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Have Rock's Country Wine for refreshing summer drinking: Gooseberry - clean, crisp and dry, Elderflower - light and fragrant, Blackberry - soft and luscious, Raspberry - medium dry rose, Strawberry - delightftu fragrant, Light Mead and Strong Mead - fortified with brandy, Elderflower Cordial - light and non-alcoholic


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ARNOLD BROWN TOMMY COCKLES JACK DEE 303 DOWNE Park at the Arc for the best of the Edinburgh Fringe! SIMON FANSNAWE MALCOLM NAROEE Aer/(s - featuring The Greatest Show On Legs I n L V 1 JOHN HECLEY 0 BILL HICKS ' I Edinburgh ’5 most exciting new venue, right next to Waverley Station at .7 . 63A Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh . "0mm [ovm SEQGND weer. arranges: - Foxtrot in the sand The African Peoples' Theatre highlight Block | issues with a ' ' . powerful combination of dance, musrc and drama I o The Splitting ot Latham Bench Tour's extraordinary vision of the mysteries of phrenology o i o Hall of Healing Sean O‘Casey’s richly comic and moving 3 indictment of health care for the poor o Will Gaines The legendary jaa hooter takes to the boards M I o Arcade music Late night music and dance sessions ; 0 Blood, Sweat and Tears John Godber's wry look at the world of VICTORBBARRY i “do plus special guests nomrcowme Miniseriean UNCLUD§: - - - : oJRebecco Stevens & Edward Tudor-Pole in The Live Bed Show 0 , ' opanese dance theatre from Shanghai Taro Buto Kuoshi o The PIan Box (mice ' 031557 2590 8‘ African People’s Theatre o Charlie Chuck ange Box Office’ 180 “lg? Street Edinburgh And if you're exhausted by theatrical tore try Edinburgh’s first tapas bar Momma"; 031-225 5257/9 at the Arc: (and listen to cook Mgrie-Luiz singing Flamenco). Open until am. Credit Card Bookings: 031-226 5138 2 ~ [infill or (pursuaorrlorsrlrcr forlorn 50! MM! details ring The Arc BOX Office on 031-557 9422 ml)“ ° it I :"’ _ . r: ll‘LOVIIG “IVKES (lllflflctlglsl

30Thc List 16—22 August 199]