and already there’s been things to tell your grandchildren about. lfyou‘ve just arrived. welcome to the comprehensive and easy-to use List guide to the Festival and more. ()n the opposite page you‘ll find an index oftl.e 17(l-odd (and some ofthem are very odd I can tell you) shows we‘ve covered in the magazine.

- o week Into the Festival. I

The rest ofthe Festi a] section i is divided into time sections for your convenience. each of which comes complete with its own recommendations. Shows appearing in more than one time slot have been covered under the most frequent timing. and have been cross-referenced at the end ofthe piece. Simple eh‘? Take out those overdrafts and buy some tickets now.


The List‘s easy-to-lollow guide gives details of all the addresses and telephone numbers you need to enjoy every aspect at this year's FeshvaL



10Aug—1 Sept.

I INFORMATION Free programme available from Festival Box Office. 21 Market Street. 225 5756. ()pen 9am—6pm (Mon—Sat) and 10am-5pm (Sunday). Festival Ilotline. 0898 88191 I . from 1 lam every morning details general information. ticket and accommodation availability. The Festival Information (‘entre in the car park of the National Gallery. The Mound provides a similar service.

I TICKETS Available from the Box Office. Market Street. by post or by telephone. 031225 5756. Half-price tickets are sold for that day‘s performance from the ticket booth at the bottom ofThe Mound from ltlam--5pm.

11-31 Aug.

I INFORMATION Fringe Programme available free from The Fringe Office. 180 Iling Street. 226 5257 525‘). Open lllam—7pm every day.

The Daily Diary is available free from many venues and details the days events including late additions not listed in the programme.

I TICKETS Tickets are available over the counter for most shows from The Fringe ()ffice.18(llligh Street. althoung most venues also sell ticketson the night. Telephone sales by credit card on

031226 5138 and postal sales are available

front the address above.

I KEY VENUES ()ver recent years a number of larger venues have developed theirown identity to such a degree that many have become very much festivals within the Festival. Below are a few of the most important ones.

Assembly Rooms. 54 (icorge Street. ()pen Ilium—midnight (9—31 Aug). Telephone bookings and information on 0312204349.

The Traverse Theatre. (irassmarket. 226 2633. ()pen anm—5pm(Mon).

lflam— 10.30pm (Tues. Wed. Sun) and Ilium—midnight (Thurs—Sat ). Credit card hotline 0312251974.

The Gilded Balloon Theatre. 233(1le gate. ()pen Warn» 1 .3tlam. Telephone bookings 031 226 2151.

The Pleasance, ()II The Pleasance. 556 (i550. (‘redit card bookings 0315561513.


2'I'he List 16— 22 August l‘)‘)l




' 10-25 Aug.



I INFORMATION Programme available from Film Festival Main Box ()ffice. Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. Open noon—9pm ( 1—9 Aug). 9am—9pm (10—25 Aug) and until 11.30pm (late shows). Full programme listings for this week see page 60. i I TICKETS Available from Filmhouse. Lothian Road and (.‘ameo Cinema Box Office. 38 l lome Street. 2284141. ()pen 4.3(l—ltlpm ( 1—10 Aug) and l—llpm

(1 1—25 Aug). Phone bookingson

031229 2550.


10-26 Aug. I TICKETS Available from The Fringe ()ffice and. until lllAug.James'l‘hinfl‘he 1 Edinburgh Bookshop. 57 George Street. ()pen Mon-Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—5pm.

From ll) Aug tickets available from Book Festival Box ()ffice. (.‘harlotte Square. ()pen Mon—Sat 10am—8pm (Mon 26 Aug 10am—6pm). Also available by post from Box S. Edinburgh Book Festival. 27a SW Thistle Street Lane. Edinburgh. EH2 lIiW and bytelcphone on 031 220 4067.


17—25 Aug. I TICKETS Available from IiIJF. I lo (‘anongate Telephone bookings

031 5571642.

Events between 19-30 Aug. I TICKETS Available Queen‘s Hall Box Office. ('lerk Street. Phone bookings on

031668 2019.

Until 24 Aug

Tickets are available from The Tattoo Office. 22 Market Street. ()pen 10am—9pm (Mon—Fri) and ltlam— 10.30pm (Sat). Phone bookings 0312251188.

Industry event with the Mac'l‘aggart Memorial Lecture being given by David lilstein. Director of Programmesat Thames Telev ision on 23 Aug at 7pm in the Kirk of St (‘uthbert (contact (I71 37‘) 4519).

The front row of Frank Skinner's audience preparing torthe onslaught? No. it’sYeslNo People showing they can hang anything to good effect in Stomp (Fringe) Assembly Rooms(\lenue 3) until 31 Aug. 11.45pm. $17.50/$36.50(2650/2550).