Events tor children are listed by city. then by category. then alphabetically by venue. Events will be listed, provided that details reach our ottices at least ten days betore publication. Kids Listings compiled by Rene Taylor.

GLASGOW Activities and tun

I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Pollokshiclds. 427 2725.

Summer Activities Always very popular. must be booked in advance (in person or by phone). Two activities perchild. Admission free. (Thoice of twoscssions. 10. 15am or 2. 15pm unless stated otherwise. Age range given in brackets. Archery(8—12) 27. 3(lJul. 1.5. 9. 12. 17

1-4pm; Sat lllain noon arid 2- 3.4llpni. Royal Commonwealth Pool Mon Sal 1(lam- noon and 2 ~4pm. I TOURING ' Willie the Wicked Wolt t‘l'c‘c‘ ptippet show i for age 4 and ov er presented by ()verthe ; . 'l‘op Puppet Company. No booking. just i turn tip. ' South Oueensterry C.C. Mon 3‘)Jul 10.30am. l Pilrig Park Mon 2‘) Jul 3pm.

Portobello Mon- in Want noon and i l

Inch Park Tue 3(lJtil lllfillain. Murieston Park. Gorgie 'l'ue 3n .Iul 3pm. Brighton Park. Portobello wed 31 .lul 10.30am.

Jack Kane Centre \\ ed 31 Jul 3pm.

' Princes StreetGardens'l‘hur 1 Aug 10.30am.

Braidburn Valley Park ltttlt' 1 Aug 3pm.

Davidson Mains Park Hi 3 Aug 10.30am. Saughton Park Fri 2 Aug 3pm.

Aug. . . . . "‘ I 369 GALLERY 233 < 'owgatc. 25 Miss. Garden nature trail (4.7) 31 Jul; 8. 16Aug. I The Mislald World atEdInburoh sTheatre Workshop Children's Art Workshops 3‘).lul—-3 Aug. 5.4) : Fun and games at Victorian pastimes(7_13) r Aug. 1 lam ~~ 12.30pm or 3 3pm. £15pet 4 (2. 15pm only). 15 Aug. 477 7778 I \1 i . week. 5-day art workshops for E ._ ._..-. ;.zgicMztn. : ,_ s_ ..._ e .. ,. . yourown pimps! f Inspired by The Hobbit Until 27.0.ct.Trolls. Pellatt Puppets 3 Aug 1 l .3llam and (mum PM“) 1m Make a mask and surmise yourmends (6%)) { goblins and dragons tn an exhibition 1,30an KldS 50p; Adults £1_ pumth . . 2‘ 13 Aug. 1 created by prisoners. officers and friends 5 stone-sand plays for 3—9-year-oldsfrom

Design yourown coa'o'arms (7%,) 7A“ , of Barlinnic Prison. Ten scenesillustrating Make a name collage Name (4! 7") 78ml!" the adventures of Bilbo Baggins from J. R. (215pm0nlv). ' R.T0ikCin‘S ITOVCi ThellUbh”.

Aunty Norah and Rice Pudding the dog. I PURVES PUPPETS mum” “th “WNW ; . I 7 , . .. . . ~ 5t c . Mr mam“) Au!‘ "pm' kid's mp‘ Adumi 1‘ Broughton Road. Biggar. Lanarkshire 2_ 15pm Only). I MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Bunhouse

089920631. Dress up andiomme'un (bi-p) HP “pm Rm‘d. 357 3929- Open daily Mon Sun (not \\ edi.

.' - . . - - - - Miniature Victorian puppettheatre rtttibv _ . _ x. . only). 29ml. 1 l Augtl. lSpmonly). Mun 5‘" mam DPm' sun" )pln' !

.HUNTERIAN MU EUM . . . . AdmissiontomUseum free. Largest i ".‘°_"““°~‘“mm” (.45 mm, mm- iimm . t -.WWWWWm ii':ii‘:::§*;é.Liar122:3;Kasai:33? Holidays tor Roman Slaves (also known as RFC‘"?‘””C‘Cd ("Inflow 51mm Comm“? L ( (“mum Ri-md' :43 mm. itndipicnicizirea Puppet shows workshops . summeractivitieslor children!) 5—16 Aug mm “mm” “"d f”‘“*"‘-"; ’5 "°““"”“C"°" . sumine'mi'day mg'amme 31”” 11”" and guided rams ()tten l'ullv new. t),3(l—l l .3tlam or 1.30-3.3(lpm. ()nc i for 1991 ' mcéllpcyix Stmumm {mu (3l]\~1‘lr(iSlnL|lldcs Playsecheme {m best‘not to go on spec Phone lor timesand session per slave. llunterian Museum are {NU-V “1”ng “dc‘ kids 7i‘piadmts : :i— kiwi-OMS. Mini—Fri mum” mm" and details k i IookinuforStillslavesaged between7and - 11"“ AMT i.l."°.”””.""" 1.9”.“ g""‘°“‘ Isnritntnno LEISURE PARKHIatr 7vcars. Must be abl to do mosaicwork. I s huum" hm'hmmng“. “A” “Mk I) i l \' " ‘S "l ' Wm Mth vlvall painting and sonic heavy work in the g iniusygcflkmn LIBRARIES v ()plilhiiiiiiiiiliotiidil i'ilrlti admission . Roman iillllltil.) . -1-o book. contact Anne I KELBURN COUNTRY CENTRE ()n the A78 1:333:11interim;pig;ntjiiritcifippl 4-3”an K'th £3 (3_ H Hm _‘ ,M‘ , Mum ‘1 li'llim. betwecnlargs and Fairlie. U475 fhfihb’fi. which [mm he wllc'md in udmnu. mm] £4.50. View elephants. lions and bison i I SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM OF Open dull-V l.(mn1._bm.n'hld'\“ "m .3 , your local library. Activities include ““i“"""‘.‘ 'C- 0m” dill “WW” “W'Udk' i EDUCATION 335 switumiSrrccrugo 13m. (Accompanied KlLiSfil.-.“)L Adults Lot). stury‘cmng \Cssmm. hudgpmukmg. sea-lion show . pclsciiincr. splashmts, . Games and Rhymes oi the Past tintil 1 Sep, Attraction; ipcludc lltlyrélf‘rm puppet shows. mask-making and a teddy _ PCdUI :7‘31‘“. "‘1‘ “ill” " Pl”) flmlmd 4”“ Mon- Sat mam-5 m: Sttii 1-5 m. “mmilm “UT-We ' E U C v ' '- ‘- > - -- ~ . 1N“? 'i k" Admission free. (Eiirds and clefdts. whips (Phlmc it" l‘f’i’kl'lghl‘ Nailer (CNN. . [ Up mm 'mm Imdl hmmh . scams“ DEER CENTRE _\L.M.(;tilidi. and peerics. available for 50p hire outside . (“1‘0"er ( “UN and Vt “Mk” I EAST LOTHIAN DISTRICT COUNCIL t'ltL‘. on the A9! . “33 "S l .Wl - in play-ground. |n\[y'uC[iung giycnt SiUL‘kitdC. 3 a }{un\ until () Ranger-led iUlll'IS it) SL‘L’ rttlLi lLL‘Li tllL' \iL‘L’l. I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE xcw 5”ch Great Mace same -7 and A July 1-4pm. Aug Adlniwun “cu hm. gum“ and try on an antler. ( hildren w ell-catered tor Pi”‘i°}'- 857 1m”- ; .Bccpmc d “immund (mature ‘md "5C Wm competitions with l'ncle Drew and his , “"h “"9"”er l‘l3‘}3"”l1'ld»‘- “it’ka Craft sessmnstI-‘ntr 3... cumulus. 50p pcr tastincts to find your way through the - mums. Sumth fur ch“de m uH MILK ttpddler plpyi areas. PICJIlflC spots.lltlin “N‘mr mu“ ‘C ‘0“ '9‘ 3‘5 P399511” “ZC' ()n sunnvdavs the l‘un ison the beach in 51"“‘Cx H “H‘me “r “a "V "34"”)! limited. Kill-3 3m. .SUMMEBLEE HERtTAGETRUST W65! . .. .. ' . ' indoor ilavground. () )Cll daily. ' Screen Printing IStencils zuiui. (‘me Street. footbridge. 023631261. ' indiim' .- . . . . Illam (ipiii aurier mi and Atigtist. knit . . _ _ t . ectat( ornLxchangelMon. _ _ ~_,, - . . ~ scregn Printing 5 Aug ()pen daily ltlam— 3pm. Admission tree. Wed. Fri 11amalmplm-rucand-“m E {1.7}; Adult-s 1.2. D ( lamtly ticket. 3 kids. Family Cratt Sessions 5tlpper‘cttild.tttusl 'l'wenty-three acre museum illustrating 34pm r 2 adults. £7.50). N l‘wlhs‘fl- Zlitlyearsoi Scottish people and industry North Berwick ( MC“ at 'I‘hL- pmilmnyyuc E Leat Printing .‘sl .l til. including the first working tramway in and Tim I lam—12.30pm; Mon. Wed and Two‘day mime worksmp 3 “"d 9 Aug Scotland. Fri 3—4pm. I BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. (>65 lllain 4pm. £5. New York mime artistes See also Edinburgh Outings section. Aqua Fun Time xmm ism. icic- s‘u myan won. Keith Berger and Sharon Diskm lead this . Pool. livery Tuesday until 2“ Aug. 7pm. James and the Giant Peach 1 and 2 Aug. lever: it'rr ll l4-year-olds. Must be ' Kids 75p; Adults £1.50. L'nderw'ater 3pm and 7pm. Kids £25“: Adults £35“. _ “m 'C‘- I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Sim“. esca ology . eom etitions. the Edinburgh 5 Why eat a reach w hen it's tnore fun to { I THIRO EYECENTRE 340 35-1 Sauchiehall l paw“. 337 “my . I)iviiig('lub and PThe Aquarhythmics. i travel in it iteross the skies. 'l‘he Maltings 3 Street. .sisilbll. , Bags at Fun 27 Jul l l .3tlam and l .3llpm. I SWIMMING CENTRES Berwick present Roald Dahl's ltisciotts snlhloufa -) 3ll~'“l- I ~‘ Al's“? fAllg- . Kids Stip;..\du|1\ Li Mueiml fume-m} Play sessions with inflatables run troml : tale. 1 ; _ I “11 “HUM” .l-3‘ll‘fil- f---—‘“PL“I*‘.‘ some unusual luggageon arailwav Julyonwards. .THEATREWORKSHOP34Hitlilltttm ! “r U‘ pcr ill-“up \C\\'(m' \ "UM an“ platinrm. [’i'cscnlcri 'I‘hc Kinny“ a) Glenogle Mon—Fri i iitlt‘l~ “(it)” and 2-4pm; Piucc~ 22“ i

workshops for «S ll-yetR-olds. Ad\ ancc

Tram. h" 3. 7_\Cur_(,|d\ Sat Ilium—noon. I The Mislaid World Sat 37_Jul. l lam. Kids i hooking recommended. : Unc|e Jimmy‘s punch and Judy and Magic Intirmary Street Mon—Fri lllam- noon and £1.50; Adttlts £2.50. A group ot scientists ' EXhibitiOt‘lS l Show 3tiiui 2pm. Kids sop; Adultsil. 2-4PmLSul 3-3.4“Pm- f'"d°"l’"”“”‘““”h W" "w P‘””"““-‘" i Alaitazam Puppets 1 Aug 2pm. Kids Slip; Leith Mon—Fri ill—noon and 3 4pm; Sat I in the Amazon. [)rama. humourand I HAGGS CASTLE llKl St Andrews Drive. Adults £l. t'tlti and puppets from'l‘hc 3‘3‘40Pm- “udme pamc'pulmn'

661 he List 2(rJuly— is August 19‘)!