A selection of television highlights. listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.

i FRIDAY 26 '

programme investigates the views ofthe Asian electorate in the lead-in to the next (ieneral Iilection. A special Harris Poll has been commissioned ranging over policies. principles and personalities.

I Europe Express (Channel 4) sawipm. More continental news stories presented by Isabella Stasi in Rome. and a teamof reporters across liurope.

I Indelible Evidence ( BB(‘2) 9—9.35pm. A repeat showing for the forensic science series introduced by Ludovic Kennedy. investigating cases where microscopic evidence has led to the conviction of killers. ()ne for amateur ()uincys everywhere.

I The Tracey Ullman Showi BB(‘2)

9.35— 10pm. A new series from the States. and a chance to see where Josie Lawrence got most of her ideas and formats from. Ambitious btit generally flat.

I Hughesovska And The New Russia (BBCZ) ltl— 10.30pm. The first in a three-part series looking at the history of the Soviet l'nion from the perspective ofa small town. l lughesovska. named after a 19th century engineer from Merthyr Tydfil called John Hughes. The series follows the ways in which national upheavals affected local life.

I East ( BBCZ) X—X.3t)pm. The magazine I !

i I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10— 10.30pm. j Shelley Winters guests as Roseanne's l wise-cracking grandmother.

_ I The Best of the Paul Hogan Show

l (Channel4) 10.30— 1 lprn. Lewd and licentious Aussie humour from lloags and mates.

I Down Under: Tender Hooks (Channel 4) llpm—12.45am. An entertainingif low-key movie about a love affair between

King's Cross district.

I Sport in Question (Scottish) 10.45—11.45pm. Everybody"s favourite hair-style. Archie MacPherson, introduces another topical discussion.


I The Shadow: Doctors ( BBC: ) 6.3(i—7pnt. The first in a series gearing up for 1992 by arranging mutual visits between professionals in Britain and the Continent. In the first programme. doctors from (iateshead in Britain and Grenada in Spain compare work practices.

a hairdresser and a loser in Sydnev'ssleazv '

I The World This Week (Channel 4) 7—8pm. The best (only?) international affairs programme on TV. Presented by Sheena McDonald and Nicholas Owen. I Bringing It all Back Home: The Parting Glass ( BBCZ) 8. 15—9. ltlpm. The Irish mUsic series concludes with a look at the disparate ways in which the music is developing. embracing new technology- and influences.

I Zazie Dans Le Metro (Channel 4)

9— 10.45pm. ()ne of Louis Malle's most entertaining films. Foul-mouthed twelve-ycar-old Catherine Demongeot runs amok in Paris during a weekend visit. Surreal. exhilarating and very funny. an excellent cast includes Philippe Noiret and \‘ittorio Caprioli.

I Video Diaries: Crossing The Frontier Dl Fire(BB(‘2)¢).25—10.30pm. Sixty-one-year-old photographer Mirella Ricciardi sets off to capture images ofthe vanishing tribes of the Brazilian rainforest.

I Stick(BB(‘1)ll.55pm-1.35am. Director Burt Reynolds also plays the armed robber of the title. released from jail. and determined to go straight. Predictably he rapidly becomes ‘enmeshed in a web of intrigue‘. lt’san amiable enough picture. with the plot a rather lame excuse for sortie spectacular stunts.

I Scum (BBCZ) 1 1.45pm—l .Zliam. The play they tried to ban in 1977. and succeeded. forcing director Alan Clarke to remake it for the cinema. After a series of agonised meetings in high places. they've decided to show it fourteen years on as part of the Clarke season. Three new arrivals at a Borstal discover that violence and injustice are the norm. with the internal power structure actively supported by the officers.


I Speaking Volumes ( BB(‘1) l.l)S—l.45pm. P. D. James introducesthe book review programme. with guest reviewers lsobel Colgate. Philip Knightley and lain Johnstone.

I Dallas ( BBCI ) 3—3.45pm. Lee-Ann continues her sly seduction ofJR. andthe killer of Johnny Dancer (who he?) is finally revealed. Does anyone out there care?

I Tour De France (Channel 4) 5.3(i—(x3llpm. The final stage of the Tour. as the cyclists enter Paris. Will it be a triumphal final lap. or a race to the finish? I Fragile Earth: Sea OlSlaughler (Channel 4) 7~8pm. The environmental series looks at the decay of the Atlantic Ocean. where the ecological balance is seriously threatened.

I Great Expectations (Scottish) 7.45—8.45pm. Continuing the Dickens adaptation. ()n his second visit to Miss llavisham's. Pip meets the Pocket family. I Around The World In 80 Days: Ancient Mariners(BB(‘l ) 7.45—8.35pm. Michael Palin continues his (repeated) voyage by hitching a trip on a dhow. a flimsycraft. which breaks down when the elastic band snaps.

I In My Defence: I Would Rather Die (BBCZ) ‘)--‘).3()pm. In the final play in the series. lidward Woodward plays (iourgen Yanikian. an American ofArmenian extraction. who shot tonurkish diplomats in revenge for the murder ofhis family ()0 years previously. The script is based on actual court transcripts and press quotes.

I Chimera (Scottish) 9.35- 10.35pm. Final episode of the horror-drama. with the secrets ofthe Jenner Clinic exposed. Hopefully. the guilty man who wrote the script will get his come-uppance.

I Moviedrome: The Music Lovers ( BBCZ) lt).15pm—12.15am.()h no. Ken Russell! This was made in 1970 and stars (ilenda Jackson as Antonina. the neurotic wife of Tchaikovsky (Richard Chamberlain). It has moments of the usual over-the-top Russell fare. with insanity. impotence.


suicide and despair liberally mixed in with l an unhealthy dash of high camp. Things

are only half-redeemed by a decent script. written by one Melvyn Bragg. I Everyman: The Fantastic Invasion

(BBCl) ll)..‘~ll—-l l .Ztlpm. A fascinating study of a ‘eargo cult' religion on the South Pacific island of'I‘anna. where the inhabitants worship everything American.

singing US Marine songs and hymns based ;

on ll't’si Side Silo/iv.

I SBX NOW (Scottish) lll.35~ l l .llSpm. Women have changed their sexual behaviour in the last 30 years. bill are still

not getting the same level ot'satist'action as 'I

men. Apparently.

I The Dawning (Channel 4)

lll.3llpin— 12.20am. An underplayed and involving drama set in Southern Ireland in 1920. Rebecca Pidgeon is an lS-year-old girl who becomes involved with Republican Anthony T lopkins and his young accomplice Mark ()‘Regan. Jean Simmons and Trevor l low ard also appear.


I OD-The Master Game (Channel 4) (i.3ll—-7pm. The start of the live. week-long game show. hosted by Tim Brooke-Taylor and Lisa Aziz. ()n day one the contestants face the first four rounds. See panel.

I Them and Us ( BBC] ) 7.3(Lb'pm. Craig Charles continues to campaign and talks to Carol Silverman who lives in a London tower block built with asbestos. He also finds himselfin Peebles investigatingthe controversy over the annual Beltaine golliwog parade.

I Cine Memo ( BB(‘2) 7.45—8.3(lpm The historical newsreel programme looks at events leading tip to the Second World War. Amidst the holiday footage and Ascot races. there is disturbing film of ()swald Mosley and his blackshirts at a summer seaside camp.

I Beat The Cheat (Scottish) (Si-9pm. A host of semi-personalities gttest on a show that sets out to cover most of the bases ot’cons and tricks. including taxis. credit cards. restaurants. counterfeiters. night-clubs l and pickpockets. I Different Drummer: Doctor Not BB(‘2) 8.30-9pm. This original series has been a winner so far. Tonight's programme looks ; at Dr William Pierce. whose novel The 'I'urnt'r Diaries has been acclaimed by l neo-.\'a/i terrorist groups as the bible of i the far right. and has brought Pierce into conflict With Jewish organisations. l I Streets of Fire ( BB( ‘2 ) 0 < ll)..‘~llpm. ludicrous old tosh masquerading as a rock 'n‘ roll thriller. directed by Walter l lill. Rock star lillen Aim is kidnapped by a l gang of bikers after a gig. and m .nager Billy l-‘ish (no relation tothewell-knmvu piscine goalkeeper) hires ex-soldier'l‘om . Cody to find her. little suspecting that he is her ex-boy friend, Michael Pare. Diane Lane. Rick Moranis and Willem Dafoe star.

I Travellers‘ Tales: Kamchatka Journey ((‘hanncl4)‘) lllpm. Naturalist and author Robert Perkins joins tip with a Soviet counterpart. Vasily Peskov. to canoe the 35” miles of the Kamchatka river in Siberia.


I Down Under: Ghosts Of The Civil Dead ((‘lianiiel4) llpm 12.45am. The Australian season continues with John llillcoats‘s acclaimed debut feature based on events in Australian and American jails. Set in a maximum-security prison. the hard-hitting drama features a maniacal performance from Nick Cave. w hoalso supplies the soundtrack.


I Opinions (Channel 4)S’ ~8..‘\tlprii. l.ord Mc( ‘oll. long-time supporter of.\'l lS ‘reform' talks about the advantages of the (iovernment‘s health policy. What he does for the other 2‘) minutes isanyone's guess.

I The Literary Island (Channel 4) XML-9pm. Melvyn Bragg introducesthe series which discusses the country side‘s influence on authors. This time he visits rural Shropshire. immortalised by A.

[Ll louseman as the land ()fl.ost Content' which makes it sound like an Independent feature.

I The Best Of Saturday Night Clive ( BB( ‘2) ‘)—‘).45pm. l-‘un from the titan w ith no neck who is joined by Burt Reynolds and American comedian. Dennis Miller.

I Blood VOWS(BBCI ) (mo—l lpm. A variation on the ‘I married into the Mob‘ story. starring Melissa (iilbert as a designer who marries a rich lawyer. only to discover he's with the Mafia and she has to make the usual decision between loyalty and betrayal. A TV movie. but competent enough.

I Dancing Girls Of Lahore ( BB(‘2) 9.45— 10.30pm. A study of institutionalised prostitution in the capital of Pakistani

Punjab. where teenage girls are trained as dancers. and are y isited in their ‘offices' by the local men. It's a centuries-old tradition whereby men hay e become accustomed to living off the earnings of their w iv es and daughters.

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