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were nonsense, did nothing to deflect the analysis. '

The question of how four, on the face of it ordinary individuals could produce such extraordinary music was as intriguing as it was pertinent. As obvious as it may seem, it is their very American-ness that sets them apart from their British counterparts. Brought up on a second-hand diet of Brit-punk and New Wave, they firmly believe unlike their jaded British cousins, unless you count the Manic Street Preachers that rock music can still be rebellious, can still be cool. That they look like goofy high school nerds can only be an advantage. In a telling interview with Melody Maker‘s Jon Wilde, on the eve of the release of last year‘s Bossanova album. Kim Deal revealed. ‘When you listen to good rock ‘n‘ roll you wanna feel fucking dirty afterwards. You should feel so dirty you have to take a shower.‘ Consequently, the basis ofThe Pixies seems somehow to be an amalgamation ofthe spirit ofThe Stooges and an unplanned sense ofthe absurd, something Charles explains in a way Bill

Forsyth could never have anticipated.

‘Did you ever see a movie. a Scottish movie called That Sinking Feeling? I‘ve seen that movie twice. now that‘s a funny movie. I don‘t know what it is, it’s extremely tacky or something. I guess it‘s what we would call cornball. Groany humour. every time a punchline comes it‘s like “l leeere it comes!“ We‘re sort oflike that.’

Such goofiness is set to continue with the release, in the autumn. of 'I‘rompe Le Mom/e which will take the sci-fi imagery hinted at on [3().S‘.S‘(m()l‘(l to its logical extreme. but. contrary to popular opinion. will not be a heavy metal album (‘That’s a rumour that got out . . . started by me.‘). Again. like Doolittle and Bossanova. the album has been produced by Gil Norton and with keyboard contributions courtesy of Eric Feldman who has worked with both Captain Beefheart and Pere Ubu looks set to be the musical step forward that Bos‘swzova never was. Unlikeliest ofall is the inclusion of a cover of The Jesus And Mary Chain‘s ‘I lead On‘. No doubt. when the end-of-year polls arrive. The Pixies will 3 find themselves in their usual position: f topping everything in sight. A final word of

warning though for anyone attempting to make sense ofthe Pixies chaos: ‘I think that there is a conception at all is the greatest misconception. I‘m not denying people's privilege to fill blank pages with words about rock music because ifl wasn‘t doing \\ hat I am. I‘d probably be doing that .’ l The Pixies play Glasgow 5121 '( on 2/ June.

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