directionandastronger * script. .tht' the “her

IIICI‘Il'” . accordion. Named after 2 V I Nonethe Wiser(‘cltic Bum... huwmn

i NONE THE wrsen

troupe of puppetsstepin possibilities. l'ltiinatcly. part of the troupe. she is l masteror an lilvis

lookalike\vliovvantsto I takehel'avvay.


Theatre By Stealth. ('alton Studios ( \I'enue 7| ). 5567066. until 25 Augfttut Mon). (v.3(lpm, L4.51l(£3).


Marie is an es-conv ent girl on the \crgeot committing suicide \\ hen a

to offer her life nevv hav ing become an integral

IUI'L‘L'LIIUCIlf)ti\L‘I1L‘I\\'CCII them and their lecherous

(iiven the right

might have worked. ln laet it is W minutesof sell-indulgent tedium. unallcviatcd by the efforts of'l'he l.ondon Medics

vv ho fail to resuscitate a lifeless script.

Lurching from weak gagstocven vveaker songs. not even the cast are sure it it's a drama or a comedy . l lad it sent tip the tokes with more gusto. and treated the characters withalittlelessreverence.


Miner/1e Wiser might have l raised a few smiles. 1

Otherwise. I'm sorry to say doctors. this is a

wasted effort. (Aaron

Lodge ( \‘enue (i). 225 7W7. until Aug 24. 6pm.


Sally Barker hasforyears I played the clubs at home in lingland and allover Iiurope. solo. in duos and occasional groups. and has at last found her perfect hand. Barker's vocal talents and guitar

work are backed up in the '

five piece. all-women. all-singing Poozies by the two harps of Patsy and Mary from Sileas. and a storming fiddle and

Mauchline. the Poozics play second fiddle to no male hand. all the while communicating their on-stage enjoyment.

The Hot Licks Cookies are a fast pair. but not speedy enough to play two venues at the same time. so forget the Fringe Programme and hereby take it as gospel that Round Eyes Ray. demonic harmonica player and guitarist. Shipcote on slap double bass. and both on vocals. bringtheir tremendous off-the-wall arrangements ofjugtime bluesrag rockskifflc from Holland and the States to the AMC only. And that‘s everyone else’sloss.(Norman i Chalmers)

. I Poozies (Fringe)

| Acoustic Music Centre

! (Venue 25) 2202-162. 18 ) Aug. 7.30pm. um).

I Hot Licks Cookies. (Fringe) Acoustic Music (‘entre (Venue 25) 22() 2462. 19—23 Aug. 7pm. £4.5()(£3.50).

time Pegged was:


The PLEASANCE, one of the liveliest venues in this

year's Fringe i

of} (3"


3 offering readers of The List a

chance to see some of their best shows FREE! l l Tickets may be picked up only on the day of each


, at The Pleasance Box Office.


A pair of tickets to see Mother Teresa's Grand Farewell Tour on Fri 16 Aug. Up to 4 pairs of tickets available.


Local Edinburgh theatre groups provide entertainmentallyearround, butare

largely overlooked by feverish

; Fringe-goers. Admittedly, some

' amateurproductionslive upto the

cliched expectations of shortbread and orange squash intervals in drafty

church halls. Yet they are valuable samples of Scottish interests, humour

. andtalent.

The Makars at Murrayfield produce a

Q timeless church hall extravaganza with

The Secretary Bird. This situation

comedy revolves around an unexceptional‘troubled marriage’plot : in which events do notunfurl according -

to plan. The production was the

: unfortunate victim of some legendary

1 first night disasters, the highlight of

j which being a virtuoso performance by - the prompter. I can only admire the

; cast‘s persistence —-they remained

unabashed by crippling amnesia and

'; even the timely intervention of the ; venue'sfire-alarm couldthrowthem ; into only momentary confusion.

The mishaps at Murrayfield make

quite a contrast to the calm

} professionalism of Edinburgh Theatre 2 Arts production of Under Milk Wood.

f This rendition relies on the celebrated 1 aural powers of Dylan Thomas with

' the stark stage of chairs and players

reading from scripts, it's hardly visually exciting. But listening to these actors of considerable skill, the experience is a breath of fresh air.

One of this week’s bright spots is Scot‘s Wha Hae by Edinburgh People's

Theatre. As a comedy centred on family

The Secretary Bird (Fringe) The Makars

. People’s Theatre, St Peter’s Church

intrigues against English aggressors during a 14th century bout of cross-border unpleasantness, it capitalises on the best of traditional Scottish humour. The play uses some well-worn comic strategies, but the cast uses them so expertly it's difficult to find fault. This gently bawdy comedy is ideal forthe faithful local audience, creating an atmosphere of warmth and enthusiasm. (Charlie Llewellyn) Under Milk Wood (Fringe) Edinburgh Theatre Arts, St Philips Centre (Venue 8) 7.20pm, until 17 Aug (not Sun); also Sat mat 2.20pm, £4 (£2).

at Murrayfield, Murrayfield Parish Church Hall (Venue 104) until 17 Aug, 7.45pm, £3.50 (£2.50).

Scots Wha Hae (Fringe) Edinburgh


A pair of tickets to see Avner

Z the Eccentric on Fri 16 Aug. Up ; :to 4 pairs of tickets available.

3 MR P.P. "1


EU tickets available.

A pair of tickets to see Mr. P.P on Sat 17 Aug. Up to 4 pairs of

Hall (Venue 17) until 31 Aug (not Suns), 7.45pm, 24 (£3.50).

_..%7_',__ -' M I

YOUNG vonouezu 74;”; BALALAIKAS L.

—' A pair of tickets to see these

Russian musicians on Fri 16

i Aug. Up to 10 pairs of tickets

" available.




A pair of tickets to see THE DAY TRIP or THE TRENCH KISS on Fri 16 Aug. Up to 4 pairs avail- able for each show.

The List 16— 22 August UNI-423