At Last The Death Di Country Rory McGrath

and Philip Pope 52 AtThe Edge BaxterTheatre 27 Boardroom Shuttle American

Connexion 45 The Bruce Brunton Theatre 41 Carlucco and The Queen at Hearts Fifth Estate 45 Casanova, True Contessions ot a Cabalist Borderline 35 Clay Incidental Theatre Presents 35 The Cruel Grasp Blue Moon 31 Dog Dave Cohen 32 A Dybbuk For TWO People Bruce Myers 43 Dylan Thomas: Return Journey Bob Kingdom 23 An Evening With Gary Lineker Incidental Theatre 51 La Gioconda Open Stage Richard

Demarco Gallery 31 Guy Burgess Trilogy Performance Theatre Company 47

The Ice Pick AIDS Positive Theatre 49 In The Ruins otSong llidden Theatre 51


An Anemoon with Klaus Barbie's Pen-pal

Circus Oz Assembly/Wildcat at the

Meadows 29 Jack Dee Assembly Rooms 49 ‘e The Doug Anthony Allstars George Square Theatre 53

l Bob Downe Pleasanee 47

Island Dreams Derek Burrows 41 Judgement Vital Theatre 49 Kwamanzi Theatre For Africa 35 Larins Sahib Akademia Repertory Theatre 32 Love Among The Juveniles Clyde Unity Theatre 32 Medea: Sex War VoleanoTheatre 39 Michael James Manaia Traverse Theatre 41 The Minstrel and The Shirra International Festival 39 Normal: The Dusseldorf Ripper Psychopathia Sexualis 29 Oil Beat America American Festival Theatre 23 Once Upon A War National Youth Music Theatre 39 Patrick's Day Sean Hughes and Owen O‘Neill 35 Plurabelles Pukka Productions 39 The Poor Mouth Priory Productions 39 Duelques Fleurs Liz Loehhead 24 The Reconstructed Heart Robert Llewllyn 35 Sala Kahle Theatre For Africa 35 Slight Possession Talking Tongues 23 State of Play Yorkshire Theatre Company 29 Tango At The End 01 WinterNinagawa 35 Tennessee In The Summer Los Altos Conservatory Theatre 49 Tennessee Rose NSTC 39 These Colours Don't Run Bedfordshire Youth Theatre 45

Tomorrow We Do The Sky Traverse

: Theatre 27 ,

Too Clever By Halt Lenkom Theatre of

Moscow 35

Total Rethink Black Mime Theatre 29

Trench Kiss Incidental Theatre 51

1 Upstream Paradox Theatre 45

A Watermelon Killed My Daughter

Cambridge BATS 51

: Weisman and Coppertace Traverse

Theatre 41

Karl Machrmott 27 i Any Queries? Between The Lines Theatre 49

AvnerThe Eccentric Pleasanee 32

Etcetera Incorporated Etcctera 53 Craig Ferguson Assembly Rooms 53 La Gran Scena Opera Company Assembly

Rooms 15 JetI Green The Counting l louse 35 Denis Leary Assembly Rooms 45 Legends On The Edge at The Millennium Miles and Millner 51 The Live Experience I-in Savage 18 The Masterclass Jim Tayare 45 Rob Newman George Square Theatre 53 Cynthia Payne at Home Pleasanee 14 Regina Fong. Last at The Romanotls Traverse Theatre 18 Scarlatti's Wedding Natural Theatre Company 23 Frank Sidebottom Assembly Rooms 53 Frank Skinner Pleasanee 43 We Call It Chaseeeed MC Rebbe 39


Collecting Gravity Terry Beck

Troupe 45

Dinner Dance The Kosh 9

Intante La La La lluman Steps 5

New Worlds First Chance Theatre Dance

Company 24

Tutti-Paletti Comedic Mimes 49 V CLASSICAL

Kirov Opera 36

Northern Ireland Symphony with

Hudderslield Choral Youth Choir National

Association of Youth Orchestras 41

Les Percussions de Strasbourg Queen‘s

Hall 24

War Requiem Royal Scottish Orchestra 45 Young Voronezh Balalaikas Pleasanee 41


Eric Bogle Aegis Productions 44 The Folk Cellar Acoustic Music Centre 5 Loreena McKennitt Acoustic Music

Centre 53 Michael Marta Acoustic Music Centre 53 The Hamish Moore and Dick Lee Ouartet Acoustic Music Centre 53 Outback St John's Church 41 Savourna Stevenson Trio Acoustic Music Centre 53 V JAZZ Tam White Acoustic Music Centre 39

Roddy Frame and Edvvyn Collins Tic Toe at Marco's

Gods of Glam Platform One Live!

The Humpn FamilyThe Fringe Club 47 Stomp Yes/No People 51

The Great Granny Robbery Nottinghamshire

Education 23 Lambs Tales From Shakespeare Global Catastrophe 24

Moon Madness Newtownabbcy Actors 24 Ouch Medway Little Theatre Youth Group 2 Poetry in Motion Edinburgh Acting

School 23 Simon The Storyteller Do It Yourself Theatre 23 Stories: a Living Legacy Scottish

Traditional Storytellers 23 The Emperor's Nightingale lan Turbitt Puppet Theatre 24

Autogeddon Roy llutchins 32 Poethon '91 Assembly Rooms 35

The List 9— 15 August 19913