



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