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I How to say something in 30

words and grab your attention? 1 OK male (35) lookingfor

attractive outgoing female for

I lastingrelationship.Interests: music.cinema.travel. socialising and lots more. Box


" I Two iun professional males

(27) seek two attractive. slim girls to shower with gifts and

; affection! Why not grab a

friend. a pen. and get writing? See you soon! Box No151 20. I Glasgow gaylemale (31) Feminine. beginning to feel like gooseberry in a world of

couples.seeksother halfto shareinterestsintheatre.

cinema. cycling. countryside.

eating out. Photo appreciated. : Box No 151121.

I Edinburgh man, ilt44, Capricorn recently embarked on

, innerandouterjourney.seeks 3 warm. sensitive and open

female companion. Excursions on the way could include lively conversation. Filmhouse evenings. music. Festival fun. walking and running in open spaces. laughter. cuddlcs and quiet times for mutual support. Box No 15122.

I Gay young star in the Edinburgh galaxy seeks bright spark for light entertainment. illuminating discussions. dazzling wit and glowing ambience. No fats. fems. fairies or forties please. ALA. Box No 151/23.

I Tired test from searching 4 the right man? Gay guy (21) straight-acting. intelligent. attractive. seeks similar 4 a) deep honest relationship b) sincere strong friendship. but preferably c) both. Mugshot! Box No 151/24.

LATE SOS GLASWEGIAN MALE hedonist. seeks woman (age irrelevant) to share good (and bad) things in life. Limited emotional baggage permitted but no children please. Who wants nice?

Box No 149/40.

I l'm a 32-year-old male l‘m warm. intelligent. fit and fairly attractive. I‘m tired of playing my life in a minor key and seeka woman with whom I can share my love of w ild places. music. ideas. a sense of humourand perhaps the future. Edinburgh(ish). Box No 151 25. I Edinburgh non-scene lesbian very cuddly. likes music. cinema. pubs. seeks similar for

friendship. possible relationship. Must like a good laugh. I have a copy ofDesert Hearts. Box N0151126.

I Single West Coast soul and Jan Ian seeks similarly-minded girls to end emotional vacuum in Edinburgh wilderness. Must be intelligent. witty and open-minded. All replies welcome. Box N0151’27.

I Good-looking Italian guyGay. slim (26). non-scene. seeks straight-acting (21—28). smooth. clean-shaven. boyish guy for secret passionate games. Photo essential. Glasgow'Scotland. Box N015128.

I Young, attractive guy who's discreet. straight-acting. seeks similar young guy for friendship. fun and socialising. Glasgow area. Photo please. lnexperienced preferred. like me!! Box No15129.

I Glasgow area woman (30s) evening concert-going out due to transport difficulties. seeks similar companion for lunchtime afternoon concerts. Scottish Opera matinee series etc. this winter. Share expenses. Box No 151 30.

I Female (31) attractive (well. fairly). single parent. own business. is looking for that special man (is that you?) Only just realising there is more to life than work. Box No 151 31.

I Female (38) Glasgow area. seeks male. similar age to share interests: theatre. cinema. travel. Reply with letter and photo. All letters answered. Box N0151’32.

I Glasgow guy (40) non-scene. seeks younger. slim pillion for large elderly motor bike. Other interests: Guinness. Radi03. occasional Muriel bagging. drinking chocolate (cont p94). Photo? ALA. Box No 151. 33. I Handsome, regular young man (27) looking for masculine. intelligent and physical male (25—35). I'm athletic and into music. arts and healthy socialising. Snappy letter with photo guarantees reply. Glasgow area. Box No 151 34. I Glasgow lesbian (27) seeks female. non-scene. for friendship. possibly more. Must be feminine-looking. Interests include music. cinema. food. long walks and people with a good sense of humour. Box No 151 35.

I Male graduate (26) recently moved to Glasgow. seeks female friends (20+ ). Intelligence. sense of humour essential. Likes: films. conversation. music. pubs. literature. cats. letter-writing. Box No 151 36.

I Glasgow male (33) Attractive. humorous. sensitive. modest?

Likes GFT. country walks and Ashoka curries but needs female partner to share. Go on. Match my blind optimism with a blind date. Box No 151 37.

I Female (26) looking for some mates (especially female) for nights and weekends out. I like doing all the usual stuff: pubs. clubs. theatre. cinema. travelling etc. Write soon. Glasgow area. Box N0151/38. I Glasgow male (34) small. dark. handsome (well 2 out of3 ain‘t bad) seeks small. healthy. attractive. non-smoking girl to share fresh air. travel. cycling. cooking. eating out in. films. music. hopefully ‘good times' and help brush off the cobwebs on this dusty. lonely shelf! Seductively. sophisticated sepia sought?! Box No 151 39.

I Glasgow gay man (40) fit. bald.

masculine. seeks contact with other guys looking for a good physical relationship but. please. no vain. handsome dogs or pseudo-intellectuals. Sincerity is everything! Box No 15140.

I Glasgow gay guy (27) professional. honest. sincere. straight-acting. seeks similar for friendship. Likes include CDs. XR2s. CRM. DIY and 8&0. Please reply with photo. Discretion assured. ALA. Box No 151. 41.



I CLASSIFIED DEADLINE 101' Issue 152 is THURS 4 JULY. I Print in BLOCK CAPITALS and send to:

I CLASSIFIED ADS, The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh, E111 ITE or CLASSIFIED ADS, The List, The Old Alhenaeum Theatre,

179 Buchanan St, Glasgow, GI ZJZ

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| Money enclosed £

Tick it you want a semi-display ad I Tick if you want a box no (obligatory In personal)


l:] 1:]



It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo.

Rates are £4 per single column centimetre (excl. VAT). Minimum size 4cm.

THIS IS SEMI DISPLAY It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. The minimum is 20 wordsand

costs £4. Personal adverts in this

style. including Box Numbers. cost from £10.

I This is a lineage advert A maximum of 30 words will cost £3 only. Personal adverts in this style. including Box Numbers. are £7 for 30 words.


Lineage/Semi Display

(iconsecutive insertions for the price of5.

Please note Lineage and Semi Display adverts are inclusive of VAT.


4 consecutive insertions 5% 8consecutive insertions 10% 12 consecutive insertions 15% 25 consecutive insertions 20%





1. All ads must be pre-paid. Cheques and P.0. made payable to

The List Ltd.

2. Advertisers must supply lull name and address (NOT lor


3. The List reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertise- ment at our discretion and without explanation. 4. No liability can be accepted for non receipt of copy, errors or

forwarding ol mall.

5. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no relunds allowed on cancellations alter the lirst insertion.

6. in compliance with current legislation. ads from gay men can only be accepted it both advertiser and person sought are over 21. 7. Addresses and telepth numbers are not acceptable lor

publication in personal ads.

WE WELCOME CALLERS at 14 High St. (opp. John Knox's House), Edinburgh, during business hours.

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SD The List 28Junc— 1 1 July 1991