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Empire opening delayed Under-cover

' n i 'l)octor. doctor. one minute I think I‘m a wigwam. the next minute l 1 think I’m a teepee.~

‘l)on't worry. young man. you're just two tents.‘

'l'here were too tense. er. two tt-me at The List's third annual live of liringe Party. which proved the inmi popular way for the young and groovy to kick off this year's festivities. So popular. in fact. that the queue for the Dream lent. the smaller of the two. stretched into the night as eager party-goers clanibei ed to see the heady heights of the Mapapa Acrobats with Madingo. the comic depths ofl._vnii l’erguson. the triplicate w it of('orky and the June l’igs. the sublitne ia/z ofthe .liinniy \Vood lrio. Brian Kellock and

’t .. 3 it . \V 4

Kenny Ellis. the wild rockabilly or

‘l'd like to meet this new chap RayUunn and the Rockets. and the MacMasterand seewhetherhe’s The empire Theal'e onilsml‘inlgm bouncing technicolour rhvthmsot someone who would think it worth ‘l'he (Vechs. I

spending tuppence three-farihingg Described by [he Sunday Times as

it" ~ I. "‘ 2“"

The official reopening ofthe Empire Festival. and had already

. , ,. ’I‘heatre.due to have been commissioned('hinesecomposer . . 0n the visual arts. . . . . . ( . . . ‘the coolest of the pre-l-estival R.’ . refurbishedintimelorthe l)‘)3 IanDuntocomposeantnaugral . . . . . . u tun][)(Wtart‘nsuggests(1budge] - . . . . patties . it found room for still moi e I ,. . . . . . Edinburgh International Festival. work tolaunch itsreappearanceon . . fort it im (mung festival(Itreeturt/iat - ' . - guests to hang out in the I‘L‘CCPUUH figure“)WIN/WW)mun/0f”! I / hasbeen delayed untilatleast the Scottishartsscene. I it . ~ .1 HI t. ~- ' e ()(‘a . -' .. -. . . en illlt o ov-ru ea 1‘ I i '- mum," I - Novemberolthatvear.Although lhe Empire sshort-terin return i. I .Hll - . . I“ in m I - . ' . . w itcth 1‘s) t U.\\‘s g; t. councillor MarkLazarowicz.leader hasnot.however.passedwithout . . L” l 1311'”?! l Im~ I” , . . . . . . .. swiiigingon t‘. ‘étt ows ofthe citv sl)tstrtct( ounc1l.has meident. lhe Russianlanguage [I I‘ Hi L}. kl, I Y I I 1 ' - irottgtou t‘ "s v; . o s it made assurancesthat preparatory producttonof Alexander I l~ H k I 1 U 1‘ l l Q“ mm] m 4'“ «1333mm "tbsrdl‘ls ' work at the :\icolson Street venue ()strovsky s l()()( lei'er li’y Ila/I by 1 L “n 1”“ l”th hi‘smm- M0” lk”"“‘“’h}'- . 5 has not run into anystructuralor Moscow's Lenkoin 'l’heatre~ the bccumc““§l“¥01 "cfl"”C 1‘ lm 0‘ t architecturaldifficulties. it was first theatre performance at the C0mc‘l." 0" twill." hUS"W~"~‘~ thought that it would he ‘far too ' Empire for almost 3t) years -- ran into

Bill Paterson. who makes" (in;

h risky' toofferinvitations forthe 1993 difficulties when the siiiittltaiteotis (m-s‘ereen appearances at the film

I programme. translationofferedtolarge sections

[ses’imli b"’”“‘“” ’1’“ “’i”"’"” ‘V (‘onstruction work is scheduled to ofthe audience. did not work. due. it 37‘7"”."1’9“ff/l"(MW-5.“)!- ' begin iii March 1992. and so this ' would appear. to a break in the

year‘s Festival shows will provide the induction loop.

only sneak preview ofthe Empire’s ; Other companies in the linipire‘s .I want the Spontaneous moment potential as a major venue fordrama i 199} programmeinclude Sw iss over and over frotn ordinary peoplc. and opera lttl‘lllllte‘ entire project is contemporary iniine group V When [my 510p hung woman“)th completed. l‘L‘SlHill officials. Muinineiisehanzandforyiier1.1.x! YOU simply get rid of them; Mk.” including outgoing director Frank V cover stars( ompagnie l hilippe

Dunlop. had been confident that the (ienty. (Alan Morrison) theatre would be ready for the 1993

your casting room is the world. there's no shortage of people.‘ Jeremy ll'e/ler. (firet'tm‘ ()fU/(u/ and Bad. .S‘IIUH'S a slightly less than raring attitude towards [its actors.


WWW. American Tails presented by (‘actus ED

Prick. I know nothingabout this i _// except that it‘s a performance w '

something. and looks the wackiest of A5 589" 0“ TV

this year‘sofferings by Richard .

Deacon. [‘8 lillilL‘ llth \Pl'L‘ilLl ltll atttl wide in its sis-year life. \\ e receiv e

regular press releases from theat i es

‘After a fortnight in Edinburgh. what do you get'.’ 'l'en pence on a pint of heavy and a few outraged letters to the Evening News ’cos some numpty"s thrown up in the urinal of the (ieorge llotel.‘

Rab (I .Ves‘bttt reckons lit/titlittrgli 's'

pretty tame ('(mtpared It) other The Trench Kiss by Arthur Smith in the States IIHHI min}; us ill the t culturalex/n'rteiu'es (terms the world. (planar,ch A great Comedy- wmcr show s they ‘re putting on i you can in the making— you cati bore stop sending them now i. and the; e Jon" CONNOR producer of The everybody in later years with ‘I saw are ev en uneonfiriiied reports of euumg t-jagetcniucd Balloon— Aug 21“ hiscarlr work”. 11‘" W “"L' i” ""““"-‘ “"W’“

kiosk in ltaly lltt w hieh ease. w here did they get them"). But an item on Bill Hicks (Assembly Wildcat) See if l’tt/mrumu this Mints“) W“ ls'i’ll.‘

17—25) lists the live shows he‘s determined to catch this year.

he‘s as good an American stand-up took the biscuit. .\ new s teain w as

as the hype in1P|ics_ seen interview ing a group of Glad and Bad (iraggmarkct Project Palestinians in Kuw ait. one of w hoin Catch up with [gist y'car‘g about \\ :ts tlltllllslttlsdl‘ly spitl'llltg' tt 1.1M" down-and~outs. and see the same The Day Trip by Kevin Day. London lob!” lhs‘ l'lll'114lls' 1"” Pk" ss'” process ofstories turned into drama comic‘s first solo outing. Frankly l've cotton(iult accessory. ’l‘lieolwiotts applied to youth offenders. The sort had to put it here. and will have to L‘Utichtsion to be drawn is that w e ofthing that makes you feel not so we ji‘ as hc‘g 0an of the regulars in should think about changing our badaboutbeing partofthe 'l'he (‘utting Edge.andotherwise lts'ttslmfl[Hillttwtm ~ l'.sllttl‘llt‘:—‘ltétml surrounding self-indulgent orgy of he‘d make my life a misery. Luckily Kuw ait ( ‘ity liv ents ( iuide‘ and be the arts. l he'salsoa very funny boy. ; slittts‘ “11" ll-

,- ._

6’l‘he rm m— 22 August 1991