Pop Music

'l‘hey're fresh. they‘re fizzy and they‘re in the Top Ten with their clubland-sweeping debut rel ‘ase. ’aul W. llullah gets a taste ofthe (‘ola Boy" chart sensation.

l’link. pliiik. plinkplinkplink: ‘Seven ways to laaaaaave . . .‘ goes the refrain. and (‘ola Boy score a 'l‘op ’l‘en hit with the first song they ever

w rote. It's as easy as that. pop-pickers. A ludicrously simple mix of groove. two-chord keyboards and that breezy vocal. produced in typically low-key mode by the revered St

litienne team. ‘Seven Ways lo Love’ has already had (part-jealous. part-misguided) techno-dance purists objecting to what they call the ‘naivety’ of the (‘ola Boy sound. Are the delectable duo no more than a commercial sell-out zone'.’ The chai‘t-hit's creator. Andrew .‘ylidgeley —- a man with a name one letter away from iiose—iobbing pop infamy reckons not.

"l‘he best pop music. whether it’s dance or whatever. [MS to be simple .’ the former tax-office clerk declares in a fruity liast London lilt. l’o inc. that'sobvious; the simpler it is. the better it is. If you get too involved and start fucking about with fancy overdubs. then you soon lose the point. If yoti keep it simple. it always comes out better. I suppose some people w ill object to the

straiglit-forwardness of ‘Seven Ways 'l’o l.o\ e'. co” Boy btit most of the l).ls I've spoken to love it and ' ‘Almlll lltt's‘s‘ )‘L‘itt‘fi itfiU. ltN \ylien S'lixpress I being involved and anyway. they oby iouslv knew support it all the way.‘ appeared. Bob Stanley. l’ete \Viggs ( Who went on t their way around tlieiriown studio a lot better than .\'o qualms. then. about taking the fast and to become St litienne) and myself decided to go l mm. \\'c hm] u laugh , . f sudden route to 70/) (1/ Hie I’ll/is whilst your ~ in!” it Slush“ illtsl s‘XPs‘t'tms‘ttt. \Ve'd heard the l And the rest is history. and that historv so far is matesand mentors St litienne.witli never a’lop S'l'lxpt'ess singlef'lW e gut the hotslot' 'Seyen Way's'l’olove’iaswespeakcruisingtlie 4t) placing to their name. retain that most valuable i y'oooooooou . . . etc”) and thought “fuck it. we upper regionsof the charts like a teenager at a of commodities integrity '.’ could do that." btit it never really came to any thing geriatrics party. .laney is ‘a ftill time (‘ola Boy 'Nah. lnevitably‘. there'll be a backlash. l’eople ._ . . .i l member. it's not a gtiest-vocalist set-up’ now. and will say we haven't served our musical ' Nothing happened for a couple of years and she and Andrew have iust finished the demo for apprenticeship and all that. iust because we’y e had then. last April. Pete and Bob had the St litienne I the follow-up to ‘Seven Ways 'l‘o l.ove'. titled ‘l le a big hit with the first song we recorded. But you htt/l going \\ ith ‘( )nly l.oye ( ‘an Break Your I ls ('ola'. a 'different. more tribal tune. with can‘t win. If you‘re in the charts straightaway. l leart‘. We met tip in a pub and they said “You i i't'rses’. Again produced by the St litienne school. everyone says ‘()li. (‘ola Bot . the} ire tust POP should liav e another ciack at it. do another demo l it's due for late August release and. should Ai ista fodder.’ whereas if _\'ou never get aii_\'w here near or something. You can use our studio. So I did. 5 take up the optionland. let's face it. they 'd be dalt the dance chart people say you're a bunch of Hwy introduced me to .laney' ( 'Seyen ways to l not to. pop-speculators). an album should appear losers. You can't win.‘ laaaaay e . . .‘) l.ee (irace w ho was a friend of before Christmas. Andrew promises Yes you can. 'Seven \Vaysl'o Love’ was first Sarah (the now permanent St litienne chanteuse). ‘development in style" as the (‘ola Boy released in the form of 1 .tititiwhite label She'd been a session singer for Kim Wilde and career-motto and lists the duo's iiil‘ltieiices as ‘Age club-promos (one of which lown. vinyl-hunters) \ting with “ham? for a couple of years. Before that ()f(‘hance. The Bachelor Pad. 'l‘he Beatles. and this l’ebruary. When the song was championed by she was one of Man Wilson's \Vilsations (along the most underrated group ofall time . . .llic‘ ihc main London clubs, _-\i'ista Records bent [hc with .lulia l’oi'dham and lantabtilous ex-liastendei‘ l’astels ( T )'. So it looks like anything could happen. other wolves to Andrew 's l’eterborough doorand \lichelle( ollins. fact-land?) She doesn‘t like all and it probably will. If we actually had a summer in licensed the song from him as part of a two-single that being diagged up. by the way. (.-\w.shucks . . Britain. Andrew and .laney would be providing the (with an option on an album to follow ) deal. I en .l‘ records for it. ('ola Boy putting the sparkle back day's after the official Arista release of 'Seyen ‘So I took .lane} along to their studio and we iust in POD. (Sorry. I couldn‘t resist it.) \Vays'l o love‘. ( ‘ola Boy were running merrily on made it up as we went along. I had a bit ofan idea ('uic/i I/Iu! ( 'o/u Boy-jib: u! The Big .\'i'g/im'. lop ( )f‘lhe l’ops. But the song. and group. might in my head. and Bob and Pete engineered it. Klfl)ltll'll()(’/\' Hip/nulmme on Zo’Jir/y. 'l'lir' (’l'i'lll never have existed at all. had it not been for those because I didn‘t fancy the idea of Producing (l/yr) features a l’.-l by K-Klusts rim/guest Ills. 1m ubiquitous St litienne boys Andiew esplains. myself. I like the idea of someone else's objectivity moredetailspliom'(5033/3/11.


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