Concerts listed are those at major venues, torwhich tickets are on public sale at time otgoing to press.


I GLASGOW BARBOWLAND ( :20 um) All About live. SSept: Level ~13. 3 ()ct; Psychedelic I-urs. J ( )ct'. T'l’au. ll()ct; Kev in McDermott ()rchestra. 13 ()ct; Billy Bragg. lS()ct; Stiffl.ittle liingers. 1‘) ()ct: ('arter‘l‘he l.'nstoppable Sex Machine. 3 Nov ; James. b Nov; 'I‘in \lachine. " Nov: 'l'he liarm. 1 Dee.

I GLASGOW CONCERT HALLI333 3133)(‘hesney llawkes. 33 ()ct‘. .\'eil Sedaka. 34 ( )et; 'l‘ammy \\'y nette. 13 Nov; Deacon Blue. 37-38 Dec.

I GLASGOW SECC (557 (Noll) Dire Straits. l I- I4 Sept; Whitney I Iottstott. 13 19 Sept; Status()uo. 31 Sept; Sting. 33.\‘ov: ('hris Rea. 3‘) Nov: New Kids ()n The Blockb’

' Dec:(iary(ilitter.33—34


I EDINBURGH CASTLE ESPLANADE (557 5969) Van Morrison. 3‘) Aug.


1557 350(1) Marillion. 33

Sept: Lloyd (‘ole. lS()ct;

(‘hesney 1 law kes. 31 ()ct: Kylie Minogue.~1 \‘ov:

James. S Nov; Deacon

lilue. 39- 311 Nov '. I"ish.3l l)ec. IEDINBURGH QUEEN'S

HALLmos 31119) Bey erlcy (raven. l" Sept; Billy

Bragg, 3l)()et.


I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL (333 3 l 33) l lerb Miller ()rchestra. 35 Sept; Whistle Stop .la/z 'l‘our. 3o \ov.

I GLASGOW PAVILION (333 ISM») Branlord .\larsalis. oSept.

I I EDINBURGH QUEEN'S HALL ( (itiS 311W) Buy s of the [.ough. 33~ 35 Aug; ('arol Kidd and Orchestra. 3o Aug; 'l‘ommy Smith. 37 Aug; ('arol Kidd and (ieorgic l‘ame. 37» 38 Aug; Ingerto (iismonti. 38 Aug; ('lusone 'l‘rio. 3‘) Aug; ( 'arla Bley Trio,

31) Aug; Tam White Band. 31) Aug; (‘apercaillie. 3l Aug; ('lancy‘ Brothers. 36 Sept.


I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (553 35911) Marti Webb and Mark Battray . ()ct; Rebeeca Storm. ll()ct: .lolm Denver. 3ll()et; Iilkie Brooks. 3 Nov; lingelbert llumperdinek. 3I Noy.


I GLASGOW CONCERT HALL 1333 3133) Nigel Kennedy. 3S Aug: ('ity of (ilasgow I’hil. 3llAttg. I.(t Sept; James (ialway . 31 Aug; Mozart I’estiv al Orchestra. 3 -3 Sept; S(‘(). -l Sept; Ilalle ()rchestra. 5 Sept; BBCSSO. lllSept; Scottish ()pera ()rch and ('horus. l l Sept;(‘/eeh Philharmonic. 13-14 Sept: Scottish Fantasia. 15 Sept; (ieorgian State ()rehestra. 33 Septfl‘okyo S(). S ()et: Leningrad I’Itll. 3I Nov.

IGLASGOW SECCI55" (Not) ) .lose (‘arreras. ‘1 l)ec.

IEDINBURGH USHER HALL(33S l l55)(ieorgian State ()rchestra. 35 Sept. I SUBSCRIPTION SEASONS Subscription booking is now open for the Winter Seasons featuring the Royal Scottish Orchestra. the Scottish ('hamber Orchestra. and Scottish ()pera. leafletsare available from the organisationsconcerned.

.or from major venues.

uranium Marsans again Matthew Algie & Co, local

BO'l‘he List lo— 33 August 1991

' L112 I ' No longer is .‘ylinneapolis‘ musical output the sole preserve of a purple-clad dwarf with a staggering capacity to re-invent himselfevery‘ year or so. Nowadays. there's more going down in Princeville. LISA. than His 1 liglmess can lay viable claim to. Babes In 'l’oyland have been festering for a good four years now. but only blitzed these shores for the first time last autumn. when it seemed expedient to capitalise on the attentions of one John Peel and the sales of their Spanking Mac/tine album. England’s hriefexposure to the Babes' visceral noise has paid dividends; their current l.l’. To .IIUI/lt‘l‘. has topped the independent charts for two months. and now Scotland gets its first chance to shrink from Kat Bjelland’s tortured yelp. But just what kind of screwed-up individual is going to get offon the Babes' (probably) self-purgative temper tantrums‘.’ ‘We‘ve really broken a barrier

In the nursery

between different kinds of people. especially in the L'S.’ states drummer [.ori Barbero (or at least I think it's a statement she seems to punctuate all her sentences with question marks). ‘We can go from city to city on tour and one night we'll have a bar full ofserious biker guys. and then the next night we‘ll

have fraternity people.’ So that

i presumably makes for a confused audience. ()r a broad fan base. Fine. count me in.

But there are more diffuse elements to this band than the people who go to their gigs. [.ori thinks it‘s just fine for me to pump her with glib observations on the feminist standpoint because I‘m female. so she probably won‘t mind me saying that it just isn't normal for pretty girls in frilly frocks to produce such a vitriol~fuelled racket. 'l‘hat must lead to constant misunderstamling. right'.’

‘Just really stupid obsolete questions that some people ask. like a guy going “So what‘s it like to be in a female band'.’". I suppose you wouldn't know if you're not a woman. but I don‘t know what it's like to be in a male hand. It‘s a different music. for sure. because women have a natural rhythmic pattern that men don’t. so were actually born musicians in a way. But I mean it‘s just an issue because people aren‘t Used to an all-female band. especially one that can really get at someone. It's just that we have balls.‘

And you can figure that one out for yourselves. (Fiona Shepherd)

I Babes In Toyland play The Mayfair. (ilasgow on Inc 31).


Festival of youth

While Edinburgh is currently submerged under an ever-increasing

and contusing multitude at various cultural testivals during August, Glasgow has only one to contend with.

One testival it may be, but well over

' 1500 pertormers are involved in this year's Glasgow Festival of British Youth Orchestras which gives nineteen ditterent performances at the Stevenson Hall at the RSAMD.

Now in its fourth year, this festival devoted to the talents and freshness of youth music has grown to include not only British orchestras, but choirs and, this year, two guest orchestras from the USA. Forthe tirst time, orchestras from all areas at the UK—England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales-are represented, bringing the best of new talent to Glasgow in a huge diversity of music. Programmes, as in previous years, make no concessions to the age of the pertormers, with a wide spread at

j popular classics and challenging contemporary repertoire.

Principal sponsor ot the Festival is

Glasgow tea and cottee merchants, and additional funding has come trom Strathclyde Regional Council and the City at Glasgow District Council. A

unique feature which such funding has aided is an unrestricted tree admission policy tor children, students, unemployed and people with

disability. (Carol Main)

Glasgow Festival at British Youth Orchestras runs until 31 Aug at 7.30pm

: (most nights) and 1pm (Fri 30),

Stevenson Hall, BSAMD, Rentrew

1 Street, 332 5057. See Classical

j hshngs.


I Lloyd Cole: She's A Girl 5 And I'm A Man (Polydor) As ever. Lloyd gulps wryly' and calls it singing. Love it. particularly when (‘ole's melodic mastery finds fleshy existence in Robert ()uine's dextrous strumming. Still more convoluted than 'l‘he ('ommotions. but equally. still tenacioust beguiling. ((‘Mel.)

lThe Dylans: Planet Love (SIIUBIIOO 2) If '(iodlike' had ()lympian grandeur (towering. mythical). lemon Afternoon' was more ()chils-esque (less imposing. more puny ). and now here‘s 'l’lanet l.ove' Bert Nevis-like in its medium proportions. As a bona fide 'huge pop song'. it's scaleable. its rattlingtambourine groove nearly -but-not daunting enough to require the Use of the oxygen cylinders. lt'll hay c you in crampons.

l Kingmaker: Two Headed EP (Chrysalis) 'I no Ill-at/u/ I'e/lmv Bel/It'd Hit/e Digger: rope burns paper cuts voices wailing rock rolling climbing chords tour tracks biting bums emitting tarsawmg guitars harmonica chewing mountain headed majesty. And why is their -fan club based in Banchory'.’1('Mcl.)

l Airhead: Funny How (Korova) 'l‘he jingle-jangle of teenage angst and ( 3M) has. since ‘l'he l'arm’s

‘( iroovy 'I‘rain'. suddenly become hip again, All you need to do is glance sidewaysat the dancefloor. rope in a

key board and

retrogressiv c has become .nnoyative. Airhead are one of the more interesting exponentsot the genres pleasantly tuneful but lacking any realdepth. (.lll)

I The Honey Buzzards: Sympathy(ForTwo Girls) (SheerJoy) As already seen on their label's muse-provoking l’n’senlutrmt sampler.

'Sy mpathy' is a vari-speed moody melodrama. The freet'orm twists and turns are enticing. drawing us irrevocably into a track that is ~ hurrah? - impossible to dance to. I ((‘Sch