This section covers events not included elsewhere in the magazine, which are listed by category. then by date. All events will be listed, subject to space. provided thatdeiails reach our ottices at least seven days belore publication. All submissions should be accompanied by a contact telephone number tor our inlormation. Open Listings compiled by Sue Wilson.

FESTIVALS Saturday 15—Saturday 22

I OLD TOWN WEEK A wealth ol' ey'ents lor adults and children in and around lidinhur'gh's Old Town. including pipe hands. puppets. treasure hunts. talks.

exliihitionsaridguided \yalk's. ending ysith

a gala day andccilidli on Sat 33. Shopsin the area yy ill he open late throughout the

yy cck. Selected eyents listed heloyy '. tor lull details contact the ()1d ‘l'oyy'n 'l'rust. 335


ys cek. Various y enucs

Pipe bands Sun 10 and throughout the (ir'assmarket.

Royal Mile. Scandic ('royy n Hotel St tiai‘e: l _ . I plione335 SSlStordetails.

Folk Music and Dancing Sun to. (ir'assniarkei. 3.3tl— 3.3tlpm. ('log dancers and others.

Musical Instrument Exhibition and Workshops Sun Hi. all day . Venue uncontii'nied phone 335 8818. l-‘olk

; instruments t'rom around the yyorld.yy itli

T instruction on hodhran. tin yy histle.guitai' etc.

Guided Walks Mon l7--l-'ri 31.3pni and

; 9pm 'l'our'siriclude Magdalene(‘hapel

and lleriot School. the old policcsiation

and cells. the lion Kirk and the Signet

1_ihr'ai‘y Phone 335 SSlS lordetails. Talks Mon 17 iii 31 . Spin daily . (‘ity ('hamhers. l ligli Street. l.earn ahout the past. present and liitiir'e ot~ the ( )ldloyy n I Gala Day Sat33lioin11arn Beginning \y itli a procession doyyri the Royal Mile. tlieiiyyitli stalls. street entertainment and liye niusie hetyyceii the .\liiseuni oi ('liildliood and St Ann‘s ( ‘entic on the (’oyygate.

Thursday 20—Sunday 23


l' \hihition and 'l iadc(‘entie. lngliston. lickets hy post iioiii :\ccouittsl)cpt. Royal 1 ligliland and Agricultural Society ol Scotland. ladirihtiigli l‘..\llll‘llltlll and

'1 iade ( 'entre. lngliston. l'.tlilllllll't_'ll 1:1 l3.\ SNl'LIIckct into: 333 34-1-1. U LSr L3 Hi. l’r'i/c l|\ cstock. acloliattcs. sltccpylog trials. a lood tioin St otlarid' promotion. the latest in tar m machinery . an animal nursery pipe hands. liea\y hoiscsand much more at Scotland's premier iarrn and coiiiitiy cycnt.

Until Saturday 15

I SPRING FUND '91 l‘driihurgli's community tesliyal contrnuesysith theatre. music. esliihitioiistsec appropriate sectionsl and many other cycrits. including local gala days. l'oi more details contact the District ( ‘otincil Arts ()iitrcacli leaiii. 335 313-1 est (ioo5 (M35 Kite Street Fly-Int ll 11. \ltiiiliousc l-estiyal .-\ctiy itics ( 'eiitrc. \ltirrlioiisc Place \\ est »1 "pm. l rec llelpto lilltlie sky yytllt kllcS

Second Friday in 1-1. Assemhly Rooms. 5‘1

581 he List 14- 37.lunc l‘)‘)l

A Uri-run school in the Gaza Strip

Since the end at the Gull War, the already unenviable plight oi Palestinians in the Occupied Territories has worsened iurther, with increased harassment, a 24-hour curtew. titted only tor a couple oi hours every two days tor people to buy lood, worsening unemployment, and both conliscation ol land and demolition ol unlicensed housing stepped up. Randa Siniora, a worker with the West Bank human rights organisation aI-Haq who is currently on a tour of the UK, will be discussing these and other problems when she speaks at a dayschool on Palestine in Edinburgh. She is also hoping to generate support tor a new

humanitarian campaign. ‘lt's called Stop Separating Palestinian Families,‘ she explains. ‘Many lamilies were divided tollowing the 1967 war— spouses irom outside cannot get residential status, nor can children lrom these marriages. Applications tor reuniiication go through the military authorities, and the majority are turned down with no explanation.‘ She hopes that international pressure, including a letter-writing campaign, will persuade the israeli authorities to sotten their stance. ‘At the very least, we want the criteria tor lamily reuniiication to be made public, and tor applications to be judged on humanitarian ratherthan political grounds.‘ With a Middle East peace conterence seeming as remote a possibility as ever, smaller-scale initiatives like Randa's remain vital to keep the Palestinian issue in the public eye. (Sue Wilson)

Avoiding Double Standards: The Case For Palestine Atterthe Gull War, a dayschool organised by Scottish

. Friends oi Palestine, Saturday 22 June

(see listings tor details).

For details on the letter-writing campaign and other initiatives, contact SFoP at 163 Tillycairn Drive, Garthamlock, Glasgow, 774 2334.

(ic‘tii'gc Sli‘cet. «Spill. L: t {l l. lit tan

.\lc( ahc and othe r' local yy rite is read t'r'om

their yyoik. yyith music proy ided hy .lohnny

(‘r‘addcii InternationalWomenThroughthe Ages Sat 15. .‘\SSL‘l‘illTl_\ Rooms. 5-1 ( ieoi'ge Street lllam 4pm l'i'ee (‘ieclieayailahlc Drama storytelling hannci -makmg \yoiksliopeyamrning the siippiessioiiot yyomen‘s pots er across the ysoiitl throughout history (ligaiiised hy Sliakti \Nttlllc‘itS .‘\|Ll.


I Scottish Lesbian and Gay Pride ( ‘ontact: 1131 557 ton: l’rcnrcortealton l lill. lidinhtirgli at noon. Assemhle \Vater'loo Place at 3. 15pm tor march along Princes Street and the .‘ylouiitl ()thcr eyents in the alternooii at 5S'a and 1113 Broughton Street. l)t\c0 9pm late .it the \Vcc Rc‘tl Bar. .v\rt (ollcgc.l aur‘iston Place.


I Family Workshop: Dance torthe Rainlorest Royal isoiamet mitten. liiycileitli leriaee. l'tlrnhirigli Contact. .\lairs.i \lam. 553 “1 ‘1 e\t 45-1

11am 1pm {Ratliilt l_.:clilltl Lllltazriily leaiii the iliytliiitot the ;iingle \yitli dancer lr'aey llayykes


I Serene Retlection Meditation Retreat Salishiii'yt critic. .‘ Salislniry Road. l‘tlrnliiiigli (oiilatt R.t\\tlt‘ll(itititllL'l

I Yoga and Meditation Day Buddhist

oh" 553“. Sam 3pm. lzntr'y hy donation. led by a priest lr'orn 'l'lirossel llole Priory.

Thursday 20

I The Write Start Southside ( 'ommunity (critic. \ieliolsoii Street. lidinhurgh. on“ tLtS-l. lllarn noon. l~rce Weekly ci'eaiiy'e yyiitinggioiip. :\ll \yclcontc.

I Outing Scottish ( ~critre lorl cshrans. (rays and Bise\ii.ils. Biotighton Street. l'dirihiiigli \pm l-ree l'dirihuigh Bisesiial ( iiotipyyeekly ineeiiiig.toiiiglii discussing“ heihcr tamouspeoplcsliotild he iiioiiglii out oi their eloseis.


I Tai Chi and Personal Growth l illlllc‘atl Secondary School. ( )aktield .'\\c‘lltlL'. (ilasgoyy lmoaiid hookrngl arry Butler. 3“ ( 'ianyyortli Street. ( ilasgoyy . 334 .3511". Want 5pm tlStLl3l .-\ day ior‘ taiclii students yy lio are interested in the practice as a path oi personal dey elopmcnt

I The Case tor Palestine Aiterthe GutiWar l(i\\1 ottiecs. l3 ( 'laremorit ( ‘resceiit. l‘tlllll‘tilg’li (’ontact; Seottrsli l~rrendsol Palestine. 1141 "3-1 3334. registration. l)oiiiia \lcls'mnon. 15‘) l)alkcitli Road. l‘tlttll‘tlttlll lilam -lpin. L4tL3lrricltiding liiiieli .-\ dayschool on the Palestinian question. ys iili key note speaker Randa Siniora, a \\ est Bank litinianiights \yor'kei See panel

I Open Day Salishiiry Centre. 3Sa|ishury Road. l‘tlllll‘tllgll. no“ 543“

11 3ll,itll «1pm (‘elehiatirigilieceritre's eighteenth hiitliday . ys itli deriioristrations. toodaiiddririks


. lidinhurgh. Ham. Contact; llarry

Centre. 33‘) Sauchiehall Street. (ilasgoyy.

f 33311534.lllarn.£18(£l5).

. I Garden Party 77 Alhert Road.

(ioyanhill.(ilasgoyy.('ontact:3ll41443. £3.5(l(£1.5tl). l.iy''

entertainment. food and drink.organised

by Scottish Medical Aid for Palestinians. I Yoga Day Salishury Centre. 3 Salishur'y

? Road. Lidinhurgh. ('ontact: 1an(iray 55h (i939. ltlarn 5pm. Llht£l3l Yogziaritl

meditation tor those vyiili .sorne

1 experience.



I Sailing back in Time t-‘orih and ( ‘Iy-tte (‘anal Community Project. (ilasgoyy . lrito and hooking Raymond Weir 33301 15. £1.51). A iripdoyy'n memory lane iothe days oi pleasure steamers on the canal. including a sail lr‘om .»\uclienstarry and lunch in Kirkiniilloch.


I World Wildtile Fund Sponsored Cycle Ride 1

Leaves lrorn the Albert hall. Stirling (5ll-milc circular ride). lnt’o and sponsor forms t'rom Jane .‘ylilligan ()3! 4495509. Money raised will help conservation



I Scottish Open Canal Jump lidinhurgli

E (‘anal (‘entre. Ratho. .‘ylidlothian. , Contact: Patsy Kcnnytl3l 333 13311 1351. ; 3pm. Your chance tocrossthe canal on an

lts‘lt pole and raise money tor charity

(entry lornis irorn ahoy e address) or watch

others make the attempt.


I Edinburgh-St Andrews Charity Bike Ride liilo and sponsor torms trom 1.1iPR.-\tl3l 557 11113. in aidot leprosy reliet. “hit a luggage y an. a repair cr‘eyy along the route. a cerlidli in St Andre“ sand transport hack.


I Photo Library Project lxdinhur gh l'neniployed \Vorker‘s' ('entre. 1H3 Brougliton Street. l‘tlllllltlt'gll. 55711" 18 lprn. liiee. Despite recent closure threats the centre is going strong. and a photo lrhiary is heing dey elopcd as a eoinnitiriiiy resource; anyone interested in getting

my oh ed is yyelcomc at the yyeekly lllk'c‘lll‘tg's

IWalkstorWomen steer llermitageol

Braid Visitor ( 'entre. oti Braid Road.

lzdinhiirgh. ('ontaci: ('oiiiitryside Ranger Seiyrce 447 7145. L1 (511p). l‘ree creche ayailahle. Hermitage Herbal Hi 14.

9.311 ll 3t lam. l)tseoy er the itsesol eyeiyday plants. Forest Folklore \Ved3h. 13.3” 3.3tlpm. learn some storiesot'the truest.

I The Bike BUS 1 cm es Way erlcy Bridge.

llenniker 33‘) h374; tickets trorn ltdinhiirgh Bicycle. Alyariley ’l'erraceor on the hus lady ance hookingady isahle ). l‘he rninihus and hike-car ry'ing trailer tray cl to Tatla Water and Snoot in the Borders Sat 15 Sun to. then areinyoly'ed in the charity hike ride on Sat 33(see ahoyel.