1pm and Kevin McDermott strokes his strings for the shoppers the following day at 2pm. I Paul Halo spotted in the Doric supping from a bottle of champagne could it be that his period in the wilderness since Circa booted him offtheir label is at an end? Or is there a more mundane explanation (birthdays, benders, etc)?

I Philosopher In the area! The one and only Nicko McBrain. Iron Maiden drummer immortalised by Melody Maker as the greatest thinker since Bertrand Russell (and who are we to say they were wrong?) is charging up and down the country for a series of drum clinics. He descends upon Calton Studios, Edinburgh on Wed 17 (details from Murray Seaton‘s drum shop) and the Albany Hotel. Glasgow on Thurs 18 (details from The Band Room). A smile, a paradiddle and a discourse on Schopenhauer guaranteed.

I Should you be one of those people that don‘t mull over every single word ofthe listings, we’ll repeat here that Glasgow Songwriters are looking for performing songwriters to swell their ranks. Interested parties call Alex Osborne on 04] 647 6406.

(0' If s


Primal Scream to just five people: drums, bass and two guitars— it might be fine for other people, but we‘ve reached the stage where we want to experiment with sound, using the studio as an instrument in itself. The way Parliament and Funkadelic used to operate in the funk field in the 703, we aim to do that in the 905, where you’ve got the core of the band but you‘ve got a lot ofextraneous musicians that you can bring in. Maybe it is hard for a lot of people to get a handle on it but I can’t accommodate anybody else’s lack of

edit. The band reckoned the definitive 92-minute extravaganza was a mite too long for peak airplay. On the TV screen, Chief Space to say “we‘re back” - not even Cadet Robert Gillespie is indulging “we‘re back“, that sounds a bit his passion for patter. He expatiates hammy _ but “beat this if you can, at length on his favourite topic— motherfuckers“, basically} Primal Scream. A nation is rapt. I But nobody bought it, Bobby. ' Bobby Gillespie dreams this dream i *Maybe it was ahead ofits time. A l

for. we stand alone in the world of pop, nobody else sounds like this". It‘s a declaration ofintent really. Just

, regularly. I‘m sure of it. But this iS lot of records that are classic records

' the mOde World- don’t really sell a lot. People like The ‘In the modern world I find that Velvet Underground and The

people break dOWU the magic 0f Stooges were laughing stocks in their

music by trying to dissect it. Trying i time and nobody bought their

to find reasons why they like a piece records but look how influential

I Times really have changed when cool new indie groups not only

ofmusic. I don‘t think there‘s any reason other than it makes you feel good. That‘s the thing, I just think

3 that if it grooves you. it grooves you whatever way it grooves you.’

they’ve become. How many people are influenced by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young or Grand Funk

Railroad these days? Not very many, but every young band that starts, you

imagination. But I can walk through the street and be a proud person. I can hold my head up high. I can sleep easily at night knowing that I’ve made great records.‘

agree to support Hawkwind but also make no attempt to hide their inclusion on the bill (like doing it under a different name or playing with bags

over their heads). The prospect ofsceing Dr Phibes And The House Of Wax Equations recreating their stunning Whirlpool LP as a prelude to a night ofextreme trippiness seemed like rather an enticing prospect, but on arriving at the Barrowland, punters were informed that the trio would not be playing after all. And why? ‘They forgot they were supposed

Erm. quite. Despite possessing a could bet that they’re going to be startling vocabulary of anachronisms ! influenced somewhere along the line justifies the means. ‘Higher Than and projecting himself like by The Stooges or The Velvets. I find , The Sun‘ was an ear-blasting, Languidness Incarnate with his slitty , the fact that our group made , wig-flipping, soul-torching, eyes. lazy smile and practised 1 “Higher Than The Sun” extremely mind-elevating flight from reality. Glaswegian drawl. Bobby Gillespie satisfying and long after I’m dead ‘Don‘t Fight It, Feel It’ is even more is sharp as a guillotine. And he can t that records going to stand.’ spliffy. Primal Scream are sure talk, by golly. Once he gets going. ! Ifall this is starting to sound a bit they‘ve made the album ofthe year. the presence of a second party at his ‘All Hail King Bobby‘ then that’s as They may be right. interviews you know. to start the much Primal Scream's fault as mine. ‘I just want to give people a great tape recorder, nod politely, ask They‘ve allowed their public face, time,‘ Bobby claims, uttering an some questions, that sort ofthing-is Gillespie, to become their only face unwitting double entendre. Fora ' entirely superfluous. Garrulous is and even he doesn’t appear on their moment his grasp on language and ;

So the end, it would appear,

the word. ; forthcoming ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It‘ his stranglehold on the conversation to be appearing tonight.‘

“Higher Than The Sun“ is the l single, surrendering vocal slips and he trills an embarrassed BU! remembered. i best single I‘ve heard this year. It I responsibilities to Hypnotone’s . giggle. Everybody‘s happy Presumably' "Icy were doesn’t sound like anything before ' Denise Johnson. I‘ve seen some fluid ' nowadays; Primal Scream are back :CECd‘lICdJPtPldyLlhc d 0 or since. It's out there; it‘s a very line-ups in my time but this is getting ' in town. l 0, Own? . d c m 9“ on' . . . . . . l . . I Take it easy on those indiv1dual piece of musrc. We put it ridiculous.

I white blotters. old sons. They give you selective memory lapses. J

out as an attitude. just to say “this is Primal Scream, this is what we stand

‘Look, we‘re in this to make music. Primal Scream play the Plaza, That whole band idea— limit yourself 3 Glasgow on Wed24.

The List 12— ZSJuly 199135