Henry Lee Lucas. McNaughton's exemplary film is a harrowing account of an amoral mass murderer. Scenes of rape and mutilation transcend the usual titillation of the genre and force the audience to question the use of murdcras entertainment. Simultaneously one ofthe most important releases of recent years. and one recommended with caution. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Hudson Hawk ( 15) (Michael Lehmann. L'S. l99l ) Bruce Willis. Danny Aicllo. Andie MacDowcH. James Coburn. Richard E. Grant. 101) mins. The Hawk turns into a big budget turkey for reformed cat burglar Willis. who is lured out of retirement by a moter crew of egomaniacs. Vatican art experts and CIA

hoodlu ms. Lehman n (Heal/tors. Meet The

App/again) handles the pyrotechnics C well. but a lame script and one

dimensional characters weigh down what could have been good undemanding fun. lidinburgh: L'Cl. Strathclydc: L'Cl (lydebank.

I In Bed With Madonna ( 18) (Alek Kesltisliian. LS. 199) ) Madonna. her dancers. the tour crew. a bottle ofmineral water. 119 mins. This behind the scenes look at the world's top pop icon may not be the candid revelation the hype would have us believe. but newcomer Keshishian

prov ides a constantly entertaining portrait of the artist. as she switches from super-bitch to mother mode. Concert footage of the Blond Ambition tour is impressive and tightly edited. but the highlights have to be Beatty and Costner making total prats ofthemselves. Glasgow: ()deon. Edinburgh: Odeon.

I Journey Of Hope (PG) (Xavier Kollcr. Switzerland. 1990) Necmettin Cobanoglu.

NurSurer. Emin Sivas. Mathias

Gnadinger. l lllmins. Winner ofthe l99l Best Foreign Film Oscar. this is a harrowing tale about a Turkish family who

~ sacrifice everything to seek admission to a

new. more prosperous life in Switzerland.

5 ('hartingthe tribulationsand humiliations 3 they endure on the journey. it givesa

striking account of the difficultiesfacing all refugees and would-be immigrants. Glasgow : GET.

I Manhuntert 18) (Michael Mann. US. 1987) William l.. Petersen. Tom Noonan.

Brian Cox. Kim Gricst. 119 mins. FBl ; agent Petersen returns from psychiatric

treatment to face another case. using his

3 customarytechnique fortrackingdown

serial killers by recreating their train of

thought. ln the past this has proved all too wearingon his own mental state. and

when faced with evidence of a killer who slays whole families every lunar cycle. he finds himself back on the brink. Convincing and disturbing adult thriller with effortlessly stylish use of the wide screen. Glasgow: GF'T.

I Mermaids ( 15) (Richard Benjamin. US.

1 1991 ) Cher. Winona Ryder. Bob Hoskins.

Christina Ricci. 110 mins. Quirky growing-up comedy whose adolescent heroines are an irresponsible. footloose

mother Mrs Flax (Cher) and her morose.

pious daughter Charlotte (Ryder). both of whom have something to learn from the other's pre-supposed values. Enjoyable and warm-hearted. with Hoskins splendid as the sexy shoe-shop owner. and excellent performances from the two central actresses. Strathclydc: WMR Film Centre.

I Misery ( 18) (Rob Reiner. US. 1991) Kathy Bates. James Caan. Frances Sternhagen. Richard Farnsworth. Lauren Bacall. 107 mins. Adapted from Stephen King’s novel. this psychological chiller centres on a popular author with literary aspirations (Caan) who finds himself trapped. following a nasty caraccident. with his ‘number one fan' (Bates. who won the Best Actress Oscar for the role). Gradually. he becomes aware ofher psychosis. and is forced to hide his time until he can contrive an escape. The talents of all concerned are employed to

superb effect. to produce a movie ofgreat originality. subtlety and entertainment value. Glasgow: Odeon. Strathclydc: LYCl Clvdebank.

f I The Naked Gun 2% r l ) (David Zuckcr. L'SA 199] ) Leslie Nielsen. Priscilla

Presley. Robert Goulet. George Kennedy. 85 mins. The nasty leaders of the coal. oil and nuclear industries have hatched a fiendish plot to trick President Bush into carrying out an extremely unsound energy policy. But they hadn't reckoned on the inimitable abilities of Lieutenant Frank Drcbin. Leslie Nielsen is back on top form as he bungles through lamc jokes. bizarre sight gags and lust for Priscilla Presley with a Clouseau-like

efficiency. Central: Cannon Sauchiehall - Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. L'Cl. Strathclydc: L'Cl Clydebank. UCI East


I The Never Ending Story ( PG) (Wolfgang

Petersen. L'S W. Germany. 1985) Barret

Oliver. Noah Hathaway. Moses Gunn. 9-1 ' mins. Lonely young boy Bastian startsto , read a mysterious book. and is

miraculously drawn into the pages to undergo an exciting and dangerous

adventure in a land of fantasy. Passable

adaptation ofthe Michael Endc bestseller.

with plenty ofcute furry folk to engage the

; kiddies. Strathclydc: L'Cl East Kilbride.

I Pete's Dragon ( U) (Don Chaffey. LS. 1977) Sean Marshall. Helen Reddy.Jim Dale. Mickey Rooney. Shelley Winters. 13-1 mins. Yucky. sentimental film that tries to convince us that a boy‘s best friend is his dragon. Orphan Pete escapes from

I his nasty foster parents with a large. green 3 companion that only he can see. ()neof

Disney's shabbiest efforts. Strathclydc: Paisley Arts Centre.

I Presumed Innocent ( 15) (Alan J. Pakula. US. 1990) Harrison Ford. Greta Scacchi. Bonnie Bedelia. Brian Dennehy. Raul Julia. 126 mins. Courtroom drama with Ford as the upright state prosecutor accused of the murder of his colleague. Scacchi. with whom he was having an affair. Julia shines as the brilliant defence lawyer determined to get him off. Ex-lawyer Scott Turow‘s bestseller gets the prestige big-screen treatment from veteran director Pakula. who returns to the themes of his earlier movies The Parallax View and A II The President's Men

1 inthisthoughtfulvisionofcorruptionin

America‘s corridors of power. Glasgow: GFI‘.

I Problem Child (PG) (Dennis Dugan. US. 1990) John Ritter. Michael Oliver. Michael Richards. Gilbert Gottfried. Amy Yasbeck.81mins.Adoptedand returned 30 times to the orphanage. Junior is a troublesome child. a monster for foster parents. Now yet another

' hapless couple ( Ritter and Yasbeck) have '~ taken him into their home. and all hell is

going to descend upon them. Flippant if funny comedy on what would. in other

hands. he a serious topic. Strathclydc: f UClClydebank. I Return to the Blue Lagoon (12)(William

A. Graham. US. 1991) Brian Krausc. MillaJovovich. Lisa Pelikan. IDOmins. An extremely contrived follow-up to Randall Keiser's tacky 1980 movie. Baby girl and boy the son of the original castaway couple are washed up on the

3 same shore once rumpled by his parents. ' Not surprisingly they grow up just like his

folks did. wrestling in the sand etc. etc. However. the film bottles it on the rumpy-pumpy scenes. Edinburgh: ()deon. UCl. Strathclydc: Odeon Ayr. L'Cl East Kilbride.

I Roadkill (Bruce McDonald. Canada.

1989) Valerie Buhagiar. Gerry Ouigley. Bruce McDonald. Don McKellar. 8t)

: mins. On a mission from her slimy bossto

track down a missing rock band. Ramona (Buhagiar) meets an array ofwierdos. all looking for something. She. it turns out. is to the driving force that will bring them all together. Part diary. part documentary. part traditional narrative and powered by



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