unhcliey ahly tacky . htit stillfubulous. I Paradox at (‘alton Studios.

{won‘t go to hed. l)ark. crowded and

111.3llpm--4am. £4. 2 Augonly : “Set free your mind. body and stilll. We will elevate. excite and enchant you.‘ ()ohh. promises. promises. But this new cluh. specialising in continental imports. 'houncy ' halearic heats and piano house played hy 1)]s l)ayid (iillan. Ross Millan. Brian Dixon and Stuart Kelly might just do that. Featuring on 2 Aug a PA hy technoexponentsUT-‘X.

I Pure at The Venue. 11pm -4am. Memhcrs and guests only. With a hprn count ltiglter than the 1S httdget deficit. it's not ltard to see why this has earned a reputation as a dance cluh olsomc reknown. lleayy technoplayed tosey'cral hundred regular ecstatic reyellcrs.

I Scream at ('alton Studios (downstairs). llpm -4am. Laid-hack. spaced-out 611s sounds. with a w cc hit of Hits and ill ls'. dance thrown in for good measure.

I Tattoo at the 1)esigtlct' lirames(iallcry.

1 1pm 3.3”. £2.50. A new (and let the say. much needed) twice weekly cluh w ith resident 1).ls Bootsy and .lohn presenting dressed -up eclectic dance sounds toa discerning crowd. featuringalsoon Fridays the turtttahle talents of('hris. (‘urrently T1 lli place to he seen ~ and with good reason. Well worth a Visit ifyou

hay en't y entured dow It already you haye . ..

I Buster Browns 111,3(lpm 3.3tt;tm. £1,511 hefore l 1.3(lpm £3 alter.

I Blue Oyster Club 111.3(1pm 4am.

I Chaplins at l-imhury Park. 11pm——4am. £2.

I Networkt lll.3tlpm 4am. £1 hefore midnight £3 after.

I The Red Hot PepperClub lllpm 4am.

£2.5llhefore 11.3(lpm £3.5llafter. Saturdays

I Big Music Event at Assembly Rooms. .\'oon 2am. (Dance liyent lllpm~2am.

£6 £4.5Uconc £4 for holdersol day tickets). As the name wotild sttggest. a hig music cyent rather than a cluh - htit made

' worthy ofinclusion here hy y'irtue ofits

‘1)ancc Roont'. which inyoly'es someof Tidinhurgh's finest cluh acts ( including Sugar Bullet. Zulu Syndicate. TKO. ligc' Bam Yasi. Rhythm (‘hillutL Botany5) and 1).ls including ('raig Smith and the Techno 1 lippy. For further details and a lull line-up see Rock listings. I Club solution at (’alton Studios (downstairs). llpm- 4am. Resoly‘irtglast w eek’s confusion with a definite name for this regular Saturday dance cluh. l'pfront techno for the city‘s hip kids.

I Fireball Club at the (’omplex Hotel. Penicuik. 9pm lam. £1.51). Seeliridays. Featuring regular liye hands —check Rock listings for details.

I katch at Shady 1.ady 's. llpm— 3am. £2. The only regular Saturday night indie cluh. attracting a motley assortment of mop-top student ty pes for itsintelligent selection of current and crossoycr tracks. I Lacuana Head at ('alton Studios (upstairs). £25” £2. 2‘).luly and fortnightly. At last my question has heen answered! The name of this cltih means. wait for it . . . precisely nor/tingurull. Strange people. Anyway. if you yenture along. expect hard left indie sounds. ranging from litigazi to Jonathan Richman. Bongw ater to the Velvet Monkeys. 'I‘uneful or what'.’

I Looking Ahead at (‘alton Studios (upstairs). ('alling your c1uh‘1.ooking Ahcad' arid then hoasting a playlist of6tls and 711s sounds is a hit contrary even for my liking. hut then there are some strange people ahottt.

I Madison's Rock Night lflpm—4am. £2. (iuess what this is then . . .'.’

I Mambo Club at Network 2 8; 3. ll).3tlpm—3am. £2 memhers £2.5tl non-memhers. Scotland's only regular world music cluh. which just gets husier and husier. Sir ()ssie on the wheels ofsteel

or cycnif

mixes the hest in African dance with calypso and soca around the world s'ty'lee. (to and pretend you’re in a warm. sun-drenched paradise. It might he difficult in the Network. hut there'sno harm in trying. ..

ITattoo at the Designer l-‘rarnesUallery. l 1pm—3.3(l. £3. Sec Friday for details. Also features on Saturday s the turntahle talentsof regular guest 1)] (iareth. spinning his own pleasing hlend ofgarage and jazzy. soulful house.

I Utopia at \Vilkic 1 louse. 111.3tlpm~3.3llam. £3. 2TJu|y only: A charity raye for the lithiopian Famine Reliet’Programme. with [Ms from Sex Beat and Dream. Playing the usual pleasing hlend of techno. electro and hardheats as w e always say . ('111i(‘1\'1'1‘ ()L'Tff

I Wave at the Venttc. llpm-4am. Menthers and guests only . ('oming from the same stable as Pure. w ith 1).lsTw itch. Brainstorm and the much more sensihly named Carole. Playing slightly more retrospectiye house sounds to the usual clued up crowd. As always. expect nothing hill the hest.

I Wheels at The Mission. 1 lpm- 3am. £1.5tlhelore midnight £2.5llafter.

I Buster Browns 111.3llpm 4am. £2hctore 11.3llpm £4 after.

I Blue Oyster Club 111.3llpm -4am.

I Chaplins at l‘inshury Park. 1 1pm 4am. See l‘ri for details.

I Millionaires ltlpm» 6am. £2 hefore 2am; £3 after.

I Networkt 111.3(1pm 4am. £1 hefore midnight £3 after.

I Red Hot Pepper Club ltlpm- 4am. £3 hefore l 1.3(lpm £4 after.


I Madisons 1 1pm- 4am. Sunday nightsin Tidinhurgh are pretty poor nowadays. it has to he said. However. the dodgy disco that's played here might go a little way towards cheering them tip. Then again. it might not. lt'sall aquestion oftaste . . . I Blue Oyster Club 111.3llpm--4am.

I Buster Browns ltl.3llpm -3;tm. £ 1 .511 hefore l 1.3tlpm £3 after.

I Networkt lllpm— 2am. £1 hefore midnight £2after.


I Millionaires l lptn 4am. £1.

I The Monday Club at Madisons.

t).3llpm 3am. £2. Art alternative nu-waye disco. playing goth. punk. rock and indie. l)emotapesarealsowelcomed hring yours along and giy'e the crowd a laugh.


I Millionaires l lptn 4am. £1. I Networltt £1 hefore midnight £2.51) after.


I Big Bird at l)andies. lllpmn3am. This

w ill revive a few memories. 1 don‘t douht. ()tis. he of('ity ('afe fame. resurrects what w as once one of liditthurgh's most popular cluhs. A midweek grooy'e featuring motow'n classics. soul. funk. jazz arid Afro-(‘arrihean sounds.

I Millionaires 1 lpm—4am. £1.


I Blitz at Madisons. ‘).3(lpm—3am. £2. The same idea as the Monday (‘luh goth. punk. and y'ariotis demos. Sec Monday for details.

I Blitzkrieg at Shady Lady 's. llpm--3am. I Born On The Fourth OlJuly at Network 2. Jazz. and soul. 1 helieye.

I Shag at The Mission. 1(l,3(lpm—3am. £2. \Vet walls and lack ofoxygen notwithstanding. this remains the most perertially popular of all Iidinhurgh's student cluhs. Fun. frolics and free chocolate not to mention some truly awful records. Did someone say the ' Village People‘.’ 1

I Sugarhill at Millionaires. llpm-4am.

; further details.


£1 . Follow ing the unexpected closure of‘k‘ Victoria Street. Bootsy hrings his one~nighter hack to good ol' Millics. l Featuring the turntahle talents of resident 1).! Phillip with a hot mix of earlygarage. piano house. soul and funk. ‘1)isco me to i ecstasy" indeed. I Blue Oyster Club. 10.30prn—4am. r I Red Hot Pepper Club lllpm-3am. £2. I Networkt lllpm—2am. £1 hefore midnight £2after.


All clubs listed above take place at one otthe ; following venues, which can be contacted for

I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street . 221 32611.

I Bennet's 811-91) (ililssltlrtl Street. 552 5761.

I Cleopatra's. 5118 (ireat Western Road. Kelvinhridgc. 33411561).

I Club Xchange 23 Royal lixchange Square. 2114 459‘).

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. 332 ()7 t 2.

I Follies W3 Pitt Street. 332 7322 7522. I Fury Murry‘s 96 Maxwell Street. 221 651L

I The Gap 261 l lope Street.

I Glasgow College 711(‘oweaddens Road. 3320681.

I Glasgow School of Art 1o7 Renfrew Street. 332 9797.

I Hollywood Studios 9 Brow n Street. 248 (i(ill(i.

I Joe Paparazzi 5211 Sattchiehall Street. 331 21 l l.

I Mardi Gras 731)unlop Street. 221 3623. I Maylairwtl Sauchiehall Street. 332 3872.

I The Network ()pposite Paisley Ahhey. 22 Bridge Street. Paisley. 248 55113.

I Nico's 375 Sauchiehall Street.

I 147 Club (‘heapside Street (next to the Daily R('(’()r(/ huilding ).

I The Onion Club 27 Ashley Street. off Woodlands Road.

I Rattles 15Benalder Street. Partick (iross. 334 5321.

I Rooitops 92 Sauchiehall Street. 332 5883.

I Savoy Say'oy ('entre. Sauchiehall Street. 33211251.

I Scalini 51 West Regent Street. 331 1981). I Sub Club 22 Jamaica Street. 2484600.



In tests, nine out of ten fashion victims admitted to wearing their groovy List T-shirts IN BEol If you'd like to be ahead of the crowd on the streets and between the sheets you should whip out your cheque book or stash of postal orders and send £7 (plus 50p P&P) right away, made out to The List Ltd, stating desired size and colour, to THE LIST T-SHIRT OFFER,

14 High Street, Edlnburgh,EH11TE.

I Talk 01 The Town 40 west (ieorge Street. 332 30011.

I The Tunnel S4 Mitchell Street. 204 1000.

I Venue 474 Sauchiehall Street. 332 3872.


I Blue Oyster Club um Rose Street Lane North. 2266458. I Buster Browns 2527 Market Street. 226 4224. I Calton Studios (‘alton Road. 556 7066. I Dandies Kings Stahles Road. I Designer Frames Gallery, Hasties Close. Cowgate. I Finsbury Park 3—5 South St Andrew Street. 556 11120. I Liberty's (ireenside Place. 557 38117. I Madison's (ireenside Place. 557 38117. I The Mission Victoria Street. 225 3326. I Millionaires Nitldrie Street. 55661151). I Moray House Student Union 1 lolyrood Road. 556 S455. I The Network West '1‘olcross.22S 3252. I Red Hot Pepper Club 3 Semple Street. Ttincross.229'7733. I Shady Lady's (‘ow gate. 225 3326. I The Solution 12 Shandw'ick Place. 22() 4167. IThe Venue (‘alton Road.557 31173. IWilkie House Cowgate. 22521179. 1

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Daytime Tel ................ ..

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