I I NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 i ligh : Street. 556 9579. Mon—Sat

lt)am—4.3t)pm.The Preacher and the Goldsmith Throughout Aug. Admission £1.20 £1 511p. Exhibition about next-door-neighbourJohn Knox l louse 1490—1990.

The 5.6 Group: Strands t'ntil Sat 27 Jul. Photographs by Peter Bain. Roland Fortuna and Doug Mackie. three men who share an interest in ‘photography for its own sake‘.

Camouflage Reviewed, Ordnance Surveyed Mon 5—31 Aug. Photographs by Tim Pomeroy.

The Edinburgh Festival Exposed Mon 5—31 Aug. More photographs. this time by Marius Alexander.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 ('umberland Street. 557 11120. Mon--l:ri itiam—6pm.Sat lt)am—-lpm.

Exhibitions until 'l'hurs 8 Aug:

Ernest Stephen Lumsden RSA RE: Modern

7 Masters of Printmaking III. Fiona McGuire: Jewellery. New artists to the Gallery Barbara and Michael Hawkins: Ceramics I PORTFOLIO GALLERY 43 (‘andlemaker Row. 22” 191 i. Mon—Sat i lam—5.30pm. Karen Knorr: Marks of Distinction t'ntil 31 Jul. A photographer with a social conscience. concerning herself with the lifestyles and ideologies of the rich and powerful. and juxtaposing text and photographs to ironic effect. Arthur Tress: Fish Tank Sonata wed 7 Aug—7 Sept. A New Yorker with a surreal bent. 'l‘rcss uses a Victorian acquarium. filled with various bits of4tls and 5tls kitsch. to tell a bizarre and fantastic fairy tale. A stanza of verse accompanies each print. unfolding a story which delves deep into the history of past civilizations. Strange but true. I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556

_ S921. Mon—Sat ltiam~5pmz SunZ v5pm.



To dojustice to our wide range of Mexican tiles and wash basins, to which we have added a unique range of rustic Mexican

furniture, we have recently opened extensive showrooms at S the Grassmarket tel. 229 9368.

At 16 Victoria Street tel. 031 226 6695 you will find an even wider range of jewellery, clothes and smaU items from Latin America.

Azteca - 15 years direct trade with dozens of family workshops in Latin America.


Margaret STONES

' Flora of Loairiana

s‘ I


4-- '1 _r p. S f ,s‘ ' "‘ eIJ‘§' ., . .o a 5.1-4, ' 1‘

6 to

541 he List 261uly— is August 1991


1 z - SUN ti-S

n . j. 1-.- th if) '


[D]. Cafe.

Scotland‘s bonniest and beastliest monarchs. politicians. writers and artists— not to mention the footballers and a very fine cafe. to boot.

The Art at Jewellery in Scotland Thurs S Aug—3 Nov. Many a Scottish laird would have lost his tartan if it were not secured with a fine cairngorm brooch. This exhibition also includes a cameo given to a supporter by Mary. Queen of Scots and a range of modern jewellery by Glasgow-based Peter Chang.

Los Todos Santeros: Photographs by Hans Namuth Thurs 8 Aug—3 Nov. A (‘rerman-born photographer. Namuth first visited the remote Guatemalan village of Todos Santeros in 1947. 30 years later he returned to create a permanent photographic record of the inhabitants. their beliefs. their customs and their surroundings.

I RICHARD OEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars Church. Blackfriars Street (off High Street). 557 (17117. Mon—Sat itiam—opm

Ralina Jaworski: Thought Structures Sat 27—5l‘ue 6 Aug. The first showing in (ireat Britain of non-figurative serialised watercolours by the Jewish artist. Jaworski ‘pure colour and abstract form‘.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnvcrleith Row. 552 7171. Mon-Sat 9am—sunset: Stilt llam—sunset. ('afe. [D].

Margaret Stones: Flora of Louisana Limit 8 Sept. Botanical paintings from a fourteen-year project to illustrate all the native plants of Louisiana. Admission free until ltlAug.

The Avant Garden Limit 26 ()ct. ('ontemporary garden and conservatory ‘furniturc'. including Paul Amey's pink flamingoes and Kate Mellor‘sstonewarc lanterns. There is something for every garden. say the organisers. ‘from rolling parkland to city w indow-box. from elegant orangcry to humble lean-to'.

Living in a Raintorest L'ntil 13Dec. A Borneo-style forest house reconstructed in the Botanics' Exhibition llali. and Vanishing Paradise - photographs taken in the Venezuelan rainforest by George Bernard and Stephen Dalton.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street. 225 753-1. Mon—Sat ltlam—5pm: Still 2~5pm.

Fish New permanent gallery. A daring new expose on our watery neighbours with stunning specimens. y ideo sequences. computers and fancy interactive devices. l-‘ish hay c flocked from allover the world to be a part of the exhibition. and have been lovingly prepared for display by the Museum‘s award-winning taxidermist.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 2256671. .\Ion~Sat ltlam~5pmz Stilt 2—5pm.

Virtue and Vision: Sculpture and Scotland 1540—1990 [Trail 15 Sept. A sweeping panorama of the role ofsculpture in Scotland front Samuel Joseph. the first sculptor to show at the Roy al Scottish Academy in 1826. to liduardo Paolo/.zi. William 'l‘urnbull and lan llamilton l-‘inlay

sculptors who bring the imagesof

primitive and classical societies to bearon their work.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 ( ieorgc Street. 225 5955. Mon~ l‘ri ltlam-6pm: Sat ltlam— 1 pm.

Francis Convery: New Paintings t'ntil Sat 3 Aug. Once an engineer. this young artist is wary of his technical background; a ‘perfectionist seeking the imperfect‘. his paintings are colourful and flamboyant. btit still retain a troublesome.challenging quality.

Sweden by 3: Various Metals L'ntil Sat 3 Aug. Metalwork and jewellery bythree Swedish designers. Jan ('ardell . Johann Dahlback and Mona Wallstrom.

The gallery's festival exhibition. Sir William Gillies (1898—1973). starts9Aug. I SHORE GALLERY 59 Bernard Street. Leith. Mon—Thurs li).3(lam—-lpm; Sat

it).3(lam-5pm. Making Tracks Mon 5-17 Aug. Paintings by Jane Fletcher. poetry by Rosalind Brackenbury and pottery by David ileminsley. I STILLS GALLERY ltl5 iligh Street. 557 11-10. Tue—Sat Ham-5.30pm. Richard Learoyd: Elevations L’ntil Sat 3 Aug. In 1990. Learoyd was awardedthe SA("s first Dance Photography Commission and has since worked with The Scottish Ballet and other dance companies. ilis photographs. rather than documenting his experiences. are fluid responses which draw on history and make allusions to the work of Degas and Francis Bacon. I 369 GALLERY 233 ('owgate. 225 3013. Mon—Sat noon—6pm. David Raymond: Sculpture LTntil Fri 2 Aug. Mixed Show L'ntil Fri 2 Aug. including works by recent graduates. Elizabeth Gourlay: Recent Works L‘ntil Fri 2 Aug. Oil-Centre Mon 5 Aug—2S Sept. 369 celebrates a decade ofinternational relations with a mini-festival of visual art. drawn from Soviet. American and European artists. None of the participants works in a major art centre hence the title ~ and their only connection istheir association with 369. I TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. (irassmarket. 226 2633. Daily (except Mon) lt).3()am»-late. Festival Auction and Exhibition L'ntil 25 Aug. \‘arious works. including piCCes by lilizabeth Blackadder. Joseph \’rie and other prominent Scottish artists. The auction will be held on Mon 26 at 6.30pm and entry is by catalogue. priced £1. available at the box office. I TORRANCE GALLERY 29B Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri 11am—6pm; Sat ltl.3tlam—4pm. Recent Works by Nita Begg. Jean Donaldson and Helen Firth L'ntil Fri 3 Aug. I WASPS STUDIO AND GALLERY Patriot llall. ilenderson Row. Stockbridge.229 192(1. Mon-Sat lllam—4pm. Ruggero Maggi: Urban Jungle - ‘The Snakes l are Living in the most Unbridled Technology . L'ntilSat27Jul. i


I SUMMERLEE HERITAGE TRUST West (‘anal Street. (1236 31261.

Picturing Women L'ntil Mon 5 Aug. Set up to explore the photographic representation of women in Scotland and to commission new work from photographers. the focal point ofthis exhibition is the work of four of them— Lorna Bates. Andrea (‘ringcn. Franki Raffles and Della Matheson women who collectively question notions offamily'. beauty. nationality and sexuality.


I PETER POTTER GALLERY it) The Sands. (1621182 ZIISII.

Mixed Exhibition [Intil 16 Aug. ()riginal etchings by Cathy ()utram. lino cuts by lar Macintyre. tapestry and paperworks by Rachel ('harlton and Stuart (iillies' stained glass. A small. but worthy selection.

St Andrews

I CRAWFORD ARTS CENTRE 93 North I Street. (1334 7-1610. .Vltm-Sai 1(lam—5pm; j Sun 2—5pm. I William Dick: Recent Paintings Until 16 Aug. Works produced by Dick during his stint as artist-in-residence. inspired by local architecture and the Wemyss ('ave. Louise Young Until 16 Aug. Felt and handmade paper pieces. on show in the Applied Arts gallery. which is now designated for the showing ofcraft work.