‘Edinburgh‘s a real festival. not like Montreal where it‘s just a bunch of guys in suits doing the same old fucking stuff. If that‘s a festival. I‘m Jesus Christ. and I don‘t see my hands bleeding. . .‘

Denis Leary cruci fies himself for the art of comedy.

‘I’m hopeless at selling myself because I think we‘re shit. I can‘t understand when people start laughing or what the hell they‘re laughing at. really.‘

Rob Millner ofMiles and Millner reveals why he‘s not working in PR.

‘Ifwe helped shatter the hard man image. then good for us. It was nice for boys to be able. finally. to stand on stage and be quite unashamedly romantic.‘

Roddy Frame looks on his Postcard days with rosy-tinted hindsight.

‘There was one bank manager. he wanted to be covered in mud. but we couldn't really bring all that muck into the house. so we just emptied Hoover bags over him.‘

Cynthia Payne describes her methods of gettin g an overdraft.

‘The London notion of Scotland is that there are three accents working class Glasgow. posh Morningside and lilting Highlands. Islands and everywhere else. This is nonsense. an insult to everybody in Scotland.‘

Brian Crumlish. director of Scottish film Tickets For The Zoo. explains the problems ofmaking afilm in rougher Edinburgh tones.



! _ Screen star

The new director ofthe Edinburgh International Film Festival. the first to be appointed in a full-time capacity. is Penny Thomson. Ms Thomson began her film career in 1968 at the age ofeighteen as Festival Film Administrator at the annual Edinburgh event. before spending the 70s in various roles within the Scottish film industry. In 1982 she formed Avonbridge Film Productions. which went on to win numerous awards for its TV commercials. One of the driving forces behind the film of the

Pole. she also has international connections. having been appointed

to the Board of European Producers

Network. With only a few days until the

busiest ever Edinburgh Film Festival

begins. Ms Thomson said she was ‘extremely honoured and

challenged‘ by her appointment. and

suggested that the Festival would now include events at other times during the year. The current

acclaimed play (‘onquest oft/2e South I director. David Robinson.

relinquishes the post in September.

I The closing date for applications for the Scottish Film Council‘s Production Awards is 30 September 1991 . The awards are designed to offer grant aid to individuals and l groups engaged in innovative. low-budget filmmaking. particularly 1 those normally excluded from access 1 to such opportunities. Further i details are available from the Deputy 5 Director of the Scottish Film 1 Council. 74 Victoria Crescent Road. Glasgow. G 12 9JN.

Nosey bastard

Edinburgh-based Mandela Theatre Company has inflamed a local man § over posters for its Fringe production of Inferno. The anonymous citizen has threatened to ‘remove and destroy them wherever I happen to come across them‘ because they show ‘unrelenting displays of naked violence.‘ The offending picture. reminiscent ofa low-budget Edward .S‘cissorhands. was in fact used by the company in publicity for a touring production of Inferno earlier this year.

The List reckons that by drawing

the company some welcome publicity— the “Edinburgh man‘ is just cutting off his nose to spite his face. .

Queen’s Hall crescendoes

The Queen‘s Hall. one of Edinburgh‘s most versatile concert spaces. has recently undergone extensive refurbishment. the results ofwhich will be on view for the beginning of this year‘s Festival. The Hall‘s board launched its Molto Crescendo Appeal in autumn 1989. raising money from public and private sector sources and from the Scottish Tourist Board. the Scottish Arts Council and local and regional authorities.

The new ‘user-friendly‘ facility includes an adjacent. enlarged box j office space and the addition ofa : mezzanine reception room j overlooking the present restaurant and bar. Changing rooms for performers have been improved. as have cloakroom and toilet facilities for the public, while in the concert hall itself. the removal of the organ has increased stage space.

attention to the poster- and bringing

The offending photo

_ TVtimes

The Edinburgh International "Television Festival has announced a replacement speaker to give the annual opening James Mac'I‘aggart Memorial Lecture. after the original . choice. the BBC‘s John 'I‘usa. pulled out.

The lecture will now be given by David Elstein. Director of Programmes at Thames Television. who has worked in television since 1964 when he was the B BC‘s youngest ever graduate trainee. He worked on The Money Programme and Panorama before joining Thames in 1968. His work for the Independent network has included programmes like Return To Treasure Island and Barrel! In Russia.

The MacTaggart Memorial Lecture will take place on Friday 23 August at 7pm in St Cuthbert‘s Kirk.


Adrian Harris. Artistic Director of Theatre Workshop lists the five shows he‘s determined to catch this year.


A Stop In The Desert by Grupa Chwilowa at Demarco‘s. Because they provided me with one of the most emotional experiences I have had in a theatre on their last visit to the Festival.


A Dyhhuk ForTwo People by Bruce


* Myers at the Assembly Rooms.

Because Bruce Myers‘ performances with Peter Brook‘s company have amazed and delighted me.


Today Is My Birthday by 'I'adeusz Kantor. The Cricot 2 company was 5 past its peak prior to Kantor‘s death earlier this year. but who could miss the last production by one of the

great artists of the 2(lth century?

Tango At The End Of Winter Yukio l Ninagawa‘s production at the King‘s Theatre. Because of the sense of f spectacle that Ninagawa produces I from a synthesis of East and West.

Weisman and Copperface by

George Tabori at the Traverse. Because a ‘Jewish Western‘ has got to have a few laughs in it somewhere.

GThe List9— 15 August 1991