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Friends in the know say that Hughes is (Fringe) Sean Hughes, Gilded Balloon Hype (Fringe) Platform cosily-unhingcd .iii-rnttnd j

trying to move away from taming about Theatre (Venue 38) 225 2151’ um“ 20 ()ne ( Venue 9(1):.25 3433. entertainer could forge The Acting lixchange

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Jazz Blitz brings together two very different facesof young British jazz. one new to the Festival. The London Fusion ()rchestra were here last year with special guest lan Carr. and played their brand of 7(ls-style jazz-rock fusion well enough. if you like that kind ofthing.

The debutants are the Wayne Batchelor Quartet. and they are likely to prove more interesting. They come out ofa rather different stream to the LCD. being part of the post-Courtney Pine/Jazz Warriors growth ofinterest in jazz among young black musicians who would ordinarily have slipped

was. unsurprisingly. far from full. Most considered the risk of a personal serenade from this beige Adonis too great. and gave in to

hysteria at a safe distance. When we weren't doubled

over. we gawped. John Travolta would need a

sackful of Ecstasy and at least a partially successful

lobotoniy to imitate

dancing like this. larrivcd a virgin and

left a Bob Downe slut.

(Alastair Mabbott)

l The Bob Downe Revue

(Fringe) Bob Downe. The l’leasance ( Venue 33) 556

(fiStl.until31Aug.9pm. £(3.5()1£7(£5.5ll £6).



different aspects of the modern .lesus theme. Well. the scenery is made from scaffolding. the players are dressed in army surplus gear and there are a eoupleof low-quality puiis('Your feet say rejoicel' is countered with the inevitable ‘I thought they said Reebok?) But apart

~from these token gestures. thisisthcoriginal

(Judy/it'll. The songs are skilfully

performed with a genuine

passion. but the high-quality of the singing (notably from the ‘girls' and Andrew Ablsesoii ) is often let down by a lack of direction between numbers. The lead is also the director. and although Adam Bridges cannot be

modern day hold-up, Weisman and his bore the audience to disinterest.

""0 the SOUL funk 0‘ quuus has carved itselfa accused of

handicapped daughter are stranded in Everyone seems happierto bare their reggae “OMS; niche at the Fringe. .tsrt self-indulgence. perhaps it the Rockies in the midst ot a set that bodies than to truly bare their souls. Balchcl‘" h'msc” ; late-night thriller of thc hands-oil director may smacks oi a sun-blasted Waiting For From a basic level. where a girl who I $’T°?"f“.°g‘h? “d , . 5 highest quality- This how “09ml the Godot. In their case, however, it's not cannot count up to ten can still act as of {HTS}? fluff“ ‘C'n ism S ambitious Product"in1110mm route ' ' ° ° - ' p "K Hm“ ‘md production fromthe closertowardsthe long until their supposed salvation umpire in a verbal tennis match, to a Steve Williammmy and I‘M”) m ‘1 x m my cum 1']\,.mriuil],llum] l arrives’ albeit in the 'orm 0' an more important level 0' from" a quart“ “him i il'Lhea‘trd (r’tihijiiiriv‘ is noL l Tliie‘fittliedial T'litii‘cli American Indian. But ratherthan riding characterisation, where inconsistency ineludesoneofthe most Newm- ' ("~51Mmimm"mm, l off into the John Ford sunset, a replaces emotional range, these are highly rated young pmr Sham.” wk. of” (mug “(Mnly M u psychological battle ensues as to who people with no psychological reality. A PianistS in the wumr)‘; boy's infatuation with ; production aiming to y is more persecuted than whom. relevent message does hide in their “when 060- "lt’nguds ' horses dCiIlS with .i break amt;- from thc George TalJOfi'S play has great words and actions, but it is lost on an ,Bm‘" Edwafds ‘3” 5““ daunting array of i traditional. but that's no potential tor being an instructive audience irritated into submission. gfjffg‘fr‘fl‘igig‘.:T‘gi". fundammml I“-“'°*- l C‘CUSC' (-‘C'l‘l “1 l, . llegory olthree oppressed races—the (Alan Morrison) . . f t “,r .7” l“””°‘l”" m“ j I GPISDFF'If‘rmss) “W a “I” bu“ “(’rk'nb "h - professional doubts and Acting I..\changc.

Jew, the Indian and, by association, the cripple Iorced to coniront their own burden of guilt and prejudice. Instead it plods along as a series of sell-indulgentmonologues and

48'l‘he l_.ist lb 33 August 1991

Weisman and Copperiace (Fringe) Yorrick Theatre Company, Traverse Theatre (Venue 15), 226 2633, various dates and times, 28/527 (24/523).

pianist Julian Joseph. whose debut album The Language ofTruth (East West ) is out this month. (Kenny Mathieson)

beliefs of a doctor charged

with the task ofhelping

l theboy Alan. Worship. religion and the concept of

accepted normality are

('athedral (lunch of St Mary (Venue ‘)l) lb. 1877-30. 33. 35. 3(i.-\ug. 8pm; 17. 34 Aug. 9pm. £5 (£3.50).