sport than road racing because it‘s you against the clock, rather than you against some cycling freak from Falkirk who just missed out on a place in the Tour de France last year. Riders set offat intervals of about two minutes and cover a set course as quickly as possible.

‘It‘s much better for beginners.‘ says Jim Riach, ‘because all you‘re competing against is yourself and . your own best time. We get people as I ..;~, . old as 70 racing in the time trials. Obviously it gives them an opportunity to keep cycling competitively after they‘ve had to give up lots of other sports.’

l i i -; A. r. . e . b t I l " j u w l . t ; '... l I i I l .t . l / c .

Whether you’re into , I racing or leisure cycling, there are many opportunities to hit the _ g '_ » . ' __ .- ‘lr.g.~._ road en masse. Philip Parr " x. \' «min. surveys the local riding ! Group cycling: some groups are biggerthan others


groups. cycling‘s elite prefers to do things the I such as an incisive break from the contam Numbers hard way. The Scottish Cycling pelaton ten miles from home or a I The Cyclists Touring Club (Glasgow) Union is the governing body for speedy sprint finish that secures Dave Halliday, 041 552 8241.

Bicycle adverts are easy to Spot. racing in Scotland. From April to victory can garner the rider up to £25 I The Cyclists Touring Club (Lothlan) Wide expanses ofopen country. October. there are races most (as well as the all-important points Jim Brown, 0506 842665. preferably mountaiDOUS. form the weekends in which groups of up to that can lead to Category 2 status). I The Cyclists Touring Club (National) baekdfop for an eXPIOSion 0f luridly 120 riders speed along in a pack. The best way to enter the racing Cotterell House, 69 MeadroW, fluorescent Shorts and Shirts. The ‘The road races definitely demand scene is. initially. to join a cycling Godalming, Surrey GU7 3H8, 0483 rider Stands alone next to hiS or her i a certain level of fitness and, just as club (an address for a club in your 417217. bike looking at Peace With the World.' important. a good degree of bike locale can be found from the SCU). I The Scottish Cycling Union The even though the world iS aS far away control.‘ emphasises Jim Riach. Once the club believes that you have Velodrome, Meadowbank Stadium, from thiS Spot a5 is POSSible- There’s executive officer of the SCU. ‘But if, reached the necessary standard, it London Road, Edinurgh EH7 6AD, no doubt about it. cycling is say, you worked hard over a winter. will register you for races. 031652 0187. prom0ted as the Ultimate ‘eSCape there‘s no reason why you couldn‘t The SCU is also the governing I Spokes St Martins Church, 232 from all humanity‘ Sport. But it race in Category 3 races in the body for time trial racing. Although, Dalry Road. Edinburgh EH112JG, doesn't need to be like that. spring.‘ once again. winningis unlikely to 0313132114.

The Cyclists‘ Touring Club is a The races are divided into come without much hard graft. I The Bike Bus Harry Hennicker, 031 nationWide aSSOCiation Whieh Categories 1, 2 and 3. and a rider time-trialling is a less demanding g 229 6274. promotes leisure cycling, with 40,000 moves up the ladder by amassing ' " members across the country, 200 points for high finishes over the local groups and a further 200 previous two years. This system affiliated clubs. So much for cycling ensures that the racers are all of a being a loner‘s sport. The Glasgow similar ability and that none are left and Lothians branches of the CTC in the middle of nowhere as the organise social events. talks and pelaton (cycling parlance for a large quizzes as well as tours designed for group of gaudily dressed people on

everybody from absolute beginners to serious riders wanting some relaxation from the racing circuit. In mountain. Unfortunately, the

July, about 30 CTC members will system also means that as soon as cycle from Lands End to John you become a Category 2 rider. you O‘Groats to celebrate the centenary are not allowed to enter any

of the first ever transnational cycle Category 3 races and what used to be run. Places on that trip are already a nice little earner dries up. All races booked up. but for the more sane operate on an entrance fee basis who want to become involved in (usually of about £2—£3). and SCU leisurely cycling, membership of the ; rules state that at least 80 per cent of l CTC costs £20 (£10 if you are under 5 the money collected in entrance fees 21) and entities you to attend all of must be given out in prizes. This I the club events and runs. ; means that any feats of derring-do ' organised weekend trips to Loch

Edinburgh‘s cycling lobby group, I , Spokes. is another organisation ; C . ' y 6 L05“ MORE BIKES l COMPREHENSIVE REPAIR SERVICE Lomond, Loch Tay, the Borders and i . Glen Coe. The innovative Bike Bus ,- fl) will ferry cyclists to and from the best I 1 M O R E C H 0 I C E cycling areas. ‘Since setting up the i

bikes, travelling at impossible speeds) flows over a distant

which holds occasional outings. Over the forthcoming months it has

bus earlier this year, we‘ve had a Open Six Days

very good response,‘ says Harry

Henniker, the originator of the SELECTION OF SPORTS. I H E N

scheme. ‘But there does seemto : TOURING, RACING AND

have been more enthusiasm for the 3 MOUNTAIN BIKES E w

trips to the Highlands and the North é FULL STOCK OF SPARES & ,

which is a real shame. There‘s so

muchbeautifulcountrysideinthe l ACCESSORIES B REPAIRS 031 228 6633

Borders and Dumfries and Galloway. and you can cycle all day 366 Gt. western Road, GIasgow S H o P Tel: 041 339 4933 TOLLC ROSS

without ever seeing a car.‘ While the leisure riders take a bus to the pretty parts of Scotland,

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