I Rave on. . . Despite the tragic death ofWilI Sinnott. Scotland‘s finest dance exponents The Shamen look set to continue with their planned allnighter at Falkirk Coasters Sports Arena on 10 August. Organised in conjunction with Edinburgh‘s Pure. special guests at the event include. as well as [Ms from that club. Orbital and Cabaret Voltaire. Founder Shaman (‘olin Angus. meanwhile. surprised ravers at Perth‘s phenomenally successful Rhumba Club last Friday by turning up and playing a short three-track set— less than a week after his partner's funeral. The , show must go on . . . I Rave on and on . . . As the club scene steadily progresses towards mainstream popularity. its protagonists necessarily get younger and younger. Or so you would think. But this is not the case. Step forward Rosie. the raving granny. As seen on Jonathan Ross‘ Last Resort. this 67-year-old self-proclaimed ‘Oueen Of (‘Iubs' has abandoned more usual OAP pastimes in favour ofdancingthe night away. gaining column inches galore for her exploits. Latest venture is Rosie‘s Rave Line. a telephone ‘service' which for a mere 34p per minute cheap rate (45p per minute all other times) allows you to listen to the woman in question warbling on at great length about all the parties she's been invited to. the j interviews she's been i asked to do. etc. etc. At 1 I

only 90p per fortnight The L6! seems to me a better way of finding out what clubs are on in your area.

but anyone interested in j the gambolling granny should call 0839 700770. I have oil . . . Scotland's biggest ever dance

festival. planned for Ayr Racecourse on 7 July. is

now definitely cancelled

due to problems with the Home Office. Organised

by the Streetrave posse.

the event for 10,000 was to I have been an extravaganza of dance and indie-dance music, I featuring live sets by the f likes of Gary Clail. St


l m

Regular weekly clubs plus one-oll events are

listed by city. then by day. then alphabetically by title. Clubs will be listed. provided that up-to-date details reach our

oliices at least seven days before

publication. Clubs Listings compiled by Avril

Hair and Andrea Baxter.



I Crash at the ('otton Club.

I lpm--3.30am. £3 (£2 with matric card). Now officially completely unpretentious. Iong-runningand w ell-respected indie crossover dance groove night with a loyal crowd and some big plans for the coming months.

I Devotion at the Art School. ‘).30pm-~2am. £1 .50 (£1 students). ‘Student music'. soul and house. apparently. so there you go. And drinks promos.

I Earth at Rain. 375 Sauchiehall Street.

1 1pm 311111. £3.50 (£2 with matriecard). Rare grooy e. soul and bass dance night building tip quite a following. with [Us Nick Peacock and l Iarri. Watch out for drinks promos.

I Freak Out at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge ). l lpm—- 3am. Sw inging (ills and laid-back 70s rock. pop and dance.

I Icon at the Sub Club. I 1pm 3.30am. £3.50. The Siam boys manage to fit in the ever-popular Icon between all their other commitments. playing the latest house and dance to the trendy with big-name guests.

I The Network 10.30pm 2.30am. £3 (£2 before l 1.30pm). l300capacity new'club aiming to cheer up the club scene in Paisley. Phone (‘onnie on 8480828. Mondays after noon. for details ofcoaches running between Paisley and Glasgow“.

I P G-T at (ilasgow School of Art. l0pm--2.30am. £2(£l ). I4Jun only; aftera successful debut three weeks ago. P (i-T returns with its eclectic mix of anything from 70s funk to contemporary rap sounds. Plus projections. 8mm visuals. and a li\ e funk set from The Funkollective. 'A seamless onslaught on live and vinyl'. they promise;undoubtedly a seriously danceable experience.

I Radio City at the Mayfair ((‘ameo Suite). 10pm -2,30am. £2. Sixtiesroek merging surprisingly well w ith 00s ray c. with the odd dance record thrown in too.

I Rumble at .loe Paparazzi.

llpm—3.30am. £3.50(£I .50student ). The only problem with Rumble is that it's so dark. so big and so popular that ifyou'rc hoping to see friends there you really have to arrange it w ell in advance. Personally . I wish they wouldn‘t inflict full half-hoursof bleep-bleep-tw iddle on Us. but those cavernoUs green shapes the lasers throw up keep boredom at bay . See you on the stairs at half-past one.

I Shag at Fury Murry ‘s, llpm late. £3. Fnjoyable mish-mash of indie-dance. pop. classic chart hits and silly singalongs. Plus free chocolate.

I Smile at Holly wood Studio 3. llpm-»3.30am. £2.50. l.ate ()IIS. mid Stis and modern indie is the recipe for thisnew

j Saturdays

regular night whose real name is slightly too difficult for this word processor. Starts

9pm—2am. £1 .50. Students and guests only. New look to Level 8. with DJ-about-town Tam Coy'le dishing out his usual enjoyable indie-dance sensations for the studes. level 4 remains its usual sub-Sub (‘Iub self.

2] mm 5 IAtlantism the Sub(‘lub. llpm 3.30am. I Temmation m Strum“) dc Lin“ um.» i £6. I louse and techno sounds in an ; underwateratmosphere » stillcrowdcd.

still trendy. but note the price increase. I Bliss at Rain. 375 Sauchiehall Street. llpm—late. £4 (£2 student). Dance grooves with Larz and Flash. mostly upfront and house. Watch out for drinks

. . . . . i I Tlme Warp Rock Club at I he Venue. l pmmm‘ , . _ . , i lllpni—late. £2.50 (£6 for weekend ticket ). t chm Elass'cs at ('luw‘m} {mm m" ( Thu.“ amenable to requests. but ; linion. ).30pm 1.30am. £_. Studentsand j

' guests only . '

basically it's a mixture of rock. metal. thrash. punk. goth and ‘good indie sounds‘ rather than heavier stuff. ie you can probably dance to it as well as nod your head a lot. All drinks£l.

IThe Tunnel llpm—3.30am. £4. Rap. house. techno and dance music in well-trendy atmosphere goggle at the lack of clothes taste and try to guess just how much those skimpy little shorts cost. I could do without the cavortings ofthose ‘dancers' on pillars. though. Meanwhile in the smaller room. a more soulful atmosphere prevails.

I Detect at Fury Murry 's. I 1pm late. i £3.50. Dance music and Slls pop for the I medium-hip student types I Divine at the Art School. llpm -2am £2. 1 Deee-groovy (ills pop and indie faves ot a i psychedelic persuasion‘ clothesand ' complexions spotty. but music coherently I good. I i I l

I Dream sequence at Rooftops (Secrets lounge). 10.30pm- 2.30am. £2. A good selection of indie dance fay es in congenial atmosphere night.

I Heller Skelter at the Mayfair. I l0pm- 2.30am. £2. Sixties rock. mod I sounds. psychedelic trips: that‘s that I lIeltchkelterfeeling. lThe Network 10.30pm 2.30am. £3. 1 I'pfront dancchi Paisley. I I Time Warp Rock Club at The Venue. 10pm~latc. £2.50. More (ills and 70s rock along the lines of Friday night.

lThe Tunnel I lpm- late. £7. Biguplront dance night that pulls in the crowdss go on. you try to fight your way to the bar. More ()IIS grooves in Room 2. 15 Jun only ; 'I‘w'o Much PA. and Pete Ing of Radio I as guest DJ '. 22 .lun only: I)-tech.

I Wild at the Cotton (’lub. llpm- 3.30am. £4 (£3 with flyer). Radio ('lyde‘s (ieorge Bowie play s dance music and good time

could fill a gap on aSaturday '

I The Alhambra 8pm midnight. Free

I Bennet's 1 Mini-5.30m“. £2.50.

I Cathouse at Ilolly wood Studios. llpm-3.30am. £2.50 (£1 .50 with lit'kcl ). Rock club.

I Cleopatra‘s 10.30pm 2.30am. £3.

I Follies 10.30pm--3.30am. £3.50(£l before 11.30pm).

I Hard Rock Caiie at the Venue. 10pm until late. £3.50.

I Panic at (ilasgow ('ollcgc Student linion. 9pm—2am. Free. Studentsand guests only.

I Rattles 10.30pm 3am. £3.

I Savoy l lpm—3.30am. £4.

IStomp at Mardi (iras. 10.30pm -3 30am.

UN)” . _ party mUsic which soundspretty :3ng8“ at ( hm ’XCh‘mgc' I le I‘ll“- ominoUs to me with theoccasional

company of fire-eaters or singingtramps.








l0.30PM TIL LATE £3.00



SOL £l.00

I0.30PM TIL LATE £2.00



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