Even Handed

Congratulations! At last an article which dealt with the complex issue of sectarianism (The List 152) with an every hand. Religious bigotry is alive in Scotland. It isabhorrent. It diy'ides all parts ol‘our nation. from the Outer l lebrides to Galloway. And. as your correspondent pointed out. it is a poison which seeps through all parts of our culture. Articles such as ‘Pride and Prejudice” may not solve anything on their own. but without them we cannot begin to understand that each side is as bad as the other. If only the rest of the media could he as equitable.

Elaine Anderson

Allison Street


A glib collection of quotes

Great title. shame about the story. ‘Pride and Prejudice' ( The List 152) beggared belief in the fence-sitting stakes. With a headline like that l was expecting a hard-hitting piece which got down to the heart of the matter. maybe men took a stand. but at least formed an opinion. Instead you provided a piss-poor collection of anecdotes and photographs which would not have looked out of place on the pages of the Daily Mail.

Religious intolerance is not something to be neatly compartmentalised with guides to the dress code and gritty pictures of quaint locals. as if it were another dance stance or grooyy sound. It is a serious issue which represses thousands of ordinary people eyery day. Why do ()range marches rarely end tip in disorder'.’ Not because no-one disagrees with bigots. but because they dare not disagree.

ll'you are going to continue to print articles about ‘real' issues. and l for one hope that you do. please giye them the serious treatment they demand. A glib collection ol‘ quotes cobbled together by a bored back is not a substitute for inyestigatiye journalism. What cannot be tolerated is intolerance. be it religious. racial. sexual or political. Graham Young Barrington l)riy'e Glasgow

The Playhouse

I trust that you will allow me to correct the misleading letter regarding concessions at The Playhouse ( The List 152 ). When we state that ‘only one concession applies' this does not mean that only one concession per booking is I allowed. but that only one concession on any one ticket can be applied l'or. For example an Unemployed (it‘oupolllilldrctt cannot claim these three concessionary rates. This would mean the ticket is lree and we would owe them money - perhaps this is more akin to Mr l low dcn‘s idea til

92 The List 26 July - 8 August l‘)‘)l

Hit over the head by GBH? l lad an earl‘ul ot‘cinema popcorn? Fed up with Fringe l‘estiy'ities already? Write to The List. Old Athenaeum Theatre. 17‘) Buchanan Street. Glasgow Gl ZJZ. or 14 High Street. Edinburgh El ll lTE. The best letter next issue will win a bottle of .lose Cuervo Tequila.

socialism. Incidentally. we will shortly be introducing new concessions aimed at people w ho are not usually eligible for concessions. Tony l)ocherty

General Manager



Colour (un)conscious

I read with interest your article on ‘The ()range And The Green‘ ( lllt’ List lSZ) and it set me musing on the connections between the two colours. Green. especially the lime yariety. and orange both make excellent mixers l'or tequila. The resulting concoctions are called a Margarita or a Tequila Sunrise respectiyely. For the tequila part. .lose ('ueryo is a respected brand. Anyway. do I win or w hat . . . 1’ Gary Nelson

Brighton Street


Burnt oliering

Well. hey there Billy Reid. thanks lor the anti-t'ood poisoning tip leatured in ‘l-‘Iayour ()li'l'he Fortnight' ( The List 15.3). llai'ine first catty/it my oysters and mussels (only slightly contaminated liy effluent. but lam sure the radiation from Hunters/on will hate sortetl that little problem out). [proceeded to make the sauce. ()/1 liorrors'.’ .\'o s/utllot.’ Did you put it in the list of ingredients." You/ingot." 'I‘uttut. Still. a passing escapee/hmt the Tour (ll’ l-rant e managed to proyide a nicely sweated one.

So. on with the seal'ood. tummy gently rumbling in anticipation. .\’ow w hat is this‘.’ l’oach the oysters et al lot ‘a couple ol'minutcs"? Well. line for you to say so. but it is the

Printed by Scottish County Press. Sherwood Industrial Estate. Bonnyrigg. Midlothian. 'l

.l Pl'l)SMl'lll

‘meanw hilc' which really caused me problems. .\'ot haying a temporal time transporter at my instant disposal. l lound it a little dillicult to simultaneously melt the butter. add the yeg. cook slowly. season and add the chiyes without causing a little browning ol' the al'orementioncd delicacies. Sadly. the resultant mess was so inedible I had to giye it to Tiddles. Happily. I had not opened the champers. Sadly. Tiddles nearly died of l‘ood poisoning. So much Ior lood irradiation.

Gillian MacMillan

Nithsdale Road.


Manic mastication

Picture. il'you w ill. the ( ‘annon cinema. Screen two. l’riday night. Thelma and Louise are iust about to hit the road. The ads crts are oy er. The house is lull. .-\s the lights go dow n. lolk linish their conycrsations and settle back lor a line slice ol sei‘iotis entertaimnent. (lot that'.’ Do you leel the tightening in your chest'.’ The slight quickening ol' your pulse'.’ The glory til Big Screen lintertainment at its best.

Then you will know the irritation l lelt on hearing the dreaded 'S( ‘Rl '.'\'(‘l l. ol' popcorn immediately behind my lelt car. What sort ol inane drone needs popcorn to keep their mind at work while watching a film? It is lair enough for cinemas to make a bit on the side through the sale ol'sweeties to the happy punters. indeed I like a nice chew y mint mysell during the adyerts. But popcorn‘.’ Do the managers ot'our cinemas not realise how antisocial the sound ol popcorn being eaten can be‘.’ We pay to see the film. Do we not deserye the right

...-_-__ ____-____-. __ --___1

to be able to hear it as well'.’

Why should the minority ol‘ manic masticators spoil the enjoyment of the rest ol‘ us'.’ ()ppt'csscd ' non-popcorn eaters mtist unite now! I propose that a campaign against the open trade in popcorn in the loyers ol' all cinemas he instigated through the columns ol‘ The List. The ultimate aim ol’ the campaign will be to ban all popcorn from public places. ()ur first demand is to proyide segregated areas for popcorn eaters. preferably in the worst seats.

If you agree with this demand. please write to People Against Popcorn. care ol’ The List. We are the majority. we must no longer be silent.

.lason Murray

P.A.l’. Dundonald Street. lidinburgh.


ll'liy stop at popcorn I) What about t/Iosep/iallie hot dogs I) 771056 rustling s n'eetie packets f’ In the meantime. try wrappng your ears' in a Jos'e ('ueri'o T-s/iirt to block out the cinematic crane/I.


Has anyone else noticed an uncanny resemblance between proto non-payer Keyin (‘ostner and our sexy own Thomas Sheridan. erstwhile leader of the anti-poll tax l'ederation'.’

(‘ould they by any chance be related. and has ls'eyin paid his poll tax'.’ Was Robin 1 lood a member ol. the Militant Tendency tor that matter. I think we should he told. Kate Boyle Pollokshields (ilasgow


So. all ‘right thinking cinemagoers' should ignore 'l‘lie .‘ltll't’llllll't’y of .llilo and (His should they. Andrea Morrison? ( The List letters lilllust because it exploits animals. What is your problem‘.’ You could be turning your anger to far better causes than pets at the pictures. How about killing and eating whales'.’ ()r transporting baby calyes around the continent to make their stomachs the right colour'.’

Anyway. 1 don't giye a damn. Me I and my pal Towscr will keep on eating the meat. no matter what you ; sissy veggies and y'egans say. We belieye that il~ you are prepared to kill it. then you should be allowed to eat it. i Keyin Sinclair j

West Granton View Edinburgh

el: ()31 663 240-1.