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So Tom Lappin found Musterehef emetic (The List 153). Well. the majority ofviewers who saw this hold a totally opposite view. Masterchefhas been a great success and enormously popular. and although most people and many TV critics initially found Lloyd

What a pompous pillock your ; correspondent Jason Murray is (The List 153). People Against Popcorn indeed. How puerile. lean only imagine that he is one ofthese so called ‘Film Buffs‘ for whom a good night out is not complete without the

g No Crunchy bar

Grossman’s peculiarlydistorted drying out ofseveralwalls ofDulux. pronunciation irritating. his Qu1te frankly. I do not see how excellent presentation and genuine a '2 anyone can 511 through the 90 odd I interest in both the contestants and 2 minutes ofdrivel which is so often 3 the food eventually won viewers '3 passed off as cinema without a bag of i such as myselfover. something scrunchy. Popcorn, ; And I look forward to the next 1 crunchy bars, sweeties. hot dogs and scries.which willprobablybe given a ; Cola? “you've got 'em, l‘lleat ‘em. i an even moreimportanttime-slot . . . . AndIamnotalone. i and deservedly so. So let‘s have no V Outraged capitahst food vendors? Stuck 1n ; So. no crimptiitgii'.;r:l 1110. C more snide remarks. Toni La in. ' ° . . , ° , , segregation. r1 t. . . .is ra . - Christine M. Stickland pp another Fringe queue? Disgusted by Terminator 2? 5 Sarah Jam, Hofwm p Douglas Crescent , Then t6“ US at The LlSt, Athenaeum ThB’dtI‘C, ? BCFWiCk Drivc Edmburgh : 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JZ, or 14 High 01"“g‘m Street, Edinburgh EH1 lTE. The best letter next ; Sour grapes?

. May I be the first person to say how bored I am with the various excuses

Explonanon Q issue will win a bottle ofJose Cuervo Tequila. Ican only imagine that the inane ; bigotry of Kevin Sinclair‘s letter

(The List 153) was, designed to ; into his lump ofdead cow or pig. 1 further outraging and disturbing was for bucchanalian rcvclry which are rovoke a onse Well Kevin l hope he will spare a thought for the the gratuitous violence With which all collectively known as the Edinburgh p ‘p ' i ; miserable existence which the 0fth ‘SCCUmY “CHOW WCW Festival‘. I trust that The List willnot

here it is. In your reply to Andrea Morrison's letter (The List 152) in which she urged all ‘right thinking

animal led and for its needless death. executed by the venue‘s staff. People

. ' waste any space on this elitist trash. Meat is murder. were pulled outside in headlocks or

lfyou give me the Tequila, I will

Cinemagom. to ignore The Phil Astley With arms pulled painfully behind even consider letting you use my Adventures of‘Milo and (his vou Glgncmm crescent “.16” baCk' Absolmc‘" [mm 0mm humble abode in oursanc city 353 advise her 101mm her anger IE) far Edinburgh g Violence was in any w ay proy ode. a have” for your Sm“ better causes than pets at the '"— Q 15““ ‘1“ {mm the mm)” mm} M Robert McBride . . . , I v 1 3 the balcony and the show was Burlington Avenue pictures. lfyou had read hcrlcttcr i h r”. . K”) m ,b .‘lkmdof ! . . . ~. , , , , l ones yruine ( r c )c , Glasgow properly. Andrea Moi rison actually i l mummy I hwc never before statedthat the film in question ‘isa Witnesséd 1t ,lwnccn no mm” further example ofour unforgivable . what size the venue or how raucous , McSensors

which implies that she is concerned with a multitude of abuses . not ‘pets

° . th‘t d" : . L m Kn“ | Congratulationsare due toAlan

disregard for the rights ofanimals‘ I By the final few songs ofthe set the . . ' Morrison for exposing the

at the pictures‘ in isolation. Indeed. : Confirm“(“mm-V; YOUTWIPVWWI" m‘niwgr‘c \‘Vil‘ling I“C_’c"f"‘f'l“f9“’ to ' censorship imposed by McDonalds she goes on to cite dog-fights. the i "gh"”" f""‘1"””“l~‘i”t"’w““home - QUINN} ‘fht‘uu‘ig‘x‘ inn“) Li,“ 3 on the play MacBurger's—Real Neat circus and advertising as areas where l 0/195" (’“e’m' AS I“. [he (1‘7" ' i“?ng 1m ‘i‘du Kath“! {mfg}; ‘, l Scotch Fare (The List 153). If the ‘the insidious manipulation of i lunch)" W" a”? guafa’lm' 11"” ’1". l )L‘Efmq thtboin‘s.‘ one Of“ huh hdd i play is nothing to do with the fast animals~ is rife. ; it'onits were killed in the production [‘L'L’nftdvnd‘lllg 1“ 1mm 0f {PC Cde food chain then why are they being What I find disturbing however. is (’f’h” “WW/‘1' 3 bra/um) b‘mmg member‘s 0fth 3 so draconian in their outlook? Do

largely teenage audience. If] had

thf"t' - - I . ' ‘" c act hat KLVm Sincl tiris not Gratmtous Vlolence . bccnwwrmgahmIwuuldhavc , they haVeamonopolyon Mac and

willing to ignore TheAdt'entures of I undoum ‘dh. I' k 1.1m.“ )Ih \ b Iv ‘Mc’? I hope not! Milo and Otis ‘just because it I‘m sure I‘m not the only one deeply soul whim-U id“; ') n [l h, )m' It The Edinburgh Festival is indeed exploits animals.‘ It is his use ofthe 2 upset by the treatment of people at J I“ l 1“ ‘1 u "y 0 an apt ground on which to raise

thc Momgscy concert at IhC dance precarioust on the on-stage Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 5p”;th _ Sundayjuly 78th : I hope most sincerely that Coumlcgs {am were violcnm. Morrissey will not consider playing ' the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

word ‘just' which I find particularly repulsive. Ifhe talks ofjust the exploitation of animals. does he also regard page 3 of The Sun asjust the

awareness about the banning of this play. Why don‘t all the Fringe groups arrange a whip round at the end of their performances. and make sure

exploitation ofwomen. or apartheid . removed from the venue by the . N I d} m that folk know about McDonald’s . . . . ~ 2 r . * W 2 i W) - - . aSJustthe exploitationofcoloured ‘1 barbarians who sat front-stage for 15‘1"] “fl: 1dr”? k‘. r mm; “L . lawyers action. Iwondcnffcstival - . ~ ,. ., -, m'i s' w: n a 'lC'ln e n sis _ . . . people? Such issues cannot be . such crimes as bung Ldrrlcd n ‘m5 goers WiIIWish to patronise the

dismissed so lightly. ' overhead by the crowd or. near the a” that you get m the name of

burger chain ifthey know about their

In a further display ofobstinacy, 0nd 0f thC ShOW.inV'iiding1hC Stage. . onltfinamgicnli' h x , legal intimidation into silence? Kevin Sinclair finishes off his letter E Even before the band came on a .9?“ d! ,[In “‘3‘ “d?” 0'." . MacAndrew MacHiggins by stating that vegetarians and h’dplCSS young man “’88 ‘cswrlcd i “Elana?” U'Sglufnwnh MacCumberland McPlacc vegans are ‘sissy‘. lnever realised 3 3W3Y~ bl" "01 before being 7 7 g? 5mg]. . :mcfg‘tv d MaCEdinburgh that there was anything especially thoroughly InanhimdlCd. fOF hiS Vain E “M,du1:BlrL“:n I' My)“ L“ Information on McDonald's action is macho about eating meat, but i attempt to get backstage. 5 NI‘”. H S't availablefrom: Two/Left, 64 White perhaps Kevin has something to i The TemOVal OfPCOPIc “'35 t d i ' Street, (£11558 prove to himself. When he next tucks i horribly draconian What W35 ' J A f” (041 334 9490)


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