Graeme Murray Gallery and the Fruitmarket Gallery present IAN HAMILTON FINLAY & THE WILD HAWTHORN PRESS 1958-1991 Fruitmarket Gallery,

29 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DF

August 10 - September 14 See Listingsch details

. . moving, optimistic theatre from a new company.



by Ian Flintofi' THE FESTIVAL CLUB Venue 36. 9-15 Chambers St. 9-31 Aug. 4.05pm £3.50/£3

SUDSIUISBJ rI-e Scar: 'lI‘A'ib'COuncsi l

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Calton Gallery

EDINBURGH Andrew and Sarah Whitlield

DAVID MURRAY surm RBA RWS (1865-1952)


Until 3lst August

103m - 6pm Monday to Saturday

Tel: 031 5561010 10 Royal Terrace. Edinburgh EII7 SAD

l l



The Barbers Ol Morocco

Los Todos Santeros: Photographs by

; Hans Namuth at the Scottish National . Portrait Gallery until 3 Nov.

The Berbers ol Morocco: Photographs

by Alan Keohane at the French institute

until 31 Aug.

Anyone who shuns modernity is a source oi tasclnatlon tor the rest at us. That is why documentary crews scour the planet in search 01 unchanged, pristine pockets at human civilisation. The same obsession animates the work ol both these photographers. Between 1947 and 1976, Hans Namuth spent long periods living in a mountain-top village in Guatemala; overthe last tour years, Alan Keohane lodged intermittently with the Berbers ol Morocco. These exhibitons chronicle those soiourns.

To avoid depicting the Mayans as ‘plcturesque curiosities', Namuth chose to use only black and white lilm. Lining up his subjects in lront 01 white or black walls, he strips them of context. All that remains are the laces, the clothes, the expressions and the gestures. Everything about them exudes pride and deliance.

Keohane lound that although the Barbers inhabit a kind oi historical


bubble, they are sharply aware 01 their ' image outside: they only agreed to be

photographed as long as they were not portrayed ‘as animals In a 200'. Accordingly, Keohane's work is admiring and sympathetic. in tact, most 01 his subjects are close lrlends. Neither photographer has set out to belittle or objectlly, but that, inescapably, is part oi the net eitect.

The rugged, rustic lives at both cultures

are squeezed into 9m x llln prints and

pinned to gallery walls. Somehow it is

dillicult not to leel slightly put oil by this sort oi voyeurism. There is so much wlzened, poor-person photography about that it will probably not be long belore we add world photography to those other two unsavoury catch-ails: world music and world theatre.

Just like the Mayans and the Barbers,

the photographs are beautitul, mysterious and alluring. There is a silent, almost reproachtul, pride carved on the brown laces at nearly every portrait. 11 these colourful traditions survive, itwlll likely be in spite (not because) at this type at photography. (Carl Honore)

ceramic sculpture and handbuilt \essels— by Janet Adam. Lorraine Fernie and Lara SCtthL‘.

I ADVOCATE'S GALLERY 369 High Street (opposite St. Giles Cathedral). Mon—Sat 10.30am-5pm.

Alison Kinnaird: Engraved Crystal Linti131 Aug. ()ne ol'Seotiand's leading glass engray ers. Kinnaird's designs are startling and ambitious depictions. oiten oi male and lemale nudes. \s hieh exploit the natural physical potential oi glass.

I ASSEMBLY ROOMS S-l (ieorge Street.

226 2842. Daily Ham—midnight; Sat Ilium-midnight. Dazzle Until 31 Aug. Jewellery.jcwellery and more jewellery from 48 top designers. Prices range from £5—£500 and previous buyers include fashion moguls Salmon Rushdie. Datt n French and Toyah Wilcox. I BARNES & FITZGERALD 47b George Street. 220 1305. Mon—Sat lll.30am-5.30pm. Contemporary glass

I gallery.

I New Works Until 31 Aug. Glassworks by

Peter Layton. Adam Aaronson and Sue Keelan

I OALERIE MIRAGES 46a Raeburn Place. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

The Art 01 Adornment Until Sept 21 . A celebration of decoration - masks and jewellery from Zaire. Gabon. Nigeria. Nepal. Afghanistan. Ethiopia, Indonesia and India.

I INHOUSE 28 Howe Street. 225 2888. Mon—Sat 9.30am—6pm.

Take The Chair: 100 Years 01 Chair Design Until 7 Sept. Chairs by 30designers. including Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Le Corbusicr. Philippe Starck amd Jorge PensL

I NEPAL INTERLINK 6 Howe Street. 225 1654. Tue-Sun 11am—6pm.

A Feel 01 Nepal Until 15 Sept. New and ancient techniques in jewellery-making. thang-ka paintings. Himalayan carpets. carved wood and lots more.

I 98 GRASSMARKET Mon—Sat 11am—6pm. A Celebration at Wearable Art Until 31 Aug. Garments with artistic flair - in wool. linen and silk.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 Cumberland Street, 557 1020. Mon—Fri lOam-6pm;Sat 10am—4pm.

Sue Barr: Jewellery Until 5 Sept.

I OUT OF THE NOMAO'S TENT 40 Pilrig Street. Daily 10am-7pm.

Blooms and Beasts: Animals and Flowers in the Tribal All 01 Asia Until 31 Aug. Kilim rugs, jewellery. furniture. ceramics. paintings and artefacts from Afghanistan. Rajasthan. Turkey and Romania.

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm: Sun 2—5pm. [D]. Cafe.

The Art olJewellery in Scotland Until 3 Nov.

. £2 (£1). Many a Scottish laird would have

lost his tartan if it were not secured with a fine cairngorm brooch. This exhibition also includes a cameo given to a supporter by Mary. Queen of Scots and a range of

; modern jewellery by Glasgow-based Pater ; Chang.

I OUERCUS 16 Howe Street. 2200147. Mon—Sat l0am—5.30pm; Sun noon-4pm.

Contemporary British Textiles Until 7 Sept. .

Work by leading interior and fashion textile designers. including Kaffe Fassett. Carole Walker. Sian Tucker and Richard Womersley.

I ST JOHN'S CHURCH West end ofPrinces Street. Mon—Sat 11am-6pm. ,

9th West End Cratt and Design Fair Until 31 Aug. Over 50 craftspcople. rotating ever three days. sell their works direct - jewellery. hats. toys etc— well worth frequent visits.


I MUSEES REFUSEES 18 Victoria Terrace. 220 3366. Mon—Sat noon—5.30pm; Sun 2—5pm. -

Musees Retusees: The Unotilclal Exhibition torthe Museum ol Scotland Competition L'nti124 Aug. A look at the entries forthc National Museums‘ architectural

competition - designed to find an architect ;

for the new Chambers Street museum— which attracted 371 entries from allover the world.


Dailyllam-4pm. Planslor Scotland: Becent Cases Until I

Sept. Architecture and what we can do aboutn.

I ROYAL iNCORPORATION OF ARCHITECTS IN SCOTLAND 15 Rutland Square. Daily 9am-5pm: Sat lOam—4pm.

Winners and Losers: Scotland andthe Architectural Competition Until Mon 19 Aug. An in-depth look at architectural competitions in Scotland over the last 225 years and the winning submissions. as well as the not-so-good ideas.

70'I'he List 16-- 22 August 1991