I The News without Huey Lewis? The Pips without (jlady s Knight'.’ Your hand without lead vocals'.’ I lere's the solution: phone Rudiger on 031 650 2088 (9am—5pm) or 031 332 379‘).


IJazz. saxophone orpiano Individual tuition with experienced teachers. The emphasis is on exploring jazz. harmony and improvisation whilst building a working repertoire. Please telephone for furtherinformation. Phone031 667 2491.

I Germantuition and conversation by qualified teacher (native speaker). lean also make phone calls for you or write letters in (ierman.

Tel: 041 3390848.

I Spanish language all levels. Beginner classes startingat regular intervals. (‘olegio Espanol. Tel: 031 557 3928.

I Fiddle. mandolin and folk guitar lessons from experienced player. Beginners welcome. Advice on purchasing instruments also. Write for detailstoJamesCurran. l5 Kersland Street. (ilasgow (ill.


I Wrestlers contact No 4 an information and contact source for gay fans of wrestling. This is also your source ofeontaet with Glasgow and London gay wrestling groups. Send £2 plus stamp. Box .\'o 15?. BS 1.

I Compact studio flat (intuition Road. Eully renovated and furnished. Bed-livingroom. galley kitchen and double shower. FP £25,000. Ring Ian Dunn on (l3l 557 I663 for particulars.

I XTC official fanzine, Limelight XTC fans you've got the album. now buy the fanzine. Send £1 plus A4 sae to

Mark Fisher. Tweeddale (‘ourt. 14 High Street. Edinburgh

EASTERN ARTIFACTS specialises in a vast range of Afghan rugs. kilims. cushions and jewellery. Alsoethnic products from around the world. 42 43 Royal Park Terrace (nr Abbeyhill). 031 652 1962. Open Mon—Sat noon—5pm; closed Wed.


INTERESTED IN VOLUNTARY WORKIN EDINBURGH? For further information phone Edinburgh Volunteer Exchange

on 031 346 0540.

I QUEST an organisation of people who care deeply about their faith and sexuality. Although primarily for gay Catholics. any ('hristian who feels we can help is more than welcome. For further information about meetings. social events and support. contact Quest Linkline on 041 333 9340. Sunday and Tuesday between 7pm and 10pm.

I I'm thinking ofstarting up a social network of people who want to ‘clean up their environment'. Monthly get-togethers where we can enjoy socialisingwithout smoking or passive smoking. Interested'.’ Box .\'o 153 (i l.

IS THERE LIFE AFTER WORK? Yes. with l\'(‘. a self-run club for career people in their twenties and upwards. We organise many diverse events such as badminton. hill walking. theatre. meals. days out. parties. cinema . . . in Scotland. For details phone 041 537 8324 for (ilasgow or D506 882142 for Edinburgh or 0382 480382 for



THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let its know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The List.

I Funny. lovely attractive and intelligent creative woman (33) of independent spirit. Interests: art. social history. anthropology. skiing. hillwalking. seeks active. intellectually. politically minded man for permanent loy ing relationship. (ilasgow. Photo. Box No 14‘) l.

I Wanted: handsome. intelligent successful. independent guy (25—35) for similar female.

Enjoys skiing. tennis. dining out. music. movies. travel. golf. Mtist have keen sense of humour. Photoessential. Seeking long-term relationship and fun. Box No 150 1.

I Gay (32) introvert non-scene. seeking fun and friendship with similar male considerate ‘extrovert'. Many interests. mainly outdoor. non-sporty. enjoying quiet evenings inor out. Edinburgh area. Phone number please. Box No 150 IS.

I Blottycop! Male (24) desperately seeks corresponding soul to share all. Enjoys films. eatingout. theatre. classical. pop. llatcs smoking. selfishness. blue cheese ( l ). Photo and sense of humour required. A1 .A. Reply? Box No 15] II.

I Attractive. fun-loving Edinburgh male (25 ) seeks similarstraight-acting looking

man with gi eat sense of humour.

intelligence and with get-up-and-go attitude to life. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box No 150 I3,

I Room available in heartot‘ warm. intelligent. good- looking. passionate (ilasgow male (28). currently going to waste. Seeking right woman to rekindle romantic streak. letter and photo ensures reply. Box No 152 I5.

I Edinburgh male (31) Bisexual. tall. dark. slim. inexperienced. lonely. varied interests. intelligent. sensitive. seeks female male. similar age. for fuii. friendship. possible more. Must be non-smoker. Photo appreciated. Here‘s hoping. Box No 153 IS.

I Thoughtful. intelligent and sincere man (33) who is not as pretentious as this all sounds- sceks attractive. non-smoking woman (32 34) w ho shares the following interests: art. theatre. (if-'1'. intisic (mostly classical but lots of jazz and modern as well ). existentialism. old-fashioned Socialism. reading. alternatiy e comedy. sensuality . gardens. country walks. good food and wine. Photo appreciated. (ilasgow area preferred. Box No I53 2b. I Good-looking. taut. inexperienced bi-guy (Iii) thinks it‘s time he met some young ( up to ZS). slim. beautiful. horny guys for socialising antldiset'eet. safe fun. Edinburgh (ilasgow. .-\I..-\\\'I’. Box No IS: .33.

I Emotionally articulate man (39) Edinburgh. ()nce distinguished and boyish appearance now

marred by beard. age and hair loss. but fit. witty . truthful and no more than normally neurotic. seeks engaging. intelligent.slim woman. Box No 153 35.

I Glasgow female (28) professional. fun-loy ing. caring. I.ike.s cinema. walking. good food. Seeks similar male

(25— 35 ). Please send photo. Box .\'o 152 36.

I Bearded. single titlinhurgh guy (38). Opinionated. selfish and goes w ith other women. seeks attractive. younger female doormat. possible permanent position for suitably understanding. patient and faithful drudge. Box .\'o153 l. I Young. good-looking ( ilasgow male itito serious clubbing seeks similar. l.ikes —- raves. clubwear. The Tunnel. essential sounds. llates- ‘the scene'.anything remotely camp! Photo. please. Box No I53 3.

I Glasgow man mitt-Sits. artist. lives alone. Interested in meeting lively. attractive. straightforward. intelligent woman (35 45). Box No I53 3.

SOMEBODY OUT THERE wants to know you. Write to the PERSONALcolumn of Hie/.13! l

and find out w ho?

USE YOUR LOAF! Make bread. Share your know-how through our PRIVATE thl'l'l().\' column.

I Thirty-two-year-old male. looking for someone toshare life's pleasures with before Iget toosct in my ways. You know --

(il’l‘. theatre. music. good food.

conversation. cuddles etc. Box No 153 4.

I Edinburgh gay guy t 30). Seeks another (35-45). may be dark and hairy"? May be not? I'm warm. humorous and tickly. Is there such a thing as a gay policeman‘.’ ALA. Photo appreciated returned. Box .\'o 153 5.

I Genuinely good-looking straight-acting. professional gay guy (32). active social life but looking for caring. sincere l:l with similarguy in(ilasgow (35 .30). I.otsol interests. Letter arid photo. please. Box No

I53 (i.

I Attractive gay guy i 37 l. straight-acting. yery genuine. Enjoys cinema. eatingout. music. tnany interests. seeks similar. w arm. humorous guy under 35 for honest. sharing. close. fun times. Photo appreciated. Box .\'o153 7.

I Glasgow male (21) enjoysliye bands. pubs. cinema. walking and talking seeks female. early twenties with sense of humour lor laughs and friendship. Photo appreciated. Box No 153 S.


Then: Address your letter to The List Classified,

14 ngh Street or Edinburgh EH1 1TE

and we will forward it.

"Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the top left-hand corner.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. It you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box No. on each envelope.

Old Athenaeum Theatre 179 Buchanan Street Glasgow Gt 2J1

I Is there a reasonably

attractive. single woman in need I of well-travelled male company for late holiday in the sun'.’ (iood company (as a minimum) l guaranteed by 30-year-old (ilaswegian. Box .\'o 153 l).

I Caring. professional (ilasgow l man(33).5ft7in.intothearts. l movies. music. books. seeks similar woman for days by'the | sea and nights on the town. Photo and phone number.please. Box .\'o153 10. I Summer evenings to be filled. Edinburgh male (34) enjoys the usual((ilill. curry. etc) seeks female diversion. Letter secures drink. Does The Listpersonal column remind any body of a lucky dip stall‘.’ Box so 153 ll. 2 IAttractive. gay man t 28). I'll. healthy. enjoying life. I.ikes j sports. cinema. travel and serious curries. Seeks similar. straight-acting guys for friendship. Positive attitude a must. Edinburgh (ilasgow. \Vrite now! Box No 153 II.

I Edinburgh woman intelligent. caring and sensuous. fed-tip with heartless robots. mindless bores and chauvinist mates. seeks fully functioning. genuine human being i male 40 v )as friend and possible partner. Photo. please. Box No 153 13. I Edinburgh man fit (44). Capricorn. recently embarked on inner and outer journey. seeks warm. sensitiy c and open female companion to share adventures on the way. Excursions could include music. Eilmhouse ey enings. I‘estiy al fun. walking and runningin open spaces. and laughter. liycly talk. cuddles and qtiiet times for mutualsupport. Box No 153 14.


often dishevelled. independent. i

professional male (mid 30s). '

L'sually affable and creative but with quiet moments. Seeking relaxed liaison with classy lady possessing wit and sty le. Too

much toask'.’

Box No 153/42.

IMale.5It()Klooks.3lls.dry | senseof humour. randy. 7 Interests: theatre. einetna. music; w ants gay bisexual man. under 25. for fun. affection.

w hatey er. Essential: photo. detailed letter. (lisel'etion. Box No 153 15.

I The original quiet man at 34. still hasn‘t found her. She's caring. sincere. slim. doesn't smoke and likes hugs. quiet nightsin out.dry humour. She‘s also out there somcw here and about to answ er this ad ((ilasgow area). lios \o 153 lo I Slim. attractive woman with brain. character and sense of humour desired by man. In. with similar ciedcntialsaiid summer leyei. ()bject: fun not iiiat'i'iagcl (ilasgow lidiiibuigli. Pholoplcase llo\ \o I53 1*

I Hailing frequencies open: slightly mad. romantic malct_‘3l \L‘elss Iellttlle llekkel tn Itiiltlly go w licic no relationship has gone licloic \liisl li.i\ c scnsc ol liuinoiii (and like Roiniilan .ilell Ilo\ \o I53 l.\

The List Joliin < S August 1001 89