George Rodger: Magnum Photographer Portfolio Gallery, Edinburgh until June 29.

George Rodger is so enthralled with

people that most of his 82 years have

been spent photographing them. This is an exhibition of some of his best-known black-and-white work. Among the twenty Second World War photographs downstairs there are no charred tanks or downed planes since

3 whatRodgeriinds mostengaging isthe

way human beings cope with conflict

and upheaval. His portrait of the aftermath oi a V2 bombing at Waterloo station is emblematic. A throng oi men,

their faces hidden in the collective

efiort, hold a person on a stretcher high

I above their heads. The wounded figure

appears to be looking beneath the

? blankets. A gutted bus is no more than

part of the landscape. It is the people

; and theirstrugglethatmatter.

Appalled by the professional cool

with which he chronicled the freeing of

I Bergen concentration camp, Rodger

' decided it was time to move on and so,

. in 1947, he helped Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson and others iound the photographers‘ co-operative Magnum.

Conveniently, Magnum was propelled


Watchimbri Girls photgraphed by Rodgerin Kigezi, Uganda (1948)

by the same thinking that animated Rodger’s war-time photography, namely the notion that the only way forward is to promote harmony among all people. Rodgerchose the Middle

East and Airica as his workshop.

Refreshingly, the 22 photographs upstairs depict no shrivelled Africans wilting irom starvation but, rather, vigorous people living colourful lives. Having spent weeks earning their trust, Rodger did not abuse it. This is an

admiring, sympathetic and moving

tribute to a dying way oi life. A picture

oi women, under a brooding sky,

' returning single-file from market is a

. powerful affirmation oi a strong and

imaginative culture. Though each

3 woman has her own shape and

garment, and each carries on her head _ a different object, togetherthey form a

silent, self-assured column.

Rodger’s obsession with human dignity is so compelling that his photographs have long since outgrown the supercilious texts (one spread was entitled Peaceful Savage) that

accompaniedtheirpublicationinthe 405 and 50s. Honesty is the source of

the his lasting allure. (Carl Honoré)


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