They stole her mind, now she wants it back.


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\. V-v A Black Mime Theatre Production , The Pleasance Theatre, Venue 33 Aug 7-31 (not 12/19/27), 1.00pm Mon-Thur: £5/£3 Fri-Sun: $35.50/$23.50 031 556 6550

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FULL TILT ( ”...absurdly, magicaIP',

brilliantly theatrica .” "spellbinding"

THEATRE Tuesday 20 - Tuesday 27 August at “Spa Tuesday 20 - Thursday 22 August at “Spur fridov 23 - Tuesday 27 August at 12.30pm

Asscm b1_ 1 '/ Wildcat at {be .lleadou '5 Venue lib Middle Meadow Wolk, The Meodm, EHiO

' rickets £3 (£2) Children 5'

Fan’ly Ticket 536 (2 odoh o 3 children) As 03‘ ’29 9281/93}! Fringe 03' 226 5‘38


n by SO gs Of Edward


Chaplaincy (entre,l 2th—3ist August, 8.00 pm (except Sundays) tickets £4.50 (£3.50) available from theatre and Fringe (lub

sponsored by Forth Castle Hotels





The Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Edinburgh 9th-17th AUGUST 1991 (not 15th) 8.45pm~10.30pm

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= ' Denis the WW


Chatting to Denis Leary early in July, I learned that the man who shocked Edinburgh audiences last year with gags about the Queen Mother’s

colostomy bag contents and speculation about what the Queen gets up to in the privacy ot the Windsor Castle bedrooms has some new targets pencilled in (or this year’s Fringe.

‘I talk about some at the new murders in the States,’ he begins casually. ‘Some guy chopped up live people, put their heads in a shopping bag and tell it in the street. And 01 course there was the guy that got his lace ripped all by the pit-bulls, Frank the pit-bull man. We talk about him a little bit. And there’s lots at stutt about new diseases that I’ve learned about. We’ve got a routine about colon cancer, inspired by Michael Landon.’

A week or so alter the interview,

Mr Landon drops dead. is this dangerous comedy or what? Leary's blend ol the sick, the scatological and the politically abrasive guarantees to lind the slightest chink in the least ottendable person's armour and slip on through. Unsurprisingly he gets a welter ot hate mail and threats lrom various lobby organisations in the States, and a recent appearance on the BBC’s Paramount City had the switchboards a-buzzing. He’s inured to it all by now, and doesn’t allow it to attest his act. As he says, ‘At some point you just have to sit back and say “Fuck you. Either you think it’s funny or you don’t.” '

There’s more than enough who do. Leary’s career is booming with TV appearances on both sides at the Atlantic and a live toliowing eager tor his brand ol no-limlts comedy. ‘Everything’s grist lorthe mlll,’ he says. ‘Except maybe Eivis’s daughter. She's ugly and independently wealthy, so luck her, she doesn’t need me. That’s where I draw the line, Elvis’s daughter.’ l Denis Leary (Fringe) Assembly Rooms , (Venue 3) 220 4349, 9—17 Aug, 9pm, £7.50(£8.5016—17 Aug).

Eric Bogle

A Border Scot who now lives in Australia is one at the most popular singer/songwriters on the talk scene.

I His song ‘The Band Played Waltzing

Matilda' was taken up by innumerable singers, recorded widely, and propelled Eric Bogle to talk stardom.

Twenty years ago he would have been described as a protest singer, but his songs lack the authority at Pete Seeger, the wit ol Leon Rosselson, or the passion at Dick Gaughan. Voices in the Wilderness, his latest album, moves through typical Bogle territory Gallipoli, Flanders, eco Themes, Third World Hunger and Northern Ireland, in a tolksy country rock setting, with a long line-up ol guest musicians on sax, slide guitar, violin, harmonica, and so on.

Accessible comedy songs with catchy slngalong choruses are interspersed with timely reminders ol the dangers to the planet and the horrors at war. It the simple rhyme schemes eventually

lrritate, and the lack ot dialectic

( A’ exasperates, the man has a rough honesty, and an easy way with an audience.

tlis appearance next week at Glasgow’s Star Club is already sold out, buttickets are still available tor his one Festival appearance. (Norman Chalmers) Eric Bogle (Fringe) Queen's Hall (Venue 72) 668 2019,14 Aug, 8pm, £6 (£4).

“The List 9— 15 August 1991