Star summit

All four members of the quartet

featuring pianist Herbie Hancock, saxophonist Wayne Shorter, bassman Stanley Clarke and drummer Omar Hakim receive a very careful equal billing, belitting the standing which each has attained in the jazz and lusion


li Omar Hakim is the least vaunted oi the tour, pianist Hancock and saxophonist Shorter stand a little i above theircompanions, regardless of how determinediy egalitarian they pitch their publicity. Shorter has played in Scotland on a couple of occasions in recent times. but the visit at Hancock is

a considerably rarer event.

The parallels in their careers, Irom hard bop through to ‘Hound Mldnlght', are drawn out in the Festival's brochure, but Hancock has lound a comlortable nlche lor himseli in Hollywood. Apart irom his sterling Oscar-winning work on the Tavernler Iiim, Hancock has contributed scores to Dennis Hopper’s ‘Colors' and Eddie : Murphy’s ‘Harlem Nights’. His ability to cross back and lorward irom jazz to lunk to pop registers remains


‘I made a big decision in 1973. I came to a realisation about myseli. I’m the kind ot guy who had always preached about equality in music, and that you shouldn’t put one type at music over

Omar and Herbie and Stanley and Wayne

‘At the same time, Icame to a realisation that In practice l was lust as bad as the people I had been condemning. When I was a kid, I listened to lunk and BBB, but thenl moved away from II when i saw that the

_ coolest kids in school were all listening to jazz. i became a kind of jazz snob, 3 and It took a conscious decision at that

i point that i wanted to go out and try all

another, that music is not a sport, and i idiom cannot be the measure ol good or : Hancock, Shorter, Clarke and Hakim

had, only the works within that idiom.

; these otherthings, whateverthe

§ consequences. lstlil believe, though,

1 that I could not have done all the other 3 things ii I didn't have that foundation in ' iazz.’ (Joe Alexander)

3 play at the Concert Hall on Monday 1.

7.30pm. £8(£6). lfthc idea ofa fusion band scemsa little retroin 1991 . saxophonist Andy Sheppard's version ofthe genre turns out to be a highly individual. very improvisatory. and extremelyexciting one. This is a genuine jazz unit with funk overtones. and gives plenty of space to Andy and trumpeter Claude Dcppa to dotheir stuff. while the rhythm section ofthe much undervalued Steve Lodder on synths. ex-Simply Red bassman Sylvan Richardson. and drummer Dave Adams. leaves nothing to be desired.

I Martin Taylor Trio Late Night Club at Tramway. llpm. £5 (£3). The Ayr-based guitarist released his best-ever album. 0011'! Fret. earlier

this year. and is arguably ' playing more creatively now than at any time in his

career. The rhythm

section features two of

Scotland‘s best voun - a 1 players. bassman Brian

Shiels and drummerJohn Rae.

I The Famous Grouse Riverboat Shuttle PS. Waverley. Sails 7.30pm. £12. Tonight's bands are George Ogilvie‘s Dixielanders. Alex [)alglcish All-Stars. and Criterion Jazz Band.

I The Cotton Club Theatre

Royal. 7.15pm. £3.50—£15.See Monday 1.


I David Sanborn Royal i Concert Hall. 8pm. £20.

£15. £10. £5. Sanborn has

1 had a chequered career in

electric music. but is now

turning his hand to

acoustic jazz. with a fearsomely good band to

I prove it. featuring pianist , Kenny Kirkland.Don


? percussion.another

ex-Miles Davis regular in drummer Al Foster, and. in a change tothe

advertisedline-up which

must be seen as something ofa bonus. Charnett

Moffett on bass. See


l I Strathciyde Youth Jazz Orchestra & Arturo Sandoval Group Tramway.

7.30pm. £8 (£6). The annual concert pairing SYJO. underthe leadership of Bobby Wishart. with the

Composer in Residence

22 The List 28 June l 1 July 1991

takes a slightlydifferent twist this year. since there is no Composer. Instead. Arturo Sandoval has been designated Artist in Residence. and will work with the band and with his own group. See Preview. I Tarn White and Friends Late Night Club at Tramway. llpm. £5 (£3). The gravel-voiced Edinburgh bluesman has been spending most ofhis

time working with his London-based eight-piece over the last year or so, but gets a chance to vary things a little in this slot.

I The Cotton Club Theatre Royal. 7.15pm. £3.50—£15.See Monday 1.


I Mlchei Petrucclanl Tramway. 7.30pm. £8 (£6). The remarkable French pianist makes his long-overdue Scottish debut. When praising his achievements, it is impossible not to allude to the extreme physical disability which he has so successfully overcome. but his music stands up by itself without any need for special pleading. although lam not as taken with his more recent electronic outfits as with earlier acoustic jazz settings. His band includes Adam llolzmann on synthesizers. Andy McKee on electric bass. and drummer Victor Jones.

I Tam White and Friends Late Night Club at Tramway. 11pm. £5 (£3). sec Saturday 6.

I Tam White and Fraser Splers Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 2pm. Free. A warm-up for the singer‘s late night slot (see above). combining Tam‘s inimitable vocals with Fraser's equally celebrated moothic.




Sessions are free and start at 8pm unless otherwise stated.

I CARNEGIES Cambridge Street.

; Fri 28 Francis Cowan Quanet Fri 29 Sophie Bancroft


Sun 30 EH15.

Fri 5 Spike Wright’s Eclectic Trio.

Sat 6 EH15.

I CASKIES St Vincent Street.

: Sun 30 Stewart Forbes


E Mon 1 John Burgess Trio.

Tue 2 George McKay Band 7 m.

I CURLERS Byres Road. Fri 28 Ronnie Rae Project. Sat 29 Zanshln.

Mon 1 Bobby Deans. Thurs 4 John Goldie Quanet

Fri 5 Alter Eight Mince. Sat 6 Bobby Deans 2pm and Gordon Cruickshank Quintet.

I DRUMMONDS West Regent Street.

Sun 30 Trish James Trio. Mon 1 Francis Cowan Duo. Tue 2 Ain't Gotta Scooble. Wed 3 George McKay. Thurs 4 Jeanette Burns. I FOUGUETS chfield Street.

.Sun 30 Francis Cowan


Mon 1 George Penman's Jazzmen.

Tue 2 The Roadrockets. Wed 3 Perdldo.


Sat 29 ViktorBorllov Quartet 8.30pm.

Mon 1 Bobby Wlshart Quartet.

Wed 3 Kevin McKenzie Trlo 8.30pm.

Thurs 4 John Burgess Trio 8.30pm.

Sat 6Jetl FreednerQuartet



Mon 1 George McKay Band. Tue 2 Atlantic Bridge. Wed 3 EH15.

I LAUDEHS Sauchichall Street.

Fri 28 Michael Deans Quartet.

Sat 29 Dougie Campbell Quartet.

Sun 30 Picante 2pm and Gordon Cruickshank Quintet.

Mon 1 Atlantic Bridge featuring Joe Locke.

Tue 2 Jimmy Feighan Quintet.

Wed 3 Clyde Rhythm Group.

Fri 5 Flonna Duncan's Hot Five.

Sat 6 Perdido.

Sun 7 Stewart Forbes 2pm. I LORNE HOTEL Sauchichall Street.

Fri 28 Gerry Culley Trio 10.30pm.

Sat 29 Gerry Culley Trio

I 10.30pm.

Sun 30 Gerry CulleyTrio 10.30pm.

Tue 2 Gerry Culley Trio 10.30pm. Also Viktor Boriiov Quartet 10.30pm. Wed 3 Gerry Culley Trio 10.30pm.

Thurs 4 Gerry Culley Trio 10.30pm.

Fri 5 Gerry Culley Trio 10.30pm.

Sat oGerry CulleyTrio 10.30pm.

I NAPOLEONS Merrylee Road.

Mon 1 Michael Deans Trio. Tue 2 Nigel Clark and Dominic Ashworth.

Wed 3 Ronnie Baker Quartet.

Thurs 4 Linda Fletcher Quartet.

I NICO'S Sauchichall Street.

Fri 2810pm. Encontras and Club Sandlno.

Sun 30 The Duke Bllss Trio. Mon 1 Cianclo.

Tue 2 John Goldie/Andy Mitchell.

Wed 3 The Wasp Factory. Thurs 4 Francis Cowan Duo.


Sun 30 George McKay and Matt Jenkins.

Mon 1 Trish James Trio. Tue 2 Le Jazz Hot. Thurs4 Don Martyn Quartet.

I RICHARD'S BASEMENT West Regent Street. Mon 1 The Wasp Factory. Tue 2 Jazz Jam Session. Thurs 4 Kevin McKenzie Trio.

Sat 6George McKay and MattJenklns.

ITHE ROCK Hyndland Road.

Sat 29 Nigel Clark Quartet 3pm.

Wed 3 Ronnie Rae Project 8.30pm.

I ROSS'S Mitchell Street. Mon 1 EH15.

Tue 2 Dougie Campbell Trio.

Wed 3 Jimmy Feighan Quintet.


All tickets are available irom:

I The Ticket Centre Candleriggs. 0-11 227 5511. Mon—Sat 10.30am—6.30pm (lines open Mon—Sat 9am-9pm ).

I Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Buchanan Street.ll~il 332 3123. Box office and phone lines Mon—Sat 9am—9pm: Sun noon—9pm.

I All Ticketlink outlets.


Concessions will be available to students. L'B40 holders and OAPs. on production of photographic proof of statUs. for events listing a concession price in


I SHENANIGANS Sauchichall Street. Sun 3oZanshin Thurs-4 Bobby Wishart Quintet.

Sun 7 Ciancio 2pm.


Fri 28 Fri 5 Late NightJazz Session with Sandy Taylor Quartet. 9.30pm” lam. £2. Sat 29 Society Session 2.30pm. George Penman's Jazzmen Spm. £3.

Sun 3oTim Barella Big Band 2.30pm. Gregor Clark Quartets‘pm.

Mon lChick Lyail Quartet. The 2 Savourna Stevenson Trio.

Wed 3 Roy WilliamS/Dick Morrissey with the John Patrick Trio.

Fri 5 Late NighlSession with Sandy TaylorQuartet. Sat 6 Society Session 2.30pm.

I THE TOBY JUG Waterloo Street.

Sat 29 Le Jazz Hot.

Tue 2 Michael Deans. Wed 3 Don Martyn Quartet. ThursJAboutTlme.

Sat 6 Bill Wells Quartet.


Fri 28 Oppenheimer’s Hat 10pm.

Sat 29 EH15 10pm.

Sun 30 Spike’s Band 10pm. Mon 1 Bill Wells Band 10pm.

Tue 2 Chick Lyali Quartet 10pm.

Wed 3 The Spunkies lllpm. Thurs 4 Nigel Clark Quartet 10pm.

Fri 5 Jeri Freednerouartet 10pm.

Sat 6 Ronnie Rae Project 10pm.

I WOLBIRN‘SWHARF Ferry Road. Yokcr.

Fri 28 ViktorBorllov Quanet

Sat 29 Gregor Clark Quartet. Wed 3 Bobby Wlshart Quartet and Ciancio. Thurs 4 Spike‘s Band.

Fri 5 Nigel Clark Quartet. Sun 7 Ronnie BakerQuartet 20m.


Disabled Access

Most venues have facilities for disabled people; please contact the venue direct for details.


Telephone numbers are for information only: see above for ticket sales numbers.

I Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Buchanan Street. 332 6633.

I Theatre Royal 1 lope Street, 332 Willi).

I Tramway 25 Albert Drive. 422 2023.

I P.S. Waverley Anderston ()uay.

I Princes Square Buchanan Street.

I Glasgow Society ot Musicians 73 Berkeley

Street. J