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Brixton base to funk up the festival with a Mystic Dove come Mambo Mix. Oh. and Glasgow, write

there‘s the Kool Cafe Ole. NO holds barred. no peace transcendently sexy songs,

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Mi“ 1 1” "Ham and our man with his I The UN Club All the way

from Brighton. the United finger on the pUISe cralg Notions Organisation McLean,

bring you six wildly varied club nights. Somethingto

Plcasc CVCFYOHC~ "0 Behind closed doors, away from i doll“; , _ prying eyes and ears. the revolution The Calton Studios.

continues. Tracks that will

ultimately become music for the

; masses.pulse-pumping signature

tunes that crowd the dancefloors.

g emerge from nowhere. Enigmatic.

; plain-sleeved releases. the minimum

Edinburgh's {,cndicst ofscrawled detail. just slaps ofvinyl

. club _ dress up, it's time to made in this guy’s bedroom. that

5 get funky. z dude’s living room, these boffins‘

The Designer Frames home studio. From the few to the

I G“’l¢”."~ el'éjr.“ "lg/1! many. The white label is the

‘hm’lglh" H-"ll'al- hallmark ofdance culture, an

; “pm—4”” updating ofthe I-can-do-that punk

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same reply. Mini“. You Consequent to all this, when we

really have to go. Honest. 35k ‘Who the hell are DOVC?‘ our

MON-Sal during the ignorance can be excused because.

. Festival. IOpm—éam of course. all the bestest tunes are

. Fri-54f? l lpm-4wn invariably the ones nobody seems to

'llo’l‘HW" know funk all about.

; l Pure Edinburgh‘s finest ‘Me and Dot met in the Cul De Sac

? dfmcc ClUl“ Presenting last September,‘ is the first bit of

El'grdljfiglcsr‘z)‘;lljs ‘0 a background we need to know. ‘Me‘

The Venue. every Fridav ls Jlm MCKmYen' 2mg he‘s the

during the Festival. ' pl‘i’gmmme’ ' .Dot 15 Dorothy

11p,,,_4a,,,. Alli‘son ,dand she sings a bit. Together

' ' wit stu io man Ian Carmichael they

form Dove; Glasgow-based mellow

everybodvscup Oma‘ movers whose debut Single, Darkest ' Hour, all 1000 copies ofit, is out this

good night out just once in 1 week. In true word-to-the-wise style,

Sun-Fri during the Festival. 1 [pm—4am.

lTattoo No.nottha!

l Tattoo.Thisisan

' altogether more groovy i experience. Currently

1 but it can provide ajolly

' a while. As wellasdanec the white labelwill reach all the right . . _ , , music. there's comedy. ; deck-spinning groovers and shakers, together without knowing who each : interest in. the track is genuinely

: cabaret. and a ceilidh as x and all the correct specialist shops_ other was. and he was well impressed mUSlcal ll ll W35 for all}. 0thr

' Cll-ll“ well. You can't go wrong

Eastern Bloc. 23rd Precinct, Flying With her dancing. . .‘ PCB-“OIL like milklng monQF “'C‘d

j Jazz, world. {can},

have said no.‘ § [00980. '0“. TeviotRow. everynlght

In the meantime. after recent club

Records, Woolworths. It‘s good. The next thing you know. wouldya

I I “new... dun-"gm Festival. 3 Flutteringly simple, transcendently belleVC ll, Ol’ ADdY‘S 0“ the Ph0n0~ ; g '. , I 1 I . 5 blsculls or golf. 9pm_2,3oam ; sexy. and like most mighty dance loves the record. Wants lo d0 21 ; ‘lPPcal’anCC5 “ll W C‘ltllu‘lll m Whatovortypa I The Mambo cm tracks. naggineg difficult to imagine remix. and is popping up to Glasgow I Scotland. and Once DUI S WCOVCFCd 5 of clubboryou Scouandsonlv re um 3 without the environs ofa smokey to check out what‘s going down and I from 'd Parllwlarll' “ii-*1}: lmUlOl _ ; are. there's world music ' g club. Suffice it to say. that Darkest on. Whether that version ofthe l lOOd P01§0mllgi DOW “'lll be JOlnmg ; something extravaganza. with Si, Hour‘s spacey. breathy, sensual trip single will eventually appear on the i the .PA CerUll- Aml lQrgCl an." i ll'" l°lY°ll' Ossieonthe wheelsof f is pleasure incarnate. Slam ‘Soma‘ label like this initial “Ollons OlPUlCll'FllmCill ; steel. i And just to make the story more . pressing. or via some liaison with Programm?(l Stelllllye - - 'Thc 0an "F’M'O’kl‘? “"613. "0." interesting. and to prove that I’m not Weatherall‘s ‘Boy‘s Own' collective. . names l_d like to ll“k OUFSClVCS [0 are l Toggldwmg’h" Fesm‘lh 1 making all this up, the remixing is as yet unclear. People llkc M355“? Attack and ' g .. 0pm—3am. I royalty~s grand duke is well into No worries then ofsuch a link-up Galliano. A wee bit of fusion . . . W e g . Dove too. resulting in the remixer's name don't really lllfC being lOCde In 000 ; ‘Andy Weatherall got his hands on taking precedence overthe song‘s sti’|¢.1tdoesp thelpyoutogrow g : if. saysjim‘ .and happened to come creators? BaSically we ll nick. from anything. ; ' across Dot. He's never left us since. ‘Oh aye, we're not kidding thech WWW)" blls- l The guys from Slam were over in ourselves on, that is part of it. But Dove appear at DUNS (Win brother's d Rimini doing a club festival, and we you‘re between a rock and a hard club, Tattoo. at the Designer Frames . just wcm out there to see what was place. lfyou're given a chance to Gallery. Edinburgh on 16 Aug. . a happening. It was that fate thing. climb a ladder. you don‘t go, “Aye. ‘Darkesr Hour'_t.s~ released on Slam 3' Weatherall and Dot started dancing but what‘ll I find at the top?" But his ‘Soma' label this week.

58 The List 16— 22 August 1991