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Gods OfGlam forthe going to keep doing it as Take a sharp BXII to The Assembly Rooms thlS Festival next ten were so 1‘m long as I can- “hink the! and snap up a pair of tickets to some going to give it the best as he gets older, Bob wrll . . « shotlcan, and ifit works, become even more S Fringe. 8" we" and good» but "it Perfect, don‘t you?‘ The Assembly Rooms and their major sponsor doesn‘t, we‘ll probably (Philip Parr) - continue until next year I The Bob Downs Review H M F ' iiiiiigziiysctgiis—tisiiigigiam $32521? $33331; 5T5}: U are giving away a generous number ,of tickets on a ' (3| 0 ‘5 Hum ff Famil (Alastair Mabbott) 6550,9—31 Aug(not 13, arcfisfilc‘zsay‘ .8: y FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. ' Wm" °"°‘“"' 29’» 9pm “50/” energetic dance band with Tickets may be picked up only on the day of each (Fringe) The GOdS Of (£5.50/f6). mandolin. banjo, fiddle h h b (Vcnuc 96)225 243113 down? . . .dobro.bass THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS INFORMATION DESK. Ang‘ 8' see also guitar, drums, harmonicas mekhsnngs' and vocals.'Two records per issue. v todate, 1989‘sln The. Family Way and 1990 s , . Family Planning EP(on ' l The past might be another their own Moonshine M country, but the name label) confirm the . . . Guy Burgess still stirs up description and also map a A Ball J I m plenty of interest in this considerable ' country. The man who development in style and Tavare 0 n F“ 9 ' was spying for the KGB ' musicianship from what U D to 3 aval while producmg the began as ‘ten mates BBC‘s The Week In getting together, making Westminster retains music and having a laugh.‘ enough glamour to ensure In fact, initially, there that there should be a was just the name, healthy audience for according to singer John D I S Performance Theatre Coletta: ‘Someone who o - ' Company‘s production of thought I wasinaband A pa” 0f to Dems three playsthat take offered meagig. ltwasa on Aug 9 What‘s the appeal ofa Burgess as the central country and western spot . . . man in a beige safari suit? character, Adrian and the proviso was that 3 palfs 0f A man who sings songs in Mitchell‘sAnother the name be The the style of Tom Jones Country, Anthony Peters‘ Something Family. I went minus the body hair? A A Secret Country and “Humpff. . and they man with a hair-sprayed Alan Bennett's An said “Great, that‘ll do ; bouffantthatcould Englishman Abroad fine. . . " ' single-headedly have ‘I met someone the Nowadays, the Humpffs R D _ accounted for 50 percent other day who are the ‘famous‘ A t of antipodean remembered what he was house-band on STV‘s melanomas? A man who doing on the day of comedy slot, The Funny U D 0 n S u n 1 1 AUg m ) . tells jokes at which even Burgess and McLean's Farm, and make regular . . . I Bruce Forsyth would defection,‘ says Paul Aves sold-out festival and U D 3 palrS 0f aval wince? Mark Trevorrow who plays Burgess in all personal appearances seems like a good man to three plays. ‘There is a around Scotland. Even ask, real fascination with the slimmed down to a ‘Maybc because character. He can be ‘serious’ sextet, the nobody‘s thought to take arrogant, boorish and Family are still a 1 N 0 L D B R 0 the piss out of Max quite selfish at times, but compelling live spectacle i A Am 0 Bygraves and Des underneath there‘s a an eclectic pot-pourri of O‘Connor before. Maybe romantic streak in him cajun, country, rockabilly Brown on nesday 14 AUQ I‘m the first rson to that is quite touching.‘ and ragtime. ‘The Fringe . think of dojtfgcjt. perhaps The atmosphere ofthe sent us a form to fill in,‘ 1 m ) , U p to 3 palrs Of there‘s a sad reason for fir“ and mild Plays is Very continues COICtta. ‘With - ihat,1don'tknow_' different, and it would boxes for what type of aval a Mark Trevorrow, thn seem a tough task to link audience your act would on stage, is Bob Downe. them, but Aves is appeal to OAPs, kids, All it needs is the donning confident this has been alternative, gay, etc. We I J E of the wig and the achieved. ‘Because ticked every box.‘ g . . insertion ofthose Burgess is the dominant hills/oqu glidlyisell mfyf' A palr to Jeremy oh-so. rfect teeth and character, the c l ren on e ump Trey/0:60“: has the act overwhelming figure in all Family,‘ proclaim the 0 n TU AU 9 which breeds en in the the plays, that helps, and band’s sought-after . hearts of anothgffinge we haven‘t had to T-shirts. Humpff. . .(Paul 1 U D 3 palrS rformcrs. Not due to its manipulate the lines. In W. Hullah) . o 51:55, ofcourse. More fact the general I The Humpll Family thketS available - because this is the tack eccentricities follow (Fringe) Fringe Club which sells out year after through rather well. It‘s (Venue 2) 226 5257, 9—17 year for no apparent never like playing three Aug, 8.45pm, £5.50 reason, different characters.‘ (£4.50).

J The List 9— 15 August 199147