i DISABLED ACCESS KEY Access: I’ L I’arking I‘acilities. I’I’A '

Access. R

I’arking to be I’re-Arranged. I. -- I.eve| Ramped Access. S'I‘ '~ Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: “1‘ A Adapted 'I‘oileltsl. \VSr

\V'heelchairSpaces. AS 2 Adjacent Seats.

E 2 Induction I.oop Svstem. (i '— (iuide

_ 6.30pm in person or until 9pm bv' phoneon

Dogs Allovv ed. R -'—‘ Restaurant Accessible. B 3' Bat Accessible. I L: Adapted 'I‘elephone.

Help: A 3 Assistance Available. AA =1 Advise Venue in Advance.


Tickets for major v critics in (ilasgovv are available from the ticket Centre. (‘andleriggx Mon—Sat ll).3tlam until

; 041327 5511. Sundav openingis

noon-Spin. Anv 'I’icket I.ink box office can sell tickets forothervcnues.



; College. 76 Southbrae Drive. 950

3417 343ng ],\gcess: I’. R. I‘iacilities: \\'('.


SunsetSong'Ihurslleri33:\ug.1.3Hpnr Free. Schools shovv ing of'I‘AU's

adaptation of the Scottish classic b_v I.evv is Grassic (iibbon. Set in the North Iiastot

Scotland it tells the tale ol a vvoman vv hois ' torn betvv een her love of the country and her desire to escape the confines of her

farming communit}. I’ublic performances begin at the end of the month.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box

Office. Mon— Sat noon---(ipm. I‘our bars.

Phone bookings. 'l'icket (critic. (‘andleriggs see 'I'icket I.ink details above. [Access: I’. I.. Facilities: \\'(‘. R. (i. Help: A. AA]

Sophisticated Ladies t ‘niil Sat I“ Aug. 7.3llpm. I'K premiere of this tap-dancing musical. a tribute to Duke tillington and en route to London's West [find It vvon a Ton} Avsard on Broadvvav and promises sparkling costumes and sets. Songs

include Satin Doll. I! [)on't Mean A Hunt;

and In it Sentimental .Iloml.

Scottish Ballet 2: 31 Aug. See Dance listings.

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE Nevv Street. I’aisle} . SS7 ltllll. Box Office open

am 81' '.

'I‘ue Sun noon Sn'llpm. Bartopen

noon llpni Iue Sat; 12.3“ 2.3llpm and b..‘stl»l 1pm Sun. .\teals served l. (me (open noon- llpm). ].-\ccess: I’I’A. S l‘. I-acilities; \\'(‘. \\'S. I'.. (i. R. B. Help: A. AA]

Democracy I'ri Io Aug. Spin. H t £3 ). Nevv all-male pert‘oi nianee group bring a plav about the less adnnrable side of men to I’aislc} alter developing II for thc'I'hird Iive (‘entre. (ilasgovv. l‘unnv and poignant.

Knit One. MurderOne and Comedy Express Sat 1'.” Aug. Spin. HUI). ’I'lioughtlullv spilrlllg}t)tl the expense of travelling through to Iidinburgh. I.Ip Service presents its I‘ringe murder-m}sterv spool. Recommended. especiallv as sou get half an hour ofcomedv improvisation throva in at the end for good measure.

I PAVILION THEATRE 121 Rent'ield Street. 332 ISJo. Box ( )lfice Mon - Sat Illam—Spm. Bar. [Accessz S'I". I‘acilities: “S. (i. Help: AA]

PeterPDwers Iiverv 'I'hurs. I-ri and Sat. 7.3tlpm. £5. Also Saturdav midnight. to.

Britain‘s voungest h) pnotist settles in tor a

short season of mind-blovv ing fun.

I SCOTTISH EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE CENTRE I‘innieston ()uav . 348 ,‘slliltl WestSide Story L'ntil Sun 35 Aug. TAHpm. L‘IIPL‘ZS. Having plaved Munich. Amsterdam and Berlin. this maior revival ofthe Sondheim. Bernstein. Laurentsand Robbins revvorking of Romeo tilttfjtlflt’l PI;1_\slt\()llI) dates lll Britain. Recommended. but get a good seat.

I TRON THEATRE ()3 'I‘rongate. 55: 42h". Box ()ffice'l’ue Sat Noon Spm;Sun 13.3” -I Ipm. ('losed Mondavs |Access: R. SI. I’acililies: \VS. It. (i. R. B. I leIp; AA]

Mary Stuart'l‘ue 311 Sat 34 Aug. "..‘~ttpm. 35.51l(£:.5fl). Sec (‘Iasstcal .\Itl\le listings.

'I‘en da_v s of tree street ev ents around the centre of ( ilasgovv.


r .x’"IIII;

] I Jim and Don Buchanan Street. Noon and

lprn. Irish avvard—vvinning jugglers take time out of ('ircus Belfast to entertain the shoppersof(ilasgovv.

I Flight 0t Fancy Buchanan Street. 12.30pm and 1.31 lpm. 'I'vv o brothers pla} at Icarus in a nav igational comeds

inv olv ing a uniqcle and a huge pairot vvings.

I The Franconian Street Musicians

Sauchichall Street. noon: I’ollok Shopping (‘entre. 2pm. (‘cIebrating almost a decade ofoutdoor music making. thisprofessional

ensemble has travelled all the vvav lrom Nurernburg. (iermanv

I Le La Les St Iinoch's Square. Noon and 1.15pm. A vv ild jau orchestra accompanies a breathtaking displav ot acrobatics. chair balancing and aerialisni ill [Ii/lt’ .Iltlt’slrt).

I Up For Grabs Sauchichall Street.

12.30pm and 1.3mm. (ilasgovs ‘s verv ovv n



I Flight 0t Fancy Buchanan Street. Noon and 1pm. See Iiri lo.

I The Franconian Street Musicians Buchanan Street. 12.31 lpni and l .31 lpni. see I‘ri It).

I Jim and Don Sauchichall Street. Noon and Ipm. See I’m lo.

I Etcetera Sauchichall Street llfillptn and 1.30pm. Satire. magic and stiitcases meet suits and briefcases.

. L8 La LBS Si litttic'lls Square. Noon and 1.15pm. See Hi to.

I Desire Lines Queen's Park t Victoria


Road entrance). "..‘~tlprii. A speciallv commissioned per lot malice piece bv (ilasgovv ‘scntertaining ( ‘Ianlanilric vvorking from a theme ot heaven and hell.


I Malcolm and Paddy The Investigative Reporters Buchanan Street. Noon and Ipm. I’riv ate eve sendup lrom linglish duo.

I Sparkie meets Macumba Buchanan Street. 13.3tlpm and I..‘~llpm. Percussion troni Macumba and tire-luggling from Sparkie.

I Whalley Range All-Stars Sauchihall

Street. Noon and Ipm. Yourchanceto plav vvith the Kinctoscopcr a vveird and

vvondertttl animated iuke box.

I No Fit State Circus Sauchichall Street. 12.30pm and 1.30pm. I.ast veal 'sStrcetbi/ avvard-vv inners return vs ith fearless I tlllic‘) cIe tIeL‘tIs.

' I Askinay Folk Ensemble St l~ nocll Square.

12. 15pm and 1.15pm All the vvav lrom (ilasgovs 's tvvin tovvn Rostov -on-I)on. come these specialists in traditional (‘ossack mtisic.

I Reporters BuchananStreet. _..~llpinand ' l.3llpm. Sec Mon 1‘). ' IWhalley RangeAII-StarsBuchanan

Street. Noon and Ipm. See Mon 1‘). I No Fit State Circus Buchanan Street. I:.3ll])ltl and 1..‘~llpni. See .\lon l‘).

I Swamp Circus (Dazzle Dump) Sauchichall

Street. Noon and Ipm. ('lovv ningand comcdv

I Askinay Folk Ensemble St tanoeli squat; noon;SpringburnShoppingcentic.3pm

Sec Mon I‘).

I Upper Springland Drama Group si la llocll Square. Ipm and I .illpni. A local companv made up i it people vv ith disabilities. present ls /V1I)1t'I)/I (huh/(11' ’. a dev ised pla} to highlight the ecological problcmsol the vsot'ld todav


I No Fit State Circus Sauchichall Strcct. 12.3Hpni and l..‘~llpm. Sec Mon 1‘).

I Askinay Folk Ensemble St lznoeh sari.” c. noon; I)rumchapel Shopping ( ‘cntic.



Evening Times

The legendary musical with the many smash. hit songs including MARIA, Tallllrlfl, AMERICA, IFEEl. PRETTY and $0MEWIIEIIE

Only until 25 August (inc. Sundays) SCOTTISH EXHIBITION + CONFERENCE CENTRE

CALL 041 227 5511 NOW! 0 Tickets from just £10 —— new TIERED SEATS NDw AVAILABLE ——

Ith N lb 3.7 August I‘l‘ll 85


I Malcolm and Paddy The Investigative