I 'Ooh. me Emma Freuds!‘ Morrissey has histirst sexual experience in decades with the notoriously easy Tench Street bollard. anybody‘s I tor the price at a rub-down

with Brasso. The Mozthing I returns to tullil a previously cancelled Glasgow date.

See rock listings. page 46.

IJohn Clittord's adaptation at Great 2 Expectations toured the Far East a couple ol years ago. Nowthe playwright has returned to India to

research Light In The

Village. See Theatre

preview. page 54.


Bouneier than a BC‘CI cheque. sprightlier than an ()AP whose digitalis

has been spiked with amphetamine. it‘s the I lit List. . .

I You thought dressing up in a turtle costume

I Holding up a dummy in a

desperate attempt to up guaranteed you're beingthe their Equity ditterentials are SNDWGSHOOHNQ BENSON" ‘i the heroes olhlightingales.

any photo? Not it you stand next to Vanilla Ice you ain't. Anotherdeathless moment

the cult black comedy that is being rerun on Channeld. See TV preview. page 74.

trom Teenage Mutant Ninja 3 k Turtles II: The Secret OtThe ~ Ooze. see Film review. Q page 22. ,, g r

r {a

V! 3 r

I Someone in dire need ot Edward Scissorhands' coiileuring skills is Danielle Dax. who hailstromthe awtul hellhole that is i Southend On-Sea. See Rock preview. page 37.

L-- Z The List 26 July 8 August 1991

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