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We reckon that Burton Ale makes such a line pint (winner at CAMRA’s coveted Champion Beer oi Great Britain Award) that it’d be the only decent way to toast The List’s 150th-issue birthday. To this end, we’ve ordered probably the biggest round to be seen in any Glasgow bar until at least our 200th issue!

It you take this corner at the Competition Page to either BLACKFRIARS,

chappies atThe List have ,l. turned out to be,this pint ' oi Burton’s is absolutely w; =5”- spitting!

r '1. ’l/i/ '. 45 Albion Street, Merchant City, orthe BREWEBY TAP, 1055 Sauchiehall - // 7' Street, and hand it eagerly to whoever’s serving, you can claim a pint ot 1 A //// Burton’s Ale toryourselt and, ityou’re with a triend, a pint tor them as 7/. \ well, while stocks last. There are 150 birthday pints available in each ~ (11:, 1 t bar! it

The otter runs trom Friday 14 June until you’ve drunk the bars dry oitheir

respective 150 pints. You must be over18 and the managers’ discretion

in serving anyone is reserved. One copy oi The List is valid tor one pint ot Burton’s Ale, ortor two pints it you are with a triend.

. AA

Damn right, my man, and yours

. . . ! Is the next round! Hapnvdrmkmg



Edinburgh’s Odeon Cinema, Clerk Street, is joining in The List’s 150th issue birthday bonanza, by giving tree entry to 150 readers to see the latest New York cop thriller State at Grace (18)!

Set among the Irish community ot Hell‘s Kitchen, it stars Sean Penn as Terry Noonan, a tormer streetkid, now working undercover tor the NYPD. His unexpected return to his old neighborhood arouses some suspicion, but he’s soon up to his neck in the extortion racket ‘i " run by his old buddyJackie (Gat Oldman) and Jackie’s brother Frankie (Ed Harris). When he talls tortheir sister Kat ‘~en (Robin Wright), he tinds himselt in the grips ota dz. ierous contlictotloyalties.

List readers can claim a pair at tickets to see State at Grace on Mondayto Thursdays only, subjectto availability. Simply take this corner ot the Competition Page to the Odeon Cinema Box Oiiice and the tirst 75 readers will pick up two tickets each.

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entering are clearly marked on the outside.

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away - they did. tn tact, have two Popular. but wrong. The singer's name respectively), were Chris Cook and E enter. The decision olthe competitions drummers each. Winners olthetop is Andrew. Apairoiticketsto see Gordon McGregor(both Edinburgh). ) oditorlstlnal.Winnerswlllbe notified by pricetlckets to see Gary GlitterinA Roachtord live plusa copy othis latest Thetwo wona pairoitickets to see Paul POS'O'PMM- "W9 a" "0"“

Slice ol Saturday Night at the i album, were won by W. Grant i Simon live in Glasgow. A "WWW" "'° ""1" °"°'°d' t

90'] he thi M 27.lunc 19‘)!