i free-spirited woman embark on a : Filmhouse. l authorities are not com inced. so the j passionate. peripaicric fling that ends in I Dances With Wolves ( 12) (Kevin mismatched couple at e forced to invent a Fl tragedy. Filmed withadazzlingtechnique Costner. CS. 1991)) Kevin Costner. Mary history for themselves. In doing so.of and an irritating emptiness bythe maker McDonnell. Graham Greene. Rodney course. they fall for each other. Funny. of Dir-a. Glasgow; GFI‘, Grant. 179 mins. Costner's debut as charming. and not without profundity. but I Le Chateau De Me More (U) (Yves director and co-producer. in which he also suspend your disbelief for the denounmir. Robert. France, 1990) Philippe Caubcre, stars. has already been widely praised for Glasgow : (ll-'1‘. m Nathalie Roussel. Didier Pain.Therese its epic scale and its sympatheticdepiction I Hawks and Sparrows ( PG 1 (Pier Paolo Liotard. 98 mins. See review. Edinburgh: of Red Indian culture in the 18611. It won l’asolini. Italy. 1960) Tom. .\'inetto Films screening lhlsfortnlohtarellsted Eighdousc‘ 1 _ Sct’c‘“ OW“? theh'thhg he“ hth’h‘imtt Best teeter. R;issaiiiii Di Rocco. 88 mins. belowmlth certillcete.cred1ts, briefrevievi " "enaii’hwmc‘j WW.-“"h.““'m”“"“““ "if" 7m“ 'T'Iimdndwl wimp" . Jackson/Hamilton Luskc/ Clyde nominations. Set at a remote outpost Day oli. deciding to emulate St harms and and venue detalls. Full-length reviews or G . . , . . . . - t- .- -. . - - . . v . ~ - cronimi. LSA. 1949) With the vorces of during the American ( iy il \\ .ir. a timeof talk to the low l of the air. are accom warned selected new releases can tietound closeto u . .. ~ , . . . . i I H . l . cne Woods. Eleanor Audley . Verna violent strUggle between pioneering on their trek across country by a left-w ing theeppropriateentry.Programmedetails Fl w, .l . . 1 i i .l ' , .' _ . I . H . H I - - . . ~ appaam‘ me “sums seem" whichmuows. e ton. . illiam Phipps. 75 mins. +Thc Yankees and .Sioux Indians. it one rs a intellectual crow and encounter a similarly claSSic Disney versron ofonc ofthe world s sensitive and intense analysis of botli loquacious cow in this unit uc iarable o1 Fllni Index complied by Alan Morrison. ' , . , _ ' _ ' . I v . .. . l l most popularfairytales makes fora factions.and of a man caught betyy eentyyo Italian lite. continually caught between welcome school holidays re-release. different culturcs‘ Grimm”; ('anmm the twin polesoftlie Church and Marxism. lTlie Adventures OlMllo And Otlsuj) Treated aslittlc more thanjdslavc bitter Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: t'(‘l. Edinburgh: Filmhousc. (Masanori Hata.Japan. 1991)) A eai.a CruelstepmothcrandstcPSIstcrs. IDefending YourLile (PG)(Albert I Heather“ 151(511chae1Lehniantfs, dog.a bear. severalchickensand the voice Cmdetetia‘ShtelStthtOTmed When her :Brooks. US. 1991 ) Albert Brooks. Meryl 1989) Winona Ryder. (‘hrisiianSlater. 0t DUdie)’ Mt’ore- 80mins? Atteteeri." Fairi'GOdmmhfcr grams herthrcc thhes- Strcep. Rip Torn. Lee Grant. Buck ' Lisannc l-‘alk. 1112 mins. An ultrablack adventures on the farm. puppy Otis and , Magical ahlmettOh and fun songs make for Henry. 112 mins. See preview. parody of the high school teenflick. kitten Milogetcaught upin theadventure ahlmto he ehloyed Over and Ovetagath- Edinburgh: Cameo. Lehman'sfirst feature film managesto of their lives when the mischievous cat is ' Glasgow: Cahhoh The F0t8e~ Odeon- I DucitTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost combine box office success with artistic aCCidently washed downstream. Edinburgh: Dominion. Odcon. UCl- Lamp (L') (Bob Hatchcock. us. 1990) merit. 'I‘his cult hip hit of its year hasSlater Cutcr-than-cute school hols fodder. centrali Cethtt- Stratheh’dei Odeoh ' With the voices of Alan Young. Terence and Ryder starting a stiicitie'crazc to Noting that even bah)” animals have their AYT‘ UCI Clydebehk‘ UCI E351 Khhrtde- McGovern. Russi Taylor. Christopher muscle in on the ciiquev l leathers running say in the buddy movie genre. Edinburgh: I Come See The Paradlse ( 15) (Alan Limd 90 mins. The {im rclcusc (m the imna Tune in mm'mL dmpdwd. L'Cl. Strathclyde: L'Cl Clydebank. Parker- US. 199(1) Dehhts Quetd~TamiYh Disney‘s ‘Movietoons‘ subsidiary isa ' Glasgow : (il’I'. IAmericanGlgolM18)(Pau1$ehrader. Tomtta‘ ShtZUko H05ht» Stan Egt- 133 feature-length development ofthe I Heavy Petting ( 15) (Obie Benz. L's. 19301R1Chiird GCFC. Lauren Hutton. mins. Parker‘s "105‘ 50ft'eehtt'ed him 0t - Duck Tales cartoon series seen on LS 1991)) David By rnc. William S. .Nina Van Pallandt. 117 niins..Archetypal recent years tehs the Story OtehdUtthS * television. lt stars Scrooge McDuck. who. Burroughs, Lu'unc {\ndcrsun. spuldjng Schraderiexploring the seamier side of love between Ametlean SOClahst Qhald with his nephews l luey. Dewey and (irav. Abbie Hoffman. Allen Ginsberg. the American fast-lane. Gere is perfectly andlapanCSC-Amcrlcan Tomtta agthStthe Louie. foils the evil Merlock and gainsthe 8(1niins. Benz's playful and pcrccptivd cast its the title Charathr. it $211103: . haekdmp Otthe ‘f’attthe thtemtheht 0t long-lost booty of Collie Baba. 0th for documentary takcs'a ruthlessly honest fitment-Clad StUd wh0 PFOVIdCS htS CiICfltS ~ Japanese‘borhbs C'tlzehs dutmg world the kiddies. Glasgow: GFT. look at sex and sexual attitudes among with infinitely pleasurable sexual _ - War 11. Sprawting and episodic. It haSItS I Excalibur ( 15) (John Boorman. L'S. American teenagers of the late Witlsand satisfaction. btit is unable to experience Slow moments» hUt the Overall. _ 1981 ) Nigel Terry. .\'icol \N'illiamson. early l‘)()(ls: those days when Republican eitherlove or commitment himself.This authentiCity.warmth attd Charlsmalh Helen Mirrcn. Cherie Lunghi. 142 mins. senators and Christian fundamentalists emotional paralysis changes whenhe i eV’tdehee make It the SettStythgemOttOhel The Boorman canon is crammed with thought it might be possible. ifone becomes an innocent dupe in a political experience from the d'teetor- Glasgow: references to the Arthurian legend. and prepared the right sort of propaganda. to scandaland reaches out tothe beautiful ; GFT- = thisis hislong cherished attempt to film stem the worryingtitleofvouthliberation Hutton. .Engrossmg Brechtian morality i I The 300k. The Thiet. his thB Ah“ "9' ; the chronicle wherein he found so much which w as beginning to sweep Western P1315Edinburg'hi‘cemee- i L°Y9t(18)(Peter Greenaway. LK- 1989) fascination. The result is a film of visual civilisation. This film shows you exactly .Ahilet(15)(.\eilJordan.UK.1982) 3 MlChaCiGEtthIt. Helen Mttreh‘Alah ; splendour. melodramatic sweep. andin why they failed. Glasgow: GFT. I Stephen Ree- MeAheiiY 95 mins. 1 Howatd‘ R'Chard Behringer‘ Tim ROth- ' the case of Williamson's Merlin. defiantly I Henry} Portrait Of A Serial Killer( lb’) ahe Sighttghttmstlh‘e [Ehrtngh-helehd ' g 120 int"?- A sutifrb mm Wh'Ch‘“0netheie55 . perverse acting. Edinburgh: Filmhous‘c: (John McNaughton. L's. 1986) Michael s ow an itnesscst brutal killingofa I. C0htdths Somet "18 t0 Ottehqevet) hOd)- 1 I The Exorcist ( 18) (William Friedkin. L S. Rooker. Tom Toyyles. Tracey Arnold. 81) deafmute girl. and his life beginsto ; BeeUtttUhY PhOtogtaPhed‘ dtt’eeted- 1973) Linda Blair. Ellen Burstyn. Max mins. See preview. Glasgow z'GFI‘. disintegrate as he gets drawn into the I Written. aeted and att'dlfeeted (With . Von Sydow. 111) mins. Earnest priest \"on I Henry V (PG) (Kenneth Branagh. 17K. COHflICt. Brliilitntdehtlt feature “Om ' levlfih e05tume$ h)’ Jean PeUIGaUhter)‘lt5 Sydoyv stepsin to save poorlittle 1989) Kenneth Branagh. DerckJacobi. Jordan. an achievement he has yet to - subject matter 15 at once bizarre. possessed girl in this hugely effective Paul Scolicld. Judi Dench. 137 mins. surpass; notable for a true quality ofpoetic rePUhih/e. romantic and compelling,- ; scarefest. Dead good. dead scarey. dead There are inevitable associations with realism that the BrittSh Cinema it” too i centrlhg 0“ Gteehawaye 0h5e5510h5 With ' priest. Strathclvde: Odcon Avr. ' ()livier in K.B.'s choice of first feature. rarely achieves. Glasgow: GFT. H ' t00d~ deea)’ and infidelity. ".53". I F For Fake (if) (Orson Welles. but he emerges with some credit as both 52335113?Siiirsaafisztaai. e 2233?:53313.’Thar:““?E§’;‘3€°"""'°-

' ' . . g ' 89‘?“ ' : \h CllCS.L:|n1yr De Hory. (. lifford Irving. muddicr version than its predecessor. Charlotte Rampling. 113 mins. Scruffy. I L8 00112.02) (Ctatlde thh Ftahee~ . i 75 mins. An examination of hoaxes from both in the scrappy turmoil of the battle UhShilVen Pftt‘iite cyc Harry Angel 18 hired : 199“) Ph'hPPe Nottet‘ Thtetty Lhemhtte~ one of the world‘s greatest hoaxers. scenes and in the tempering ofzesty b." the m)'§ier't’US L911” Cyphre ttttmek GP." MarChahd‘ Lthe Renaud- 108thth5- i Welles adds anecdotes of his own to jingoism with an appreciation oftlie dew“ 3‘ "11551"? homes ett’Oher WhO has 1 F"? Years 0hr ahd 0‘” favourite Panslah . original footage on art forger Dc Hory and human cost of conflict. l’ortray ing the itilte'Orrtleittthiii. “If . Pt)"eemeh are Stillsupptememthgthe” , Iiteraryprankster lryingtocreatca ' young kingasacareworn. rathcrsullen d I iglgécssn‘::lijtzgfgggéiasngfijrs2:35:23c53' . masterpiece on fraud. Showing'with l.cjf warrior. the film seems to offer a more exucnw'vacad budic,‘ in this . ; Citizens our hcmcs bu-mblc th-mu h~thc - Marcussen sis-hort [lie I uh/It‘ 1’ ("(0. complex‘reading of the text. evenil uncomfortable matinflofvisceral vore and ' Plot with amiable ease and althoughthc Edinburgh: hlmhmlfc' . . . anugh S budgcmry “mun-.6 8.1”.” . mOOdeum "0” With mmc‘ingcnims if laughs are a “me “famed "Ken in The Godfather Ill ( 1)) (Francis l-ord _ somewhat on the grandeur of (v)il\‘lc‘r s nasty twists in the Plot. Edinbur in fun innits own wav Glasgow. g g (toppula‘ 1990) Al Pacino} And). Charging mine" ('lmgow 0.}. 1’ card“). - t, - .The Cure In amine (P‘G) (hm P()- c (rarCia. Diane Keaton. “11121511er. 1611 I A ngh Wind InJ‘amaica ( l’(r ) ( Alexander .AvanMLv)(Barrvchimon US 1990) 1 UK 1987)R0bcnsmnh LOITolhEr;t , mins. l‘he finalinstalment.we reassured. Mackendrick.1.s. i9fx‘).r\llttlt)11}‘()1111111. Armin .‘vfueller-Stahl Elizabeth Perkins- : the rest ofthc band sevcialthousand i Nth“ “PM” ""1"““e".h““"‘“”‘” J‘,‘.”‘“‘~‘.( “but” Be“ ( "rtlltltcrs. 1113mm. Joan Plowright. Aidan Quinn 128 mins. French fans 114 mins Tim Po e who 1 Mmhacu 0”ng struggling m kccpthc \ “9mm Childrcn m mm" immc mm The forty-year saga of the Krichinskv . . : regularly lenses The Cure‘s vidpeooutin s l peace bum within the mm”)- und . “mama are “‘.‘"“'~‘h.°" h} pm!“ but . familv. east European immigrants who 1 here lets us see their live on-sta e anticsg'is : Ithghom m5 Mam C""‘i‘9‘*- In M h'd wmc {.0 “FM” “1‘ mnuhncc 0‘” Ihc”

i settle'on the east coast of America and presented a few year s a 0 on tth French“ 5 {m pscacc 0f mm and tumult)“ by mm“ In “new.” we ()fcr'mc'yuiutuu “mi

; the effectMm their li;,cs()fa“imih‘t‘in . leg ‘Ofthcir work} tour glen! thm bu! the ( hurch and away froiriorganised unsentimental adaptation of the Richard

I American culture. Beautifully-conceiéyg'ed undoubtedlv one forthe fansyonlv H 5 mmc: hm ihc dgmms 9! lm past arc "m Hugh“ "OWL ,”.] Mild] SWIMWFFM and shot (in Levinson‘s native Baltimore Edinburgh‘lCameo ' . i so UNI". Mt behind Pamth on “wme . Mf'ckcnqu ( U“, 5““"7’-"""”".’“f“““'~"" “kc Dinerand Tm Mm)‘ it is both“ I ' cy'ano Bergerac (U) (Jean-Paul : broad canvas as its two prcqtiels. this isa brings-off the mixture of buccancering

. celebratmn of prosperity 1nd a muumfm ; Rappcncau France 1990) Gerard ; lavish and beautifully played gangster high-Jinks anddeep-rootcd adult and

. ' O ' .. t _ O ~ 3 drama with a true note of tragedy. But childhood anxieties with some aplomb.

elegy for traditional family life. Central: Depatdleu‘ Jacques Weber. Anne 1 there‘s a faint odour of formulae rcm'ike Gl'is row- (i171 MacRobert Arts Centre. Brochet. Vincent Perez. 135 mins. A ' Ed' b ,h. L-(‘l (a .1. \1. ‘1 b .‘ ' .1“ I i - . r . t I Backma" (15 R ) H W d ' _ _ ' t . t . t In ‘urg . . cntra .. ac to crt house ofG.ameS( is) ( David Mattict. w", B, Id 3” 11:" 0 dt ‘LS~ 1991) St‘rnng_dddpt?t'0h 0t Rosmhd SCIdSS'C‘ ArtsCentre. L5. 1987) 1.indsa_v( rouse. Joe Mantegna. - < > Smhcrland. 136 mins. Scc pruicw E Frigcrio and Franca Squarciapino won a 6 Gerard Depardieu. Andie MacDowell. psychiatrist. the author of a bestseller on Glasgow: Cannon The Forge cam-Ion I Felix for their produc‘ion design) it : Bebe .\euwirth. Gregg Edelman. 1(17 compulsive behaviour. develops an Sauchicha” Street. salon. Edinburgh revolves around typically superb r I mi‘ns. The hugely amiable figure of . obsession with a group of con men and the cannon. Dominion. to. central. . performance iron.) Depa.rdicu asthc - Dcpardieu dominates this. his Hollywood scams they perpetrate. Attractcd the Cannon. Strathclvdc: UCI CI‘IdCbénk I large-nosed hero Although performed in I debut. plays a French composer living i vicarious thrill of their games. she is eager UCI Elm Kilbridé. _ . rhyming verse {hr-oughom (with 2 illegally in .\ew York and in desperate i to graduate from observer to I Betty 8|ue(t8) (Jean-Jacques Beineix i somewhatdod 'subtitles vanthonv ncw- Ofawmxk perm” MuhDOWCH S i parmlpamlhc mm” sums 510M)" hm France. 1986) Jean Hughes Anglade Q l Burgess) and Siouch overlon the film's hortimhumm 15 m low with a hegomcs a er'PP'Ve "“d.t"°"~‘”“”"“, Beatrice Dmc 1,0 . . g g ' d I I . ‘1 d . . ll. .g‘ l conservatory apartment. btit needsa A thriller ofserpentine twists. hard-boiled I I f' m'm“ Lmpcstuous “meme” C'hemahe ti“d these” husbandtogetthelease. Amarriageot C handlercsquc dialogue and surprise i oye gone mad as an older handyman anda outstanding. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: l 7 ~

convenience is arranged. but the double-crosses. A Chinese box of a film.

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