The turnover of Hitlist writers has been higher than the body count in the final episode of Twin Peaks, with sundry departures to Madrid, New York and assorted dryout clinics. The latest incumbent resists all blandishments, to get down to the serious business oftelling you what’s down your way this fortnight.

I Sometimes thetrousers can be so tight, they don‘t even allow you to bend at the knees. It's all worth it though, to look the part on a mountain bike, especially it you remember to stutt a pair oisocks in the correct position belorehand. See Backlist bike special, page 87.

2'l'hel.is1281unc— in July 1991


I Bring me the head at Altredo Garcia! Fresh out? Oh well, just make ita basketball. and we’ll practise a few routines lor the Commonwealth Basketball Championships at Edinburgh's Meadowbank Stadium. starting on June 28. See Sport listings, page 77.

I ‘Eat yourstrawberry darling, you know it's all yourallowed on the MrFat Bastard diet.‘ Vanessa Redgrave plays the hardliner in The Ballad Oi The Sad Cate, Cork Hubbert plays the man who ate his waylhrough the menu. See Film section, page 26.

I And then there was one. Andy McCluskey is the sole remaining Orchestral Manoeuvre In The Dark. and spends much time staring into the space where his old male Paul something or other used to be. They(he) play Edinburgh Playhouse on 5 July. See Music section, page 35.

I ‘l couldah beena contendah. My grandtather was a pit-bull andthey

5 reckon there's some Botty

on my mother‘s side.’ Poor

< old Otis bemoans his lot,

lorced to appear in a cutesie Japanese kiddies lilm, with Dudley Moore doing the voice-over. Milo the kitten quietly looks around tora rug to throw up on. The

Adventures Ot Milo And Otis

B : is reviewed in the Film

. section, page 24.

I ‘You laughing atmy haircut. mate?’ Probably not. tor they are a reasonably mean bunch oi hombres are Chapterhouse, growling rockers ottering more than the normal number at opportunities to recycle that old reliable label ‘indie’. They're at Glasgow Poly on 29 June and Edinburgh Calton Studios on 1 July. See Music section, page 35.

I Teatowels by Ralph Lauren, letching kerchiets by Yves St Laurent. Lt Hawkins (Charlie Sheen) and Commander Curran (Michael Biehn) go into action in heavy diguise in Navy Seals. It's a swift Middle East War cash-in. with the early working title at Eat Lead Towelhead Mothers! See Film section, page 27.


I Not another GultWar victory parade, just a touch

ol Fourth oi July madnessto i celebrate 215 years of lreedom, truth and democracy across the water, courtesy otthe man who used to write these bits. Britain is actually one at the very tew countries not to celebrate any Independence Day. Why is this?