Fife College of Technology is the first college in Scotland to offer a unuque new theatre skills training course the HNC/D IN THEATRE SKILLS AND DRAMA". This two-year, full-time. course offers a much needed qualification opportunity for those who wish to make a career of working in Community Theatre. Theatre in Education. Youth Theatre, and Special Needs Drama work. . Professional credibility is provided by the opportunity to gain extensive practical I experience outwith the college with groups such as the Arts in Fife. Theatre Workshop, the Scottish Student Drama Festival.

* “..Jhis course will equip students with a broader range of skills which will, in turn, open up more employment opportunities for them.” ADRIAN HARRIS, Theatre Workshop Artistic Director.

* “...a great contribution to Scottish theatre's future...” GEORGE GUNN, Playwright.

The college ls currently enrollng for the first Intake In September.

For those who would like to combine an interest in the Arts with the administrative and business skills needed for a career in arts management, the HNC/D In ARTS MANAGEMENT provides the ideal qualification. Covering areas such as Marketing, Publicity, Sponsorship. and F inanance. the course is specifically designed to provide the skills required for this exciting and growing employment area. A few places may be available for entry in September.

For further information and details of admission, contact: The Student Enquiry Service Fife College of Technology St. Brycedale Avenue Kirkcaldy KY1 lEX. Telephone: (0592) 262414

! IJazz. saxophone orpiano Indixidualtuitionoith e\pet ieneed teacher s lhe emphasis is on e\ploi in: raw liar mom and inipioi I\.lIltll‘ \\lii|stbiiililiiigauoikiiie leper tone I’le.ise telephone loi Itiithei iiiloiination I’lioiiell3l trifjllll

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I Spanish language all Ics eIs. Beginner elassesstattingat regular llllcr\'.tls. ( 'olegto l‘l‘lititil ll cl: “3| 557 3928.


I Fiddle. mandolin andlolli guitar lessons lioin espei'teneed [‘l.t\e‘l Beginners\selcome. -\il\ice on purchasing instruments also \\ iite lor details to lames ( 'iit't‘an. Ii Keisland Street. ( ilasgms ( i ll.

TELEPHONE: O41~429 3838

84’l‘he List 12— 25JuIy 1991


I Drummer/percussionist looking tor band. Bassist. keyboards and another percussionist or [no for an intense. t'l1}IllllllL‘. liopeltill} totalh original sound. Weird. rare instruments \\ anted also. (ioi‘dolt.(l-ll 33l IIIZS.

I Band torming seeks kc} board plat er and drummer. Influences: Pixies. l.a's. Fall. .los l)i\isionelc. It _\ouarc interested in being in\ ols ed in something \sotthss hiIe. please phone ll3l 23S 3ll3tit Alec).

I Successlul record tinder [)0 son want a las ourite record but has e been unable to laid it. Write to me \\ ith the detailsand it “ill be _\ours. \'ci'_\ fair prices. Box .\'o 14‘) .\I I.

DRUMMER WANTED tor serious. pro-minded Iidinburgh indie pt)“ er noise trio. Into total distortion.epie guitar iangle. great songs. American hardcore. speed and ' rush! No beginners. [)emo

a\ ailable. tel: 031 228 6078.

I Guitarist wants jamming songwritingandexperiencenith 3 bass plaser. .‘slust like: Sioquic. Magazine.(‘oeteaus Van'sthing. ' Alternative experience not essential. I-‘rancesco on (Lil 333 7413. anytime - leasemessage. I Novice drummer seeks similar Rickenlxicker heroes for fun musical ochsses through REM to Mort‘ise}.

Singers songwriters.

Male lemale bassislsetcalso. Letter please. Box No l5: M l.

J.B. PIANO SERVICES 'I’unings (all areas). repairs. reconditioning. polishing. ' sales and transport.

West Calder0506 873164.


I Attractant 10 the tragrant. pheromirue-based cologne

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I Wrestlers contact No 4 an intoiniation .indeontaet sotiiee lot gas lansot \\lc slhtig I Iiisis also soiii source ol eontaet \\ lIll (ilasgou .indl ondon gas \siestling groups Send L3 plus stamp Bo\ \o If: BS 1

ITina Turner lnioneusleuei. lieeuithsae' linailemsotani I deseiiption \sanled I’lease \\ rite I \sith details. lans toeoi respond

\s ith also ('lai ls \\ h\ te. lo \exsmills. lullibods. ('Iaekinannanshiie. l'Is lll ISB. Settllantl


I Tarot readings by post includes anssset‘stothrccquestions. Send L" lllcheque [’0 along with sac to Rose Ann lor prompt repl}. Box No lSI H l.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE .Iim Ste“ art. l)'l‘.\l .\lSl ll’. |-'or appointment telephone

031 229 7924.

I Psychotherapy/counselling for personal problems and for individual growth and change. For appointment call tl-ll 339 3(145.

I Psychic Counselling/Healing usingl‘arot Astrology tor guidance. Small group bookings mm asailable. I’honell-Il 337 l35ti.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE (ieot'frey West. physical therapist l'l‘l{(‘ ( lormerI} with Scottish Ballet). For appointment or further inlormation telephone 041339 3222

t H) ndland. (ilasgon ).

I Acupuncture could be the ansncr. I‘ordetailsol appoinliiients: free information brochures. is rite to Ruth (‘happell R(i.\'. ll\'. LicAl. MB AeA. Complementary Medicine ('eitli‘e. l7()ueen'.s (‘i‘eseent . (ilas‘gon (i-I 9131.. Tel: (Ml 333-1924.

GLASGOW MALE MASSEUR (3‘)). Fit. muscular. health). ol'l'e rs first class full body massage. Reasonable rates. Full ' relaxation. Illam—l 1pm 7da_\'s.

Phone Kevin on 041 423 1407.



I South-lacing room in West End flat. {Htl pent plus bills. Non-smoking spaceman. spill. l-LSI’ \seleome. llJl 3399726 (late eses).

IGlasgow mature student \sith _\oung child “antstoshare aceonimodatioii lrom end September. prelerabls \\Illl other studenttsl paieitttsl lio\ \l‘ I‘ll \et: IAccommodalionto let lll latge house. Ibio\ .iie.i. lot prolessioiial :a} male Llollpci month plus bills Rm \o

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I Mount Florida Room in spaeioiis, coinlottable llat. sharing “fill one otliei male I“ nuns tiom ett\ eetitie. ( i( ll. tlhllpeinplusbills l’honellJl telllslo“


I Edinburgh ( ornpletel} modernised. trilli-ltiinished tlai. Hillside Siiit tuo three sharing long lease pielcrted. L IS“ pem. one month‘sdeposit. Immediateeiiti‘}. Iziiqiiiries.

\ ie\\ mg. telephone Ian Dunn on H315."~ tool.

I Room available torlemalein , spacious Broughton Street llal. Vacant li‘om mid-Itin Ll3llpet‘ month plus bills. Phone 03] 557 :l If).

I Double room required in lt'eelance \s ritei din mg lzdinburgh I'L‘sll\;ll Ill 3] Aug. Please call Roberta on “92-1893 titil.