preparing: let’s say. when I did The American Friend with Wenders. that character had a job a picture framer so that I really learnt. I spent some time learning that. but not to the extent of De Niro boxing. I adore that. but it never happened to me.‘

The shooting has just finished. and Prague should be ready for the Venice film festival in September with a general release planned for the late Autumn. Whatever the critical reception. Sellar and Young will remain strong forces in a sadly diminishing Scottish film world. Chris Young asserts: ‘I want to tell stories; what interests me are stories. I‘m

Bonnaire on the upheaval the country is currently going through. Working in English for the first time adds an extra problem and is further proof. if any was needed. of the deeply cosmopolitan nature of the whole project. ‘It was difficult at first because it‘s not a Latin language so I had a big complex in the beginning. I think maybe it becomes easier because since it is not my language all mistakes are allowed and that‘s good for the character. . . She‘s a little lunatic and I like that.‘

While Bonnaire currently the hottest star property of French cinema and at only 24 already veteran ofeighteen films— is

breaking new ground by working in English Alan Cumming . a sucker for a good story. What I love about for the first time. her co-star Alan Cumming back treading the boards with Forbes l the thes is that Uhhke th hte Where we are is experiencing his screen debut. Masson as Victor and Barry. who will be S coping With People YOU eith‘t temhgththgs Well-known in Scotland as halfofthe appearing at the Assembly Rooms as part of YOU etih‘t Change 01' make httPPeh Shghtl)’ comedy duo. ‘Victor and Barry‘. cover stars the Edinburgh Festival. j hettefi films are thhdertUl heeituse YOU can ofthis magazine far back as 1987 and Bruno Ganz. the other lead in the film. ' d0 thatl tt is for me the meet Pewettttl We)" 0t recently dominating our TV screens in the also combines stage and screen careers. telling a Stet)" heeause YOU have get them 1“ electricity privatisation campaign. Alan Veteran of a clutch ofWim Wenders 21 dark teeth and they eith‘t thtettUPt - - -‘ Cumming may still be regarded as an homage-to-America movies. as well as Whatevereesmel’ehttth i‘mhtt'ehs Young ‘unknown’ internationally but this is not David Hare’s Strapless. he has just signed up may harbour in the long tetth‘ he heS Clearly likely to remain the position for much for a two year contract with the Berlin 'hO thtehtteh 0t tetgettthg h”. SeetttSh met-‘- longer. Just before leaving for Prague. he Schaubuhn. Ganz apparently learned AS 800“ 215 the final reel W35 1“ the ea“ he received the Olivier Award for the best English from Dennis Hopper on the set of . W215 eehteht t0 Swap the mlhhg hills 0t Comedy performance ofthe year in Wenders‘ The American Friend. The i Central EUFOPe for the equally Speetanlaf Accidental Death ofan Anarchist. having Swiss-born actor was attracted to the script 1 West coast 0t Seetlimd and 'd teW well-earned narrowly missed another award two of Prague because he liked the story and the day-5 away hem the hmehght- The

years ago for his part in the acclaimed I wit. ‘You know in Germany what you i FtlZZamatttZZ SUthtee ghttet Of the ttlm world Traverse production of The Conquest ofthe usually get is not so witty.‘ he says. ‘Even 1 seems t0 held he Sheetal appeal he was South Pole. While now in an enviable % comedies are somehow clumsy. very heavy planning to spend his holiday six hours walk position to pick and choose stage roles. his and I don‘t like it.‘ Ganz is philosophical “Om the heme-5t heuse~ Camping (“It in it

determined career moveinto films. No ‘I’m thinking aboutthe character. Thinking . doubt Hollywood may beckon in time. but about the Czech character. about the history Prague 1-" (thefmge’lem/ release later this for the next few months Cumming will be ; ofthis country. things like that. It‘s a kind of year-

part in Prague represents the start ofa about the preparation needed for his role. femOte eaVe 0“ JUF'd.

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