Lev. 93 mins. Musical spoof of Prohibition-era gangster films. with an all-child cast. Family entertainment pure and simple. and a true original with it. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride.

I Cinderella (U) (Wilfred Jackson/Hamilton Luske/ Clyde Geronimi. USA. 1949) With the voices of Ilene Woods. Eleanor Audley. Verna Felton. William Phipps. 75 mins. iThe

most popular fairy tales makes for a welcome school holidays re-release. Treated as little more than a slave by her cruel stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella‘s life is transformed when her Fairy Godmother grants her three wishes. She heads off to the royal palace in a

the minutes towards midnight are ticking away. Magical animation and fun songs make for a film to be enjoyed over and over again. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Central: Allanpark. Caledonian. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride. WMR Film Centre.

I Class Action ( 15) (Michael Apted. US. 1990) Gene Hackman. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Joanna Merlin. Colin Friels. Jonathan Silverman. 109 mins. Liberal daddy lawyer (Hackman) and careerist daughter lawyer (Mastrantonio) find themselves on Opposite sides in a litigation case involving an automobile manufacturer who is producing a model known to be unsafe. Family loyalties and moral dilemmas play out as a heated courtroom drama that struggles to raise its head above its TV Movie OfThe Week formula. despite a particularly engaging performance by Hackman. Glasgow: Odeon. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride. I Crimes and Misdemeanours (15) (Woody Allen. US. 1989) Martin Landau. Anjelica Huston. Woody Allen. Alan Alda. 104 mins. Two stories are interwoven in this accomplished Allen offering which effortlessly blends the Big Questions side of his art with the one-line wit we‘ve taken for granted from him. In the first strand, opthalmologist Martin Landau has a hit man bump offhis unsettled mistress lest she alert his wife of their affair. while the second thread has worthy documentary filmmaker Allen clashing with smug media tycoon Aida. The two narratives work towards a wise affirmation of life‘s impenetrable moral complexities. Glasgow: GF'I‘.

I Dances With Wolves ( 12) (Kevin Costner. US. 199(1) Kevin Costner. Mary McDonnell. Graham Greene. Rodney Grant. 179 mins. Costner's debut as

stars. has already been widely praised for its epic scale and its sympathetic depiction of Red Indian culture in the 1860. ltwon seven Oscars including Best Film and Best Director. with no less than twelve nominations. Set at a remote outpost duringthe American Civil War. a timeof violent struggle between pioneering Yankees and Sioux Indians. it offers a sensitive and intense analysis ofboth

different cultures. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Dominion. UCI.

I December Bride (PG) (Thaddeus O‘Sullivan. Eire. 1990) Donal McCann. Saskia Reeves. Ciaran Hinds. Patrick Malahide. 90mins. Highly unusual romantic drama set in rural Northern Ireland at the turn of the century. Reeves plays a woman with two lovers. who happen to be brothers. Despite all social pressures. the three maintain a stable menage. but conflict is inevitable. Slow but beautifully shot on bleak location. this is a unique and absorbing feature debut for ()‘Sullivan. Glasgow: GI’T.

I Despair(15) (Rainer Werner

classic Disney version of one of the world’s

pumpkin coach pulled by mice-horses. but f

director and co-producer. in which he also

factions. and of a man caught between two '


The Adventures Of Milo And Dtis (U) (Masanori Hata, Japan, 1990) A cat, a dog, a bear, several chickens and the voice of Dudley Moore. 80 mins. A smash hit in Japan, its country of origin, where it ranks closely behind ET as the third highest grossing film of all time, The Adventures 01 Milo And Otis tells a simple tale of the friendship between a mischievous cat and a pug-nosed pup.

As narrated by Dudley Moore in his best Jackanory voice, the story follows the lives of the two companions from their early days on the farm, through a series of adventures with other animals, and on to the joys and tribulations of parenthood itself. Although at times it verges on becoming an 80 min-long Andrex commercial orthe visual equivalent of one of those sickening calenders showing kittens playing with a ball of wool, the film is perfect fodder for

: Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Cannon, UCI. i Central:Allanpark, Caledonian, Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon,

anyone who can‘t help but say ‘Awww’

when faced with a Noah's Ark-full of 1

baby animals.

Weak though the plot may be some episodes seem to be less the result of a pre-ordained screenplay than the cobbling together of a story around the ad lib antics of the stars - once the big adventure finally gets underway, there is at least some sense of narrative and visual variety. And the ‘coming of age’

section will be a mild reward torthe parents who have endured about an hour of this cuter-than-cute school holiday filler. But please, please— let this be the last variation on the buddy movie. (Alan Morrison)

From Fri 28 June. Glasgow: Cannon the Forge, Cannon Sauchiehall Street,

Kelburne, Odeon Ayr, Odeon Hamilton,

? UCI Clydebank, UCI East Kilbride.

WMR Film Centre.

twelve years was written by Tom Stoppard from Nabokov's novel. and be is splendid in the role of l lermann Hermann. whose dappelgunger fantasy driv es him over the brink of insanity. but despite all the talents on board. there's a disappointing lack of consistency and over-indulgence about what might have been a great movie. Glasgow: GET.

I Dick Tracy (PG) (Warren Beatty. LS. 1990) Warren Bcatty. Madonna. Al Pacino. Dustn Hoffman. 113 mins. Producer director'star Beatty resurrects Chester Gould's vintage cop comic strip with original primary colours intact and engagingly misshapen crew of rubberized villains faithfully preserved. Amidst a sea

ofperiod kitsch backdrops screaming

irony. the well-worn drama of law

enforcement is played out by a cast of | cardboard cliches who remain just that.

Madonna‘s brash floozy and Pacino‘s hammy megalomania enliven things from time to time. but the material remains so fossilised it‘s hard for all concerned to work up much of a head of steam. Full

Fassbinder.WestGermany/France.1978) marksmerlhclrappmgslhnugh.

Dirk Bogarde. Andrea lierreol. Volker

L. . 28The List 28June— 1 l July 1991

Glasgow: GI’I'. Grosvenor.

Spengler. 119 mins. Bogarde‘slast film for IEarly Spring (l’(r)(Yasujiro()zu.Japan.

1956) 14-1 mins. ()zu. one ofJapan's post-war masters of the cinema. paints a detailed and witty portrayal of a young . Japanese couple and the many characters who come in and out of their lives. But perhaps the real star of the film isthe Tokyo ofthe 1950s and its corrupting influence. Glasgow: (if-'1‘.

I The Exorcist ( 18) (William I"riedkin. L'S. 1 1973) Linda Blair. Iillen Burstyn. Mail \'on Sydow. 111) mins. liarnest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little obsessed girl in this hugely effective scarcfest. Dead 5 good. dead searey. dead priest. Iidinburgh: L'(‘1.Strathclyde: ()deon Ayrfl I The Field ( 12) (Jim Sheridan. Eire. 1990) Richard 1 larris, John llurtfl‘om Berenger. Brenda liricker. l 10mins. Based on John B. Keane‘s stage play. Sheridan's follow-up to the immensely successful My Left For)! is a rural tragedy set in 1939. Harris stars asThe Irish farmer in competition with an American for the purchase of the field he‘s worked for years. As their struggle intensifies. so violence and revelations are unleashed which draw him inexorably to an awful fate. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Flatliners (18) (Joel Schumachcr. US. 1990) Keifer Sutherland. Julia Roberts. Kevin Bacon. 111 mins. Arresting adventure flick in which the bankable Ms Roberts plus Messrs Sutherland Jnr and Bacon play a band of medical students exploring the fine line between life and death. By tampering with life support machines. they're able to reach the moment when all the vital signs have stopped and the monitors are showing flat lines (hence the title). before being brought back by their associates. But the side-effects of the process are to prove dangerously unexpected. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Freedom ls Paradise ( 1?.) (Sergei Bodrov. USSR. 1989) Volodya Kozyrev. Alexander Bureyev. Svctlana Gaitan. Vitautus Tomkus. 75 mins. The bleak story ofa thirteen-year-old lad ( Kozyrev) who is an inmate in a special school for ‘difficult‘ children. His mother dead. he yearns to find his imprisoned father (Bureyev). whom he has never met. When he finds out by chance where his father is being held. he resolves to escape from the school and makes a hazardous journey across the USSR to the prison in Arkhangelsk. An excellent and moving portrayal of lost innocence and determination. which won awards at both the Montreal and Berlin Film Festivals. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Gigi (PG) (Vincente Minnelli. US. 1958) Leslie Caron. LouisJourdan. Maurice Chevalier. 119 mins. Caron is the cocotte allied to Jourdan‘s rake; theyare watched over by an extravagantly French Chevalier and the rest otft'n (lt’Slé’C/f Paris. This is a lavish mUsical from the golden daysof MGM. adapted from Colette‘s novel by Lerner and Loewe. As Oscar-winner in its day. now best remembered for songs like 'I‘liunk l-Iearem For Little Girls. Edinburgh; Cameo. I La Gloire De Mon Pere (PG ) (Yves Robert. France. 1990) Philippe Caubere. Nathalie Rousscl. Didier Pain.Thcrese Leotard. 105 mins. The first oftwo films based on the memoirs of Marcel Pagnol (of Jean [)6 Florettc.’r’14tmmz Des Sou recs fame). this is a story of the remembered joys ofchildhood. focusing on Pagnol‘s father (Caubere). a successful schoolteacher. and on a summer holiday in Provence. where the young Marcel (Ciamaca) discovers the beauty ofthe countryside. the value of friendship and the sad fact that holidays come to an end. Charming and summery. ifsomewhat sentimental. Glasgow: GI’I'. I Gloria (15) (John Cassayetcs.L'S.1980) Gena Rowlands. Buck Henry. John Adames. 121 mins. [ix-gangster's moll Rowlands goes on the run with an orphaned youngster after his parents have been wiped out by the mob. Touching scenes as the hard-boiled Rowlands begins to warm to the affections of licrcharge. while Cassavetes‘ never allows things to get yeuchy and is careful to maintain an edge of constant menace. Good stuff. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Good Morning Babylon ( 15) (Paolo & Vittorio Taviani. Italy. France [3.198(1) Vincent Spano. Charles Dance. Greta Scacci. 117 mins. A pair ofTuscany artisans emigrate to America. where they end up working in Hollywood on the setof DW. Griffiths' Intolerance. Fascinating episodic portrayal of the clash oftwo cultures. with the hubbub ofcarly Hollywood engagineg captured. Glasgow: GET. I The Hairdresser’s Husband ( 15) (Patrice I.econtc. France. 1990) Jean Rochefort. Anna Galiena. 90mins. The romantic tale of a young boy who resolves to marry a hairdresser. and in eccentric middle age does just that. According to director I.econtc. the film ‘is not autobiographical. although it really ought to have been'. since the boy's resolution is one he himself