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The lamlly tree oi top irlsh bands is a and antics on stage add to the sense complicated altalr, but tor our that the group are to be experienced, purposes It suttlces to say that De rather than just listened to. Dannan begat Arcady which begat Four Their sheer vitality and ragged tot de Man And A Dog. vivre have won them a great tollowlng

80 what is this rough beast, In the short time - less than a year- slouchlng towards central Scotland that they have been together. next week? Well, Black Dog is an People looking tor bog Irish ballads atiectlonate nickname tor Mick Daly, can iorget It. This band lean towards a the Cork guitarist and laid-back singer contemporary country sound in the who distinguished himseii in Mary songs, tainted by calun and blues or Black's band betore Joining Arcady, even Celtic rap, while the instrumental there iormlng the continuing sets are designed to burn holes in the

partnership with ilddier extraordinaire carpet. You will hear tasteiul music on and banloist Cathal Hayden. From Co iiddia and box, but things have a Tyrone, and an All-Ireland champion tendency to get ratherwild. it never on both his Instruments, Hayden makes quite out oi control. And when the

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The ideafor the Big Music Event Ehat. lpthelons run. they would be mm. camc from Edinburgh District investing in themselves. So far, this Council’s Musician In Residence, has “0‘ succeeded With “15 largc s ff paddy Burton, who has just eblue chip’ corlnpgntijes which hag/e , u com leted his first six-month cc" aPPmaC C r “t a case is “"8 r I «‘ t ' residing, and is due to mum for prep“ e d t 0 sh W m at inv e stmem Tues}: tost’dnagci't‘es'ter , Ghost pLeclloeslabeéllt hlls music. It's a: another stimimhe autumn. Upon would be advantageous to them as dmm ’uleghg d I? an 78"“ t . a 8.0 u at?" nus “93f 0’ at his arrival, he contacted people from We” Tm“ Will be 3“ OffiCially pa a. '8 rOs fa do 8 Hymn w s 9,1,8 m "to a ' 8 says. 8 hello“ all areas 0mm musical community c onstim e d body an e r 27 My ‘rretreswe' nly ng 8 ur ay morn ng l at we ve got slrchh good songs that for a series of ‘Big Music Meetings, lobbying for funds, whieh’ in the N he : programlmes, programmes we ve go to se i am and the way to do to discuss the needs for musicians in words omebin McGowan, who w c s are somet lng more that is to do the kids shows, get in the Edinburgh _ including training_ d e a! s with the bulk of the Stones worthwhile than their capacity to charts and then get everybody to buy establish the use of music in health financial and sponsorship affairs, nauseate would suggest. Turtles is that the album, and than you can breathe a and education and increase ,wm b e Sp e m i n wh at e v er manner is conltmonelactor, but not the Ninja sigh ol reilel when people buy lt,’ cooperation between musicians. r e quit e d f e r musicians to progress in var arty. orMMarecrerelter shresoiutely because that s the real you. So it s a

‘Musician-led initiatives’ came to 1 their own C3r¢¢r5~ wc Want to "02", 8°le 06 u 88' ' omenmg l means t'o an and. be an important theme at the Big provi d e th e ropes for them to dime, up see aughably crap productions ; There s a lot more than more Music Meetings. Organising the .Curremly in Scotland’, continues has become more a way oi life than a credibility riding on their llrst maior Assembly Rooms date, it was Robin McGowan, ,we have the sesli|-nout. d n M m c ; “abetl L2. Patchy though it appeared, suggested, could be the precursor to “sources for a self'PCl’Pemating m glaruanmsoslgmt 3: ka | np oogan = Ll" 6| mm was a 'ormldable musicians taking more matters into music industry, but m e s e h av e b e en - od 0 e yd 0 cos 0 e n op a co act on oi breezy pop songs and their own hands, improving their drain e d by businesses with strong un ers an s why the attitude that you = introspective ballads, and it 3 going to stems and lobbying power There financial l ev em 8 e down south. How can t possibly demean yoursell through take more than protracted studio time were even murmurs ofa beycott of can this be changed? only, I think, exposure to such a puerile market is 3 and an endless budget to transcend the Radio Clyde over the matter of by somebOdY grabbing the bu" by paramamd' 333mm“ to . i “layman‘s It set. performers not always being paid for the horns and uniting the different ' an 8"": “mil; 3 '3"°“""’.°w’: mm sessions they play for the station. {muons by making them aware of rtl t utmk ii a in all:n sit l?"

But more central objectives are that fact. The bottom line is that it ' ta" 3 s 2:. a" Tedlorl e "a a o ta '0’ 0’ ‘the provision of opportunities to has to be {manually Viablc’ but “0‘ 3‘ b 8 gm: V VI 8 I88 miss $10310“ showcase the wide range of thc “Pen” 0f the mum" l an s a (l’tur "a wouti am 8my 00 Edinburgh musicians and bands’ and The 3‘8 Music Event takes Place at § 028.31“: mer in? ' you" b no the setting-up of a centre, which, as "‘9 Assemuy Room-9: Edinburgh 0" q“ ct Y, yamdo 0‘ a tvan an” "mo" organiser Donald McQueen 271WY- Theft!” ""N‘P Wm be gummat gal} "8 mo? 80v we explains, would be ‘not just for WW?‘1 "9” “We. The 318 MUSIC of"... in a a? me n m: r. m rehearsal and performance, but as a G’oup would welcome “PP'OGChe-Y 20,, (“0an 3"? “mg” on 0 am or : resource centre, which would from Sponsors, Who ShOUld CON“! Theghllo ltT artl epl MC) It Si dl ' provide information for bands. It Rabi" MCGOW‘M 0" 6671059 “f’” I Edinburtgh oun 55:81:12 aa‘t'ttl ihgnMaygalfs' ' would C0“ 8 lot 0fm0n¢¥~ WC re 6'15pm' MockTurtles i Glasgow on Sat 13. J

i Tthistl2—25Julyl99l37